Led Zeppelin / Stage In Tokyo 1971 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Stage In Tokyo 1971 / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 23rd September 1971

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★ Digitization from cassette tapes of ancient times
The announcement before the start of the legendary DJ is longer than already issued!
Based on cassette tape sound source of the first CD, it compensates with another source and is recorded in total about 2 hours 30 minutes pseudo full length version!

The Mobil soundboard is true, but in the Showa era there were cases where rare sound sources were not converted to LPs, and were released as items in the cassette format. However, since the frequency of selling LP items to cassettes was high, development of rare sound sources on cassettes was not a reality.
Rather, the service of purchasing LP items, which are rare or expensive, using cheap cassettes is more active in Japan, and actually the dubbed LPs introduced in the Stones and Beatles fan clubs etc. And in the latter event etc. cassettes were sold after the end. Cassette releases of LP items were also popular in records and CD shops, and were also commonly found in advertising in music magazines. And at the time of Showa, cassette items were seen at several stores in Nishi-Shinjuku.
Such shops are now without trace, but while 60% of the shops were copy items from LP, the rest had quietly released their own visiting performance recordings to Japan. The release at the shop that was too nostalgic, unlike the cassette for the fan club, the point that was wrapped in the color jacket also had a unique attraction.
One of the original sound cassettes sold there is the Budokan on September 23rd, the first day of the first day of the Zeppelin’s first visit to Red Zeppelin. There are more than a dozen audience recordings for this show, among which “ROCK CARNIVAL”, “FRONT ROW” and “TIMLESS ROCK” (or “FIRST ATTACK OF THE RISING OF THE SUN”) are three of Budokan’s first days. It has reigned as a high-quality sound source, and the other sound source is the average B-class sound level of 1971.

Basically, the sound source included in the cassette item to be released this time is also a B-class monaural audience, and it will be added to the Budokan first day other than the three major sound sources. However, on the first day of the Budokan, where a large number of sound sources have been excavated, it is said that there are scenes that are still only recorded in this sound source.
It’s the story of that DJ who made the place live before the arrival of ZEP. Even though the other sources were recorded from his narrative, it started with a little talk … because ZEP has not yet appeared on the stage sleeves. However, in this sound source, it is recorded from the scene that DJ introduces myself before that earlier!
What’s as impressive as the spectacular performance of ZEP on this day is the opening narrative by DJ. As well as the insisting renown “Rock fans in Japan love Led Zeppelin,” not only T. Rex and Mott the Hoople just because they have just seen the British rock scene, but still David Bowie The sense of the time of 1971 on the eve of Glam Rock outbreak is transmitted to the place where the name of does not appear, and it is interesting. Even so, it is not easy to say such an impressive narrative at MC, where the band comes out. As it is, it is a great DJ, this time the point that the start point is recorded.
When the acoustic set “That’s The Way” starts, a funny scene will be released that will bring back the Japanese rock fan likeness of that time. It is an exchange of the person who seems to be a woman with a taper and a companion. The two are talking about the appearance of Jimmy Page, but seeing the appearance of the page that stored the beard, he is like a Japanese folk singer who was popular at that time (“Yamatani Bruce”), she Is said to be like Graham Nash. This is also full of 71 years.

The sound quality itself is far from being in the range of the three major sound sources mentioned above, but it is still a typical vintage audience that you can fully enjoy. It is a sound image with a sense of distance in monaural, but it is definitely superior to the ancient “TALES OF STORMS” or “THE CALM AND THE STORM” that contains the sound source that our shop has excavated before. A quality that can be enjoyed as an unknown differential audience album from the Budokan first day. There are so many sound sources, and it would be rare for 923 to want to listen to each one.
Rather, this sound source is not leaked to the example of the vintage audience in 1971, and it is a place where one of the points that all performances were not recorded is missed. This time “Black Dog” and “Stairway To Heaven” are not recorded, and the recording itself is over in the first half of “Whole Lotta Love”. However, the sound source is unusually abundant 923, here the sound source on the net is used as a compensation personnel, known for “REFLECTION FROM A DREAM” etc. where the sound quality image is not so far apart in monaural recording. The part that was still missing was patched the sound source of the familiar with the previous “THE CALM AND THE STORM”, and further “TIMLESS ROCK”, and patched it up and packed it up.

Of course, the main sound source is a cassette item, and the crazy pitch has been adjusted firmly, and although it is the content that features the main sound source, it is finished so that the entire show can be enjoyed. As it is not necessarily the version that the sound quality was excellent in 923 which is one of the forerunners in ZEP live sound source, that point may be for mania. However, vintage audience and analog tick sound quality are attractive enough.
And as soon as you hit the play button, the scene where DJ self-introductions that have not been heard so far pop out is really fresh! The moment when the curtain of the legendary ZEP’s first visit to Japan came to an end was captured there. A limited press CD release of shock that includes 923 unrecognized sound sources and unknown scenes. Is the appearance of the sound source unbearable to mania?

★ Only the first 120 will be released with a numbered sticker.


★ This editing note

-Main source–Aud cassette tape (approximately 90 minutes) that was handled at the time of the store (DR)

-Sub source: Aud (net sound source) known as Reflection From A Dream etc.

・ Furthermore sub (partial) … use the sound source of the previous LH 1CD Calm & Storm (mono Aud) between songs after heaven for about 15 seconds

・ Furthermore sub (partial) … Monolithized source (net sound source) known by TIMLESS etc. of WT and used less than 30 seconds

The reflection source, which seems to be close to the main sound source of this time, and has few cuts, has been selected as the sub source.


そこで売られていた独自音源カセットの一つにレッド・ツェッペリン初来日の初日、9月23日の武道館があります。この公演に関しては何と十種類以上ものオーディエンス録音が存在しており、中でも「ROCK CARNIVAL」、「FRONT ROW」そして「TIMLESS ROCK」(あるいは「FIRST ATTACK OF THE RISING OF THE SUN」)が武道館初日の三大高音質音源として君臨しており、その他の音源は1971年当時の平均的なB級音質のレベルかと。

アコースティック・セット「That’s The Way」が始まると当時の日本のロックファンらしさを偲ばせてくれる愉快な場面も登場。それはテーパーと連れの女性と思われる人物のやりとり。二人はジミー・ペイジの容姿について語り合っているのですが、ヒゲを蓄えたペイジの姿を見て彼の方は当時人気絶頂だった日本のフォーク歌手のようだ(「山谷ブルース」)、彼女の方はグレアム・ナッシュのようだと言っているのです。これもまた実に71年らしさが溢れています。

音質自体は先に挙げた三大音源の域には到底及びませんが、それでも十分に楽しめる、これぞ典型的なビンテージ・オーディエンス。モノラルで距離感のある音像ですが、いにしえの「TALES OF STORMS」や当店が以前発掘した音源を収めた「THE CALM AND THE STORM」などよりは確実に上。923こと武道館初日からの知られざるディファレント・オーディエンス・アルバムとしては非常に楽しめるクオリティ。こんなに音源が存在していて、それぞれを聞き込みたくなるというのが923の希有な点ではないでしょうか。
むしろ本音源も1971年のビンテージ・オーディエンスの例に漏れず、すべての演奏が録音されていなかったという点の方が惜しまれるところ。今回は「Black Dog」と「Stairway To Heaven」が未収録、さらに「Whole Lotta Love」の前半で録音自体が終わっています。しかし音源が異様に豊富な923、ここではモノラル録音で音質イメージがそれほどかけ離れていない「REFLECTION FROM A DREAM」などで知られる、ネット上音源を補填要員として使用。それでも欠けていた部分は先の「THE CALM AND THE STORM」、さらには「TIMLESS ROCK」でお馴染みの音源をモノラル化してパッチして緻密にまとめ上げました。





・メインソース・・当時某店(DR)で扱っていたモノ Audのカセットテープ(約90分)

・サブソース・・・Reflection From A Dreamなどで知られるモノ Aud(ネット音源)

・さらにサブ(部分的)・・・以前のLHの1CDのCalm & Storm(モノAud)の音源を天国後の曲間で15秒程度使用



Disc 1 (77:10)
1. Introduction★伝説のDJによる冒頭部分が既発より12秒ほど長い
2. Immigrant Song
3. Heartbreaker
4. Since I’ve Been Loving You★7:44(演奏後)以降Src5
5. Black Dog ★丸ごとSrc5
6. Dazed And Confused ★22:09(演奏後)以降Src5
7. Stairway To Heaven ★0:00-9:02 Src5 / 9:02-9:16 Src10
8. Celebration Day
9. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
10. That’s The Way

Disc 2 (73:25)
1. Tuning/MC
2. Going To California
3. What Is And What Should Never Be ★4:35-4:45 Src5
4. Moby Dick

5. Whole Lotta Love ★ 8:51-17:31 Src5(Reflectionのソース)
/ 17:31-17:58 Src 6(TimelessのソースをMono化)
/ 17:58以降 Src5(Reflectionのソース)で補填

6. Communication Breakdown ★丸ごとSrc5

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