Led Zeppelin / Budokan 1972 1st Night / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Budokan 1972 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 2nd October 1972


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ZEP live recordings of classic is not constantly request of recurrence. The best example would be the release of a series of Osaka 929 items was realized before about one month. Japan tour of ZEP was realized twice if you definitive sound source is present in either of the age. If 71 years is that it is Osaka earlier, Budokan first day of the 72-year October 2. Exactly the word Standard applies snugly, Korezo audience recording worthy to be called exceptional quality. What it seems as if it is not was like to record brought the current digital recorders in 1972. Freshness and clearness also excellent, timbre of the instrument that each member has issued, seem a than had containment also to the air a sense of audience that Kikiiru with breathless interest to the sound of the new ZEP that changed the rattle and sound in the previous year name recorded in the name of recording … it would be the first day of Budokan.
Only the best record in 72 years Japan tour without hyperbole, is what is enough of the items also countless far have been produced. “DANCING DAYS”, is a condition such as “NO USE GRECO”, “BUDOKAN OCT 2, 1972,” and “LED ZEPPELIN IS MY BROTHER”. None based on the same audience recording, yet is what the majority is as an item which is also a high-level sound quality is attractive because it had become a recording from the master, the classic title to listen not even mania has been barrage.

72 years Budokan first day of peace of mind … it is no exaggeration to say so name recording also will be cut off is whether Ray test release that the matter recently, compared to the Eternal items serving 929 of the blame in 71 years, generally overlooked the we got closer to the one situation, such as. “Eddie”, was being set back from the “Blueberry Hill” and 929, such as the position of the classic sound source and the title of the ZEP live alongside.
No longer an exaggeration to say that the misfortune, I was to our release in order to cast a stone in such a situation was “BUDOKAN 1972 1ST NIGHT”. There even is recording from the past of the name board to be outdone the original master of course, early is further highly evaluated the concept of coupling from the mania of a remastered version that was created by making full use of the 2016 unique mastering technology is still fresh in memory was gone and the Sold Out record.

To say that the re-master, was quite different and the anachronistic processing tailored to the flashy finish to unnecessarily caught an image of the entire sound. While absolutely respect the clearness and freshness with the original sound, finish that was up and on a degree of sound image on it. The interpretation has also been highly evaluated from mania. Even if there is no content to new part, it has become from the splendor of the original sound source and Sold Out. Therefore, early response to that he had raised the voice of recurrence, it re-release will be realized.
In this time of the re-release, rather than re-as it is out four Disc version of the last time, in a two-Disc version was recorded only the basic serving original sound source in the basic (previous corresponding to the Disc-1 and Disc-2 in) It will be of recurrence. Splendor of the large book of record, it is a wonderful thing to put definitely if there is a thing called “ZEP live recordings of the Hall of Fame.” And that reduced the number of disks, there is also a desire to want to touch this name sound source to more people. Really amazing recording quality does not fade at all now. That’s why, the goodness of the original sound I want to also know a lot of ZEP fan now!

And enjoyed precisely because high-quality sound of surprise, the beginning of a large excess life in ZEP live sound. Certainly the voice of the plant has poor sharp, early in the live pronounced it. Still young still voice quality itself! “The Song Remains The Same” is originally these voices and I had been sung in the melody … is surprisingly fresh to hear those terms. Most of the mania is should there are more of the things that touched the live version of the subsequent 73 years, you will be surprised by the innocent atmosphere of Kokode became live premiere.
Come to further attention to ZEP in the point of view different from the time of the previous release, it was only played once in Copenhagen in the previous year, “Misty Mountain Hop” is now playing as a regular number from this day Interesting. Featured is a large keyboard play Johnsy more than up to it in the album “HOUSES OF HOLY” which had just been completed at the time, contributed to the significantly changing it to an image or sound. Had foreseen the sound is or would not say that it is this song. Thus that the “Misty Mountain ~” has decided regular repertoire introduced in the live well, it seems like a symbol of live sound change of ZEP. I think this is the best audience recording Speaking of name sound source … after all 1972 Budokan the first day of the new chapter of ZEP thus began Budokan first day was containment in the best quality!


掛け値なしに72年来日公演におけるベスト・レコーディングだけに、これまでも数えきれないほどのアイテムが生み出されてきたものです。「DANCING DAYS」、「NO USE GRECO」、「BUDOKAN OCT 2, 1972」そして「LED ZEPPELIN IS MY BROTHER」といった具合です。どれも元は同じオーディエンス録音、しかも大半がマスターからの収録となっていたことからどれもハイレベルな音質が魅力なアイテムとして、マニアならずとも聴ける定番タイトルが連発されていたものです。

もはや不遇と言っても過言ではない、そんな状況に一石を投じるべく当店がリリースしたのが「BUDOKAN 1972 1ST NIGHT」だったのです。そこでも過去の名盤に負けじとオリジナル・マスターからの収録はもちろん、さらに2016年ならではのマスタリング技術を駆使して作り上げたリマスター・バージョンとのカップリングというコンセプトがマニアから大いに評価されて早期のSold Outを記録してしまったのは記憶に新しいところ。

リマスターと言っても、いたずらに音全体のイメージを釣り上げて派手な仕上がりに仕立てた時代錯誤的な処理とはまったく違いました。原音が持つクリアネスや鮮度を絶対的に尊重しつつ、その上で音像のオンな度合などをアップさせた仕上がり。その解釈がまたマニアから高く評価されました。内容的に目新しい部分がなくとも、元の音源の素晴らしさからSold Outとなってしまった。よって早くも再発の声が上がっていたことに応え、再リリースが実現となるのです。

そして驚きの高音質だからこそ楽しめる、ZEPライブ・サウンドにおける大きな過度期の始まり。確かにプラントの声はキレが悪く、ライブの序盤はそれが顕著。それでもまだ声質自体が若い!「The Song Remains The Same」は本来こうした声とメロディで歌われていたのだ…という点が意外なほど新鮮に聴こえるもの。大抵のマニアは73年以降のライブ・バージョンに触れられることの方が多いはずで、ライブ初演となったココデの初々しい雰囲気に驚かされることでしょう。
さらに前回リリース時と違う視点でZEPに注目してみれば、前年にはコペンハーゲンで一度だけしか演奏されなかった「Misty Mountain Hop」がこの日からレギュラー・ナンバーとして演奏されるようになったことが興味深い。当時完成したばかりだったアルバム「HOUSES OF HOLY」ではそれまで以上にジョンジーのキーボード・プレイが大きくフィーチャーされ、それまでのイメージやサウンドを大きく変えることに貢献しました。そのサウンドを予見していたのがこの曲だと言えるのではないでしょうか。こうして「Misty Mountain~」がライブにおけるレギュラー・レパートリー導入が決まったことも、ZEPのライブ・サウンドの変化の象徴のように思えるのです。こうして武道館初日から始まったZEPの新章を最高の音質で封じ込めた名音源…やっぱり1972年武道館初日と言えばこの最高のオーディエンス録音ですよね!

Disc 1 (73:37)
1. Introduction 2. Rock And Roll 3. Over The Hills And Far Away 4. Black Dog 5. Misty Mountain Hop
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You 7. Dancing Days 8. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 9. The Song Remains The Same
10. The Rain Song 11. Dazed And Confused (incl. The Crunge)

Disc 2 (52:23)
1. Stairway To Heaven 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Heartbreaker 4. Immigrant Song
5. Communication Breakdown

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