Led Zeppelin / Tokyo 1972 2nd Night / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Tokyo 1972 2nd Night / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 3rd October 1972

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A voice that “I want to release the Osaka the first day, which boasts the same kind of superb sound quality …” from last year stage the “UNPROCESSED 109” and OG board such as “LIVE” in the title 72 years Osaka second day our shop has released in quick succession It has been asked from mania. At the same, yet classic sound source in the Japan tour of the second time ZEP in the same way from the old days, we had gotten a sound source that has been a long time away from the updated release to the split. Rather, only a decisive performances sound quality good audience recording master is present in the side by side with the first day of the Budokan, because no way of update it seems whether status quo. Good sound quality it can be affirmed that it is the highest peak as the audience record in 1972 without another incomparably valuable. Still Our shop is to realize a recording of it again from the master tape, yet was containment of the exceptional recordings state of the sound source without tricks in this release.
The place of the sound source, referred to as second-source great, it is captured by the 109 without any such deviation of the rotation that has been happening in the sound source, preeminent in a stable state, yet on-surprisingly the entire performance and stunning clearness sound image There is in place. Among them, vividness of Bonzo drum sounds in among the many ZEP live sound source, is a stunning recording state that would go to the best three definitely. It just was listening to “Rock And Roll” in the opening knockout mistake none. The audience would have been heard in the day of the venue, it makes me revived in modern times the live sound of the Japanese rock fans that love ZEP. And realism of the great venues over the wheel. At the time, is also the point that has been captured by the realism up is also stunning realism of a number of Western artists Osaka Festival Hall that great performance has been showing off of not only ZEP will point to excellence of this sound source. Korezo God recording.

Playing nice is this day further over the wheel. While also show sincere attitude to the aggressive and new songs that significantly alter the structure of the set list, on the other hand finished the Budokan twice of concerts that had been glimpses of the hardness, the next-in visit to Japan performance of ZEP is ’72 was reached in Revel is you such this day. And from previous “Rock And Roll”, it was no quick change I can feel clearly so far. Sonaruto commonplace sense of movement in the new song group, such as “Over The Hills And Far Away” and “The Song Remains The Same”. Evolution than the tactics of the inter-play greet the vertex in “Dazed And Confused” In ’73 Europe Budokan. In particular, “The Crunge” later unfolds is Paige and Bonzo thrilling play from section sprout of intensity of exactly ’73 euro seen.
Furthermore wonderful is free deployment of “Whole Lotta Love”. Budokan second day it was something unexpectedly short in a pattern, such as the ’73 deployment of the same song, but here is oldies medley with a focus on again plant are you shine. Usual “Got A Lot O ‘Livin To Do” of the moment the plant began to sing thrilling of Elvis Presley as fall is divided between the medley song selection is the best! Also from such a place, I ZEP from Osaka is me prove that Mise become a full throttle. ’73 Europe of the inter-play of the reply certainly I have a thing that took God, on the other hand, “Whole Lotta Love” medley song selection is will be immobilized, the fact was I lack the fun of it. But it is probably also true that it was the technique that Nase because the plant had been kept still young at the time of here Osaka.

Such he only, singing voice to be heard in the “Stairway To Heaven” while decline is also young. In front of the plant, which would critically damage the throat in the still of the early ’73 flu, there is a thing called youthful luster to voice. Thing that is also keeping the youth while decline is a charm of the ’72 tour to Japan, although there is that has been mentioned in front of the Budokan release, after all because the sound quality is good best, of such plant state and NEXT until the band of tone that has reached the Revel, it has been taken in a scrupulosity. On the evidence, not even hear you miss spectacular deployment of solo Paige is to listen after the song part of the plant. This song “promise feeling” begins to glimpses from ’73 also, I had been still play freely.
And in the encore it appeared “Heartbreaker” had never played in Budokan. Only in that the plant of voice when it comes to the second half would be turned over many times is pathetic to you, still from my best condition of the whole of the momentum and his singing performance, it still youthfulness is Minagi’. Paige of guitar playing is very smooth, it might be nice to say that resulted to cover the decline of the plant.
Quickly along with the first day Budokan you’ve recorded a Sold Out, a sound source that boasts a tremendous quality be to remove the fact that the audience recording of 1972 will be released after a long time. Repeat many times God recording impeccable. But what is happening in before the start of “Heartbreaker”, it has been promoted to further perfect condition to adjust the sound drop by the tape of deterioration. Of course the press of the limited without making other than extra hands at all of it. If you play back with a headphone, time slip to the Osaka Festival Hall of 4 October 72!

昨年「UNPROCESSED 109」やOG盤「LIVE」といったタイトルで72年の大阪二日目を当店が立て続けにリリースした段階から「同じような極上音質を誇る大阪初日をリリースして欲しい…」という声がマニアから寄せられていました。それと同じように昔からにZEP二度目の来日公演における定番音源でありながら、その割にアップデートされたリリースから久しく離れていた音源となってしまっていたのです。むしろ武道館初日と並んで決定的に音質の良いオーディエンス録音マスターが存在する公演なだけに、アップデートのしようがないというのが現状かと思われます。それはもう掛け値なしに1972年のオーディエンス録音としては最高峰だと断言できる音質の良さ。それでも今回のリリースにおいて当店は改めてマスター・テープからの収録を実現させ、しかも小細工なしに音源の別格な録音状態を封じ込めました。
セカンド・ソースと呼ばれるこの音源の素晴らしいところ、それは109音源で起きていた回転の狂いなどもなく、抜群に安定した状態で、しかも演奏全体を見事なクリアネスと驚くほどにオンな音像で捉えているところにあります。中でもボンゾのドラム・サウンドの生々しさは数多いZEPライブ音源の中において、間違いなくベスト・スリーに入るであろう見事な録音状態です。それはオープニングの「Rock And Roll」を聴いただけノックアウト間違いなし。当日の会場でオーディエンスが耳にしていたであろう、日本のロックファンが大好きなZEPのライブサウンドを現代に蘇らせてくれるのです。それに輪をかけて素晴らしい会場の臨場感。当時、ZEPだけでなく数々の洋楽アーティストの名演が披露された大阪フェスティバル・ホールの臨場感がまた見事なまでのリアルさで捉えられている点もこの音源の卓越した点でしょう。これぞ神録音。

さらに輪をかけて素晴らしいのがこの日の演奏。セットリストの構成を大幅に変えるというアグレッシブさや新曲への真摯な姿勢も見せつつも、一方で硬さが見え隠れしていた武道館二回のコンサートを終え、ZEPが72年の来日公演でネクスト・レヴェルに到達したのがこの日なのです。先の「Rock And Roll」からして、それまでになかった躍動がはっきりと感じ取れるのです。そうなると「Over The Hills And Far Away」や「The Song Remains The Same」といった新曲群での躍動感は当たり前。「Dazed And Confused」では73年ヨーロッパで頂点を迎えるインタープレイの駆け引きが武道館よりも進化。特に「The Crunge」セクションから後で繰り広げられるペイジとボンゾのスリリングなプレイは正に73年ユーロの激しさの芽生えが見られる。
さらに素晴らしいのが「Whole Lotta Love」の自由な展開。武道館二日目は同曲の展開が73年のようなパターンで思いのほか短いものだったのですが、ここでは再びプラントを中心としたオールディーズ・メドレーが輝きを放っているのです。いつものメドレー選曲の間に割って入るようなエルヴィス・プレスリーの「Got A Lot O’ Livin To Do」をプラントが歌い始めた瞬間のスリリングさは最高!こんなところからも、大阪からのZEPがエンジン全開となってみせたことを証明してくれているのです。73年ヨーロッパのインタープレイの応酬は確かに神懸ったものがあるのですが、一方で「Whole Lotta Love」メドレー選曲が固定化してしまい、そこの面白さを欠いてしまったのは事実。しかしそれは、ここ大阪の時点でまだ若さを保っていたプラントだから成せた技だったというのも事実でしょう。

そんな彼だけに、衰えながらも「Stairway To Heaven」で聴かせる歌声がまた若い。やはり73年初頭のインフルエンザで決定的に喉を傷めてしまう前のプラントには、声に若々しい艶というものがあります。衰えつつも若さを保っている点が72年来日公演の魅力であることは、武道館リリースの前でも述べてきたことではありますが、何しろ音質が最高に良いので、そんなプラントの状態やネクスト・レヴェルに達したバンドの調子まで、克明に捉えられているのです。その証拠に、プラントの歌パートの後でペイジが聴かせるソロの見事な展開も聞き逃せません。73年からは「お約束感」が見え隠れし始めるこの曲も、まだまだ自由に演奏されていたのです。
あっという間にSold Outを記録してしまった武道館初日と共に、1972年のオーディエンス録音ということを抜きにしても驚異的なクオリティを誇る音源が久々にリリースされます。何度も繰り返しますが非の打ち所の無い神録音。しかし「Heartbreaker」開始前で起きている、テープの劣化による音落ちをアジャストしてさらに完璧な状態へと昇格しています。もちろんそれ以外の余計な手は一切加えずに限定のプレス化。ヘッドフォンを付けてプレイバックすれば、72年10月4日の大阪フェスティバル・ホールへとタイムスリップ!

Disc 1 (49:46)
1. Intro. 2. Rock And Roll 3. Black Dog 4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. Misty Mountain Hop 6. Since I’ve Been Loving You 7. Dancing Days 8. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
9. The Song Remains The Same 10. The Rain Song

Disc 2 (69:42)
1. Dazed And Confused 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. Heartbreaker
5. Immigrant Song

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