Led Zeppelin / Leicester 1971 / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / Leicester 1971 / 3CD / Non Label
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Live at Leicester University, Leicester, UK 25th November 1971



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It was the last live activity of 1971 that took place after the legendary first visit to Japan, a British tour from November to December. At one point the number of items was extremely small, and in addition, ZEP was playing in an atmosphere that was unexpectedly calm compared to the United States and Japan, so it was a time of being deified among maniacs. Although sound board recording is not excavated, a considerable number of performances have been discovered during the last 15 years, and the whole picture of the tour has become clear as well.
There was also a rare topic that “Weekend” and “Gallows Poll” are played in Encore etc, such as Ipswitch performances on November 16 when our shop was released and quickly became Sold Out , Which was previously unknown fact that only a partial sound source was excavated.
As for the UK tour in the winter of 1971, many items have been released as the excavation of sound sources has progressed, but all of them have tried fierce equalization to improve the sound quality, There are a lot of frequent appearance as items, and there is a sense that the whole tour has become “a high threshold” from both the sound quality side and item side. It was our shop ‘IPSWICH 1971’ released to cast a stone in such a situation.
Certainly the situation is completely different from the enthusiasm and excitement first visit to Japan. In spite of ZEP’s performance voltage and plant voice as usual, the 1971 quality remained as usual. Before, it was a British tour that was misunderstood as “It is inferior to America and Japan though the same 1971 but, in fact, a very wonderful performance was still spreading … it also became a title to demonstrate it It is. Rather, it was a British tour of 1971, as usual as usual amazing performances were spreading in calm circumstances even if there was no frenzy of frenzy like America or Japan.

This time we release the excellent sound source of UK tour of winter 1971, Leicester performance of November 25. There was an electric magic show between the Ip switch and this time Lester, but this event and the Ip switch were better than the electric magic, an event that caught my interest as a ZEP It is interesting as it is listened to the traditional ZEP-like unexpected performance.
On the other hand it is well known that the decline of the plant’s voice began from this tour. It is true that it is true, but the voice quality itself is affordable no matter what it is said to be 1971 quality. For example, on this day as well, you can see the state of the plant singing lower than usual from the beginning of the show, but there is a feeling that there is no room to reserve “little singing with a low voice” rather than “gloomy” If youth is good. Again the year of ZEP’s 1971 is special.
This ‘youthfulness’ is not limited to plants but all members of the day are full of it, so it seems like a brisk performance is performed with a sharp performance in a relaxed atmosphere peculiar to the UK tour in 1971 interesting. In addition, Leicester’s audience recording has its own charm that it is refreshed while monaural but hear through performance and vocals. It is the one that had been subjected to equalizing in every item in the past, surprisingly the recording in the natural state for the first time is realized.

It is the acoustic set that makes you feel even a relaxed British tea time atmosphere from the first half of playing as if playing as if sweeping through. Moreover, it is rare happening happening that page goes over “Tangerine” this day. It is said that one thing is due to equipment trouble, but it sounds like you just missed playing and you can not hear it. However, there was no such thing as Leicester’s audience being moved to such a scene, literally watching in a warm atmosphere literally being documented with good sound quality.
More interesting is “Dazed And Confused”. The phrase which Paige played while depressing the wah pedal in the part heading from the middle stage to the second half is the phrase of the movie “Shaft”. That song called ‘Black Jaguar Theme’ by the Japanese title appeared. Half a year since publication at that time, it was a movie that took quite a hot topic, so Paige included it also makes me feel the era of the times. “Stairway To Heaven” whose guitar solo begins late one tempo is also really interesting! It is a scene that is unexpectedly made warmer because it is just released and not standardized.
In the “Whole Lotta Love” medley at the end of the show, the plant began singing “Ding Nicks ‘Going Down”, and in the usual “Hello Mary Lou”, there was plenty of room for Paige to join the Beatles’ Day Tripper riff Unique scenery is also peaceful 71 years British tour.
And Encore ‘s “Rock And Roll” performance is not complete at all and it is incredible. The 929 version has a different atmosphere at all. Even songs made into super standard from 1972 until the dissolution of ZEP will be surprised by the fact that there was a time when it was being played in such a wonderful atmosphere (in a good way).
ZEP’s really unique live feeling only for this brief period, unlike the first performance in Japan and 72 years. Numerous songs to be converted to ZEP standard later are being played in small. That was the UK tour of 1971. Release the excellent sound source that captured that precious moment in limited press without any fine work. Please enjoy it carefully as it is!

当店がリリースしてあっという間にSold Outになってしまった11月16日のイプスイッチ公演などはアンコールで「Weekend」と「Gallows Poll」が演奏されるというレアなトピックがあったことなども、以前は部分的な音源しか発掘されていなかったことから知られざる事実となっていたもの。
また71年冬のイギリス・ツアーに関しては音源の発掘が進むにつれて多くのアイテムがリリースされてきましたが、そのどれもが地味な音質を向上させようと激烈なイコライズを施してみたり、あるいは高価なアイテムとして登場する頻度が多く、ツアー全体が音質面とアイテム面の両方から「敷居の高い」時期となってしまった感があります。そういった状況に一石を投じるべくリリースされたのが当店の「IPSWICH 1971」でした。


それ以上に面白いのが「Dazed And Confused」。中盤から後半に向かうパートでペイジがワウペダルを踏みながら弾き出したフレーズは映画「Shaft」のフレーズ。邦題で「黒いジャガーのテーマ」と呼ばれたあの曲が登場。当時公開から半年が経ち、かなり話題を呼んだ映画でしたので、ペイジが盛り込んだのも時代背景を感じさせてくれます。彼のギター・ソロがワン・テンポ遅れて始まる「Stairway To Heaven」がまた実に面白い!まだリリースされたばかりでスタンダード化していないからこその、思わずほっこりとさせられる場面。
ショー終盤の「Whole Lotta Love」メドレーにおいてはプラントがドン・ニックスの「Going Down」を歌い始め、いつもの「Hello Mary Lou」では間でペイジがビートルズの「Day Tripper」のリフを交えるという余裕たっぷりな光景がまたのどかな71年イギリス・ツアーならでは。
そしてアンコールの「Rock And Roll」の演奏がまた全然こなれてなくて何とも初々しい。929バージョンとも全然雰囲気が違う。1972年からZEP解散まで超スタンダードと化した曲ですら、こんなに(いい意味で)垢抜けない雰囲気で演奏されていた時期があったことに驚かされることでしょう。
Disc 1 (61:05)
1. Intro. 2. Immigrant Song 3. Heartbreaker 4. Black Dog5. Since I’ve Been Loving You
6. Celebration Day 7. Going to California 8. That’s the Way 9. Tangerine 10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Disc 2 (40:00)
1. MC 2. Dazed and Confused 3. Stairway to Heaven

Disc 3 (50:16)
1. What Is and What Should Never Be 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Rock and Roll 4. Communication Breakdown

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