Led Zeppelin / Its Been A Long Time MSG 1971 / 4CD+2Bonus CD

Led Zeppelin / Its Been A Long Time MSG 1971 / 4CD+2Bonus CD / Graf Zeppelin

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Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA 3rd September 1971



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to 4CD version of the 1st issue, 6CD press platen add a remastered 2CD of the Disc1-2.
※ Of the 1st issue of the 4CD version of purchase of our customers in the past (outside the direction of the target used purchase), will be distributed remastered 2CD to those who wish (new jacket included – however numbering sticker is not attached) you.
Although the customers of purchase in the past in the shop sorry to trouble you, but, please tell us on the bring 4CD of the 1st issue.
Your purchase in the past by mail order, please purport contact from the inquiry form on this page.
As soon as confirmed from the purchase history, we will arrange to send (postage our burden).

Description of the remastered] Hits the Disc1-2 of the 1st issue, the stereo source main Disc newly remastered, which was to Disc of the press.
In this mastering, not lazy ones, such as one shot equal- to select all the edited complete package board used in the 1st issue, again consider the equalizing and sound processing for each stereo source and monaural source, respectively to have back again whole again built editing on which has been subjected to different charge processing, will be the new mastering board of real New.

The main stereo source unit (not a net source) has become a sound can be felt also the goodness of missing natural and like Lemon Song Edition is the sound quality of Sundehatsu best, originally equipped even at the time of this board 1st issue low frequency of elongation and Nobutoku buibui growling bass line is intact was, combines also the goodness of omission and natural is in the Lemon Song board, moreover, such as further thin film compared to the Lemon Song board has taken one in a good way, Ya digital odor It has been achieved unrelated clear sound and discomfort after the EQ processing. Hiss, but it has been increased compared to the 1st issue, rather than the noisy sound of just lifting the high-frequency, such as in the already issued, not seen almost no distortion, cracking sound due to coldness and equalizing of digital sound, from beginning to end stability you can Watch with the sound. In addition, since the main stereo source is not a net, whole ton missing “Whole Lotta -” the net sound source “! Everybody” before from the clapping of the audience of Robert portion screaming and (real this side also “Whole Lotta -” playing would have been included in) also firmly recorded in uncut.

Since the monaural source that was used to compensate (net sound source) was the cause of the distortion of the left channel to loudly the sound, was used to compensate after applying a new mono mix processing. 1st distortion is reduced than the issue, making it easy to hear.
This compensation source, but the performance is slightly long distance, even less commotion surrounding compared to a stereo source, also sometimes called mono, the sound will be or likely to hear the sound of the guitar compared to the stereo separation feeling is.

※ remastered 2CD of the case on the numbering sticker comes from this time recurrence sale minute.
Following 1st issue (4CD version) is informed at the time of release.

Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA 3rd September 1971

■ true definitive edition of MSG1971!
■ stereo source featuring in the 1-2 th is not a net source, its own available was excellent master!
■ stereo source, laid main each mono source, 4 Disc specification for 2 version reproduce the live full-length version!
■ Disc3,4 monaural source is a main becomes a bonus disc treatment, is the offer of a two-Disc price.
■ With numbering containing stickers.
2 types of use the source 2 version press CD Ketteiban was recorded live the full-length version of the!
For live this day, in between the (net not) of some of the underground tape traders, there was a case where a total of three types of tape source is to be present. When I variously own available this time, in fact, Moby is the 1st source between trade (in many cases), a source that appeared to not yet on CD there since ancient times, which appeared on the Trent in recent years master direct it was found Dick halfway monaural source was recorded (using the 3, 4 th of this time) is the same thing. Thus, to the sound source of this day,

(1) … performance is excellent close to the dynamic range but vivid even audience noise stereo source,
(2) … performance is a dyed in the whole in the distance high frequency closer but easy monaural source surprisingly listening vocals and guitar
Of it is determined that the two types exist, we promoted this on CD.

First (1), in other words it is this time of the stereo source used in the main with 1, 2, th title, here is the source using the excellent own obtain master than is the same Trent sound source. Between specific Moby Dick-Whole Lotta Love song that was missing at the net sound stereo source as a feature uncut (of course, tie uncut without crafted, such as editing, means that) The point has been recorded in in, here is the point to tell whether or not the Trent sound source. In Trent sound source Here we are missing about 15 seconds. In addition, there are two places Trent sound source and the same track between the cut in between the songs Whole Lotta-Comunication, here only is the compensation and editing from Sundehatsu source.

For monaural source (2), the contents result of verification, this time has adopted towards the mono version that appeared in recent years on the Trent, used as the current 3, 4 th main source of. It should be noted, this monaural source because Moby Dick is a recording of the point where the cut-out, the later 4th We reproduce the full-length version of the stereo source.

Even so stereo source is state very well, If you listen to this or its outstanding panel had been the how sound processing or excessive equalizing process will able to understand you. This title is an excellent dynamic range is also plump while Mokomoko, preeminent in natural sound! It should be noted that, as mentioned earlier, you raised the point that the audience of the turmoil as the characteristics of the stereo source is large, this is please understand in that thing was recorded vividly realistic live.
In addition, the mono source, specially subjected to noise reduction while only slightly this time, was to remove the hiss.

Passed more than early 15 years from the release of its outstanding board, rather than nothing is the title that it can be said that since then AUD definitive edition of this day, because a decent title was not released at all, this will be a happy release.
This time also sham was dismissed lightly Beyond the universe! Play It Loud! ! Play And Play Again !!



メインのステレオソース部(ネット音源ではありません)は既発ベストの音質とされるLemon Song盤のようなナチュラルかつ抜けの良さも感じられるサウンドとなっており、本盤1stイシューの時点でも元々備わっていた低域の伸びや野太くブイブイうなるベースラインはそのままに、Lemon Song盤にあるナチュラルさと抜けの良さも併せ持ち、しかもLemon Song盤にくらべさらに薄膜が良い意味で一枚取れたような、デジタル臭やEQ処理後の違和感とは無縁のクリアなサウンドを実現しました。ヒスは1stイシューに比べ増えましたが、既発にあるような高域を持ち上げただけのやかましいサウンドではなく、デジタル的なサウンドの冷たさやイコライジングによる歪み・音割れも殆ど見られず、終始安定したサウンドで鑑賞頂けます。またメインのステレオソースはネットではないため、ネット音源でゴッソリ欠落している”胸いっぱい-“前の観客の手拍子からロバートの”everybody!”と叫ぶ部分(実質この辺も”胸いっぱい-“の演奏に含まれているでしょう)もノーカットでしっかり収録。




Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA 3rd September 1971


この日のライブについては、(ネットではない)アングラの一部のテープ・トレーダー間では、延べ3種類のテープソースが存在するとされる場合がありました。今回色々と独自入手してみたところ、実はトレード間で1stソースとされる(場合が多い)、古くから存在し未CD化と思われたソースは、近年マスターダイレクトにてトレント上に登場したMoby Dick途中までを収録したモノラルソース(今回の3,4枚目に使用)と同一の物であることが判明しました。よって、この日の音源には、


まず(1)、つまり今回のタイトルの1,2枚目でメインに使用したステレオソースですが、こちらはソースは同じですがトレント音源よりも優秀な独自入手マスターを使用。具体的な特徴としてネット音源のステレオソースにて欠落があったMoby Dick-Whole Lotta Love曲間をノーカット(当然、繋ぎ編集などの細工なしでノーカット、という意味です)で収録しているのがポイントで、ここがトレント音源か否かを見分けるポイントです。トレント音源ではここで15秒ほどの欠落があります。なお、Whole Lotta-Comunicationの曲間に2カ所トレント音源と同様の曲間カットがあり、ここだけは既発ソースからの補填および編集になります。

(2)のモノラルソースについては、内容検証の結果、今回は近年トレント上に登場したモノラル・バージョンの方を採用し、今回の3,4枚目のメインソースとして使用。なお、このモノラルソースはMoby Dickがカットアウトするところまでの収録なため、4枚目のそれ以降はステレオソースにより全長版を再現しております。


今回もまがいものは軽く宇宙の彼方へ一蹴しました!Play It Loud!! Play And Play Again!!

01. Introduction
02. Immigrant Song
03. Heartbreaker
04. Since I’ve Been Loving You
05. Black Dog
06. Dazed And Confused
07. Stairway To Heaven
08. Celebration Day
09. That’s The Way
10. Going To California

01. Mc
02. What Is And What Should Never Be
03. Moby Dick
04. Whole Lotta Love
05. Communication Breakdown
06. Organ Solo
07. Thank You
08. Rock And Roll

Main Source: Stereo Source
Patching Source: Mono Source

Main Source Mono Source
Patching Source: Stereo Source
Disc4 Tr4-8 are Stereo Source

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-014A/B/C/D

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