Led Zeppelin / Montreux Casino Fire 1971 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / Montreux Casino Fire 1971 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Wendy

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Casino Montreux, Switzerland August 7, 1971. Digitally Remastered


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Than WENDY label, the latest work of the Zeppelin arrived. August 7, 1971 Swiss high-quality complete recording of the concert, which was held in Montreux Casino! Continuous performances in this day this Montreux Casino that was organized as a warm-up of the same year American tour. This film will hit in the first day August 7 performance. As has remained to be unceremoniously introduction of newspaper articles in the concert file, in the sound source that has been excavated in 2005 after ’35 from the concert, also reduced its outstanding title, with the content and quality which can be called Ketteiban using Roujene source now it has.

Zeppelin sound source of 1971 first half, not left things very good, and listen to in this quality in it, it attaches the very collectors favor. 4th song of the album before the release, of course, a set of gold that begins with “song of immigration” list was caught Zeppelin heyday, I can just enjoy the title as the fire of leaving such a performance to fully. “Black Dog” and is in the plant high tone “Stairway to Heaven” Saewatari, “One from Long Ago” and “is dazzled” is introduced it will be long of playing really 18 minutes. And it concluded the concert with a rare “Weekend” in the encore.

Also as a bonus track, we have recorded the same year on July 5 Milan performances. Unfortunately Milan performances of this day has not been excavated was three songs, what is recorded here all becomes. That this day police against the drunk the audience is interrupted concert using tear gas, is the day that is the Zeppelin ever worst concert. A behavior of the most worst of the police force, the concert itself shows off a very nice play for the Italian fans who were looking forward to. Meet with concert is interrupted, any kind of construction in that was either in whole, some songs of the played, does not have reason to know will now become, at least this three songs, that is until about at least a concert half was done you’ll be. Also means that recording of a historic day is rare event in Zeppelin live, it is a concert that I would like you to listen to us.

Latest work of Wendy label the Montreux Casino performances August 7, 1971, high-quality full inclusion. It is recorded in exceptionally high-quality sound even in the 1971 first half that is not blessed with very good sound, and full inclusion, including a rare “Weekend”. Add recorded three songs that remain the same year July 5 Milan performance has been confirmed in the bonus track. Jacket clear (laughs). Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.


1971年前半のツェッペリンの音源は、あまり良いものが残されておらず、その中でこの音質で聴けるのは、まさにコレクター冥利に尽きます。リリース前の4thアルバムの曲はもちろん、「移民の歌」で始まる黄金のセットリストはツェッペリン絶頂期をとらえた、まさにタイトル通り火の出るようなパフォーマンスを存分に堪能できます。「ブラックドッグ」や「天国への階段」ではプラントのハイトーンが冴えわたり、“One from Long Ago”と紹介される「幻惑されて」は実に18分間もの長尺な演奏になります。そしてアンコールではレアな「Weekend」でコンサートが締めくくられます。



Casino Montreux, Switzerland August 7, 1971
01. Introduction
02. Immigrant Song
03. Heartbreaker
04. Since I’ve Been Loving You
05. Black Dog
06. Dazed And Confused
07. Stairway To Heaven

01. Going To California
02. That’s The Way
03. Celebration Day
04. What Is And What Should Never Be
05. Whole Lotta Love
06. Weekend

Vigorelli Velodrome Milan, ITALY July 5, 1971
07. Since I’ve Been Loving You
08. Black Dog
09. Dazed And Confused

Wendy. WECD-240/241

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