Led Zeppelin / Hampton 1971 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Hampton 1971 / 2CD / Non Label
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Live at Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, VA. USA 9th September 1971


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The 1971 American tour, which was ahead of the legendary first Japan tour, was also a wonderful time but, interestingly, several sound board recordings are running out from the end of August. Considering that there is no indication that the soundboard recording of the first half or the last stage of the tour is discovered to the present, it may be that no more sound sources are left. So it is a pity that the sound board recording does not listen to the famous performances such as the LA Forum and the frenzied Madison Square Garden decorating the beginnings of the tour, but you can enjoy the soundboard sound source of the three performances you can get now Only things. It is a record of the stage of ZEP in 1971, there is no bad translation.
First is Orlando on August 31st. The point that the recording reaches the “Whole Lotta Love” medley only in three sound sources is valuable. Another is Toronto on September 4th. Although it is regrettable that this is the state with the shortest record time, the performance is fulfilling like 71 years ago, and “Stairway To Heaven” is one of the masterpieces. And this time, the limited press CD will be released on September 9th Hampton performance. It is also famous as a sound source that caused the maniacs all over the world to say greatly by excavating several songs with an extremely balanced stereo mix.
As understood from the rough stereo image, it was not a recording of a show in multitrack, but it was a sound board sound source of a special state that the mixer was mixing to the stereo with the balance when recording a cassette from the mixing table It was. However, a few years later, although a sound image is fixed to the monaural state, a long version that longer recorded the show appears. Besides, above all, it was counted as one of the classic sound sources in the US tour of 71 years since it was able to listen calmly than the stereo mix.

It is sound board recording of 1971 tour at last, although it is sound source which many items have been released until now, this time the best transfer which dropped the cassette · master which was recorded from the mixing table as DAT to the DAT CD version of the version. Although the cut place etc is not changed this time also, one noteworthy thing is that the recording time of the opening “Immigrant Song” will be slightly longer than the past items. The fact that the plant is the longest version recorded from singing “sing and cry ~” unlike ever. Although it is a short recording, even this point should be able to realize the high purity in this version.
Since it is a sound source in a state of much higher purity, we did not apply any equalization for this release. The 71-year sound board recording of the US tour has no clearness like after 1973, and it is characterized by a more rounded texture with analog ticks. Especially there were some items that had equalized to improve the clearness. However, on this day, vintage sound quality as if listening to good AM radio is the big appeal, it should be recorded without adding equalization.
Since such sound quality is generally in a state that can be enjoyed suddenly even if it sounds from the speaker generally, even if it does not go up to explosion and sound it will be reproduced by all means, it will taste the vintage flavor unique to this sound source and the high purity of this time Things to want. Of course, a stereo mix that captures Johnsy’s bass sound with a balance of power is attractive, but the charm of a monaural mix that can be heard through a stable balance throughout the show is also great.

And since the show was progressing in the tremendous excitement of most of the audience recordings left in the 71 years of the US tour, the series of sound board recordings “coupled with” the performance “coupled with low realism” or It seems that it tends to be received that “the level is high but average.” As far as Hampton is concerned, however, the violent performance that ZEP seems to be in the United States in 71 years will also be steadily transmitted from the sound board. Scream voice of the plant no matter what we said. “Dark Dog” and so on are a totally intense plant fully open. This is the real thrill which can only be tasted by ZEP in 71 years.
It is a flowing play of Paige hanging over it. It is wonderful that he can express his / her phrases in my head with my fingers firmly in this era! Also, soundboard recording, where the long “Dazed And Confused” came in the second half, Paige played a little Yardbirds’ Over Under Sideways Down ‘riff and made the plant laugh, and the acoustic’ When I finish I can clearly hear the fact that the plant sinks “Hi-Heel Sneakers”.
Because it is such a classic sound source in the classic, I stuck with careful CDization that respected the best version and sound source condition. In the items up to now, the place where the rise of the pitch which was considered to be caused by stop of the recording at the ending · riff of “Moby Dick” or approaching of the tape approached was also precisely adjusted. Name sound board Hampton 71 mono / mix, its best version here!

最初は8月31日のオーランド。三音源の中で録音が唯一「Whole Lotta Love」メドレーまで到達している点が貴重なもの。もう一つは9月4日のトロント。これはもっとも収録時間の短い状態なのが惜しまれますが、やはり71年らしく演奏は充実しており「Stairway To Heaven」は名演の一つ。そして今回、限定のプレスCDにてリリースされるのが9月9日のハンプトン公演。最初に極端なバランスのステレオ・ミックスで数曲が発掘されたことで世界中のマニアをアッと言わせた音源としても有名なもの。

何しろ1971年ツアーのサウンドボード録音です、今までも数多くのアイテムがリリースされ続けてきた音源ではありますが、今回は先のようにミキシング卓から録音されたカセット・マスターをDATに落としたベスト・トランスファーのバージョンをCD化。今回もカット箇所などは変わらないのですが、一つ特筆すべきはオープニング「Immigrant Song」の収録時間が過去のアイテムよりもわずかながらも長い点でしょう。今までと違いプラントが「sing and cry~」と歌うところから収録された最長版であるということ。短い収録ではありますが、この点だけでも今回のバージョンにおける純度の高さを実感してもらえるはずです。

そして71年アメリカ・ツアーは残されているオーディエンス録音のほとんどが凄まじい盛り上がりの中でショーが進行していただけに、一連のサウンドボード録音は臨場感の低さと相まって演奏が「落ち着いている」、あるいは「レベルは高いが平均的」と受け取られがちであったように感じます。しかしハンプトンに関して言えば、やはり71年アメリカでのZEPらしい猛烈なパフォーマンスがサウンドボードからしっかりと伝わってきます。何といってもプラントのスクリーム・ボイスがこの日も炸裂。「Black Dog」などは正に強烈なプラントが全開。これこそが71年ZEPでしか味わえない醍醐味というもの。
それに輪をかけてペイジの流麗なプレイ。この時代の彼は頭の中で思い描くフレーズをしっかり指先で表せている点が素晴らしい!それにサウンドボード録音です、長い「Dazed And Confused」が後半に差し掛かったところでペイジが少しだけヤードバーズの「Over Under Sideways Down」のリフを弾いてプラントを笑わせるところや、アコースティックの「Going To California」を終えたところでプラントが「Hi-Heel Sneakers」を口ずさむ様子もクリアーに聴き取れてしまう。
そんな定番中の定番音源だからこそ、ベストのバージョンかつ音源の状態を尊重した丁寧なCD化にこだわりました。今までのアイテムでは「Moby Dick」のエンディング・リフで録音の停止あるいはテープ切れが近づいたことが原因とみられるピッチの上昇が見られた箇所も緻密にアジャスト。名サウンドボードたるハンプトン71のモノ・ミックス、そのベスト・バージョンがここに!
Disc 1 (49:22)
1. Immigrant Song 2. Heartbreaker 3. Since I’ve Been Loving You 4. Black Dog
5. Dazed and Confused

Disc 2 (46:57)
1. MC 2. Stairway to Heaven 3. Celebration Day 4. That’s the Way 5. Going to California
6. What Is and What Should Never Be 7. Moby Dick

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