Led Zeppelin / BBC Session 1971 / 6CD

Led Zeppelin / BBC Session 1971 / 6CD / Non Label

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Paris Cinema Theatre, London, UK on April 1st, 1971.


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Our shop this time, ZEP1971-nennochoyumeisaundobodoongenni-shuoririsuitashimasu. ’71 Of the SBD? Oh, you mean Hampton? Toronto? No, not an exaggeration to say that the foundation in basic rather than a staple, is the studio live recordings of BBC radio. Now mania has ended up hardly Mimuki also (laughs), than the official BBC live album, it would be the full-length version of the sound source it came floating around on the underground Speaking of ’71 BBC. Even without a mania, to include tactics to the sound source that all the live is heard is a matter of course. This time is the emergence of the culmination of ’71 BBC sound source that is associated with it!

First broadcast from suddenly FM in Japan in 1996 have shocked the mania around the world, it has been subjected to a new stereo mixes and versions for first appearance. From here but was born name board called “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” is at that time, whereas it was the air check from the broadcast at the time in ’96, this time recorded in the best sound quality from the previous broadcast Pre-FM master . Of course, but this sound was also sometimes like “BBC ARCHIVES” had been previously released, it also now ten years before the story. It is a sound source that has been referred to as “quality best version” among overseas mania, it is also like performing extra equalize this time absolutely not, remove the noise generated at 2:34 of only “Dazed And Confused” only did to me has been kept.
After all there is only of it became the base of the official “BBC SESSIONS”, it does not have all faded even finish of sophisticated stereo mixing listening now. When then compared to the stereo mix of the full-length version of the sound source to introduce, unnatural there is no place ones. The sound of “zing” in place “Heartbreaker” has passed the four and a half minutes to enter moment is the feature of this version. Otherwise us lower the Ryuin of people who remember the thing insufficient to official that had gotten been reduced in subtle editing, you will say that literally super-excellent sound source.

It had been recorded in the three and fourth sheet, the full-length version of the sound source that has become quite popular from the CD era. Presenter John Peel band announcements and applause by is from before entering the full-length version is expected that captures from the appearance of the studio setting. Although the cut to enter the interval between has been skillfully cross-fade from the “Whole Lotta Love” medley “Mess Of Blues” in the “Honey Bee” in front of the sound source, also included as it is a state that has not been shortened. Even unintended separation stereo, such as the album recording of like 60s artist is famous as a rough state of this sound unique.
More than that, it’ll be is selling the surprisingly mania that so far the first time accurately pitch the full-length version of the sound source was having some kind of problem that the deviation of the pitch was Mise been recorded in a state of being adjust. Although it is in the sound source a number of items as in the previous it has been released, but the item you want carefully Kikikome from the beginning to the end in the stable of the pitch I was small. Most popular now, other than the full version item which is a combination of the sound source and the ’96 version of the sound source, the item was recorded pure here of the sound source in the exact pitch there was a feeling of being overlooked. And not just on the pitch, has been removed finely scattered been noise (particularly had been frequent in “Dazed And Confused”) is also dense.

Version that was broadcast by the German radio station the ’96 version of the sound source to have been recorded in the last. Of course the original is the same stereo mix, where the intro has gone missing and “Stairway To Heaven” that the editing difference version would say that’s what a maniac. But John Peel Introduction omitted, such as had been further playing live late “Thank You” and “Communication Breakdown” is rearranged in the first half, it is something quite interesting mysterious edits. Of course When this time of recording, accurately adjust the original slow pitch. To each end of the first sheet and the second sheet of the disk, such as the announcement of the German enters, it has become a sound source to be able to enjoy well as alternate broadcast of the famous sound source.
Therefore, any sound source also pitch is accurately adjust, yet is a stereo sound board recording that noise has been removed, yet official class quality, on the other hand the ZEP Gentle playing that was conscious of BBC Radio recorded in perfect clearness in has also become a culmination of you can enjoy sound source. Certainly I explosion feeling not like the Japan tour after half a year, but yet Scream is ’71 likeness of freeze of the plant it will be the charm of ’71 BBC is that is firmly caught. even more so considering that it live was recorded on this has been postponed once. And the ’96 version that can be enjoyed by anyone with confidence, the full-length version of coupling of the sound source that would be useful in mania in terms of the importance of recording. Do not miss the limited release was recorded excellent sound that can be heard in peace to press CD of peace of mind!


まず最初に登場するのは1996年に我が国で突如FMから放送されて世界中のマニアに衝撃を与えた、新たなステレオ・ミキシングの施されたバージョン。ここからは当時「STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN」という名盤が生み出されましたが、それが96年当時の放送からエアチェックだったのに対し、今回は放送前のPre-FMマスターからの最高音質で収録。もちろんこの音源も「BBC ARCHIVES」などが以前リリースされていたことがありましたが、それも今や十年前の話。海外のマニアの間では「音質ベスト・バージョン」と称された音源であり、今回も余計なイコライズを施すようなことは一切なく、唯一「Dazed And Confused」の2:34で生じたノイズを削除しただけにとどめています。
何しろオフィシャル「BBC SESSIONS」のベースとなっただけのことはあり、洗練されたステレオ・ミキシングの仕上がりは今聴いても全く色褪せていません。次に紹介する全長版音源のステレオ・ミックスと比べると、不自然なところがまったくないもの。「Heartbreaker」が4分半を過ぎたところで「シュッ」という音が一瞬入るのがこのバージョンの特徴です。それ以外は微妙な編集で短縮されてしまっていたオフィシャルに物足りなさを覚えた人の溜飲を下げてくれる、文字通りの超優良音源と言えるでしょう。

3枚目と4枚目に収録されたのは、CD時代からすっかりポピュラーとなった全長版音源。司会者ジョン・ピールによるバンド・アナウンスや拍手が入る前からの、スタジオ・セッティングの様子から捉えているのがさすがは全長版。前の音源においては間が巧みにクロス・フェイドされていた「Whole Lotta Love」メドレーの「Mess Of Blues」から「Honey Bee」の合間にカットが入るものの、短縮されていない状態もそのままに収録。まるで60年代アーティストのアルバム録音のような泣き別れステレオ感もこの音源ならではのラフな状態として有名です。
それ以上に、これまでピッチの狂いという問題を何かしら抱えていたこの全長版音源を初めて正確にピッチがアジャストされた状態で収録してみせたという点が意外とマニアには売りとなることでしょう。先のようにいくつものアイテムがリリースされてきた音源ではありますが、安定のピッチで最初から最後までじっくりと聴き込めるアイテムは少なかったのです。現在もっともポピュラーな、この音源と96年版音源を組み合わせた完全版アイテム以外で、純粋のこちらの音源を正確なピッチで収録したアイテムは見過ごされている感がありました。そしてピッチだけにとどまらず、細かく散見されたノイズ(中でも「Dazed And Confused」で頻発していました)も緻密に取り除きました。

最後に収録されているのは96年版音源をドイツのラジオ局が放送したバージョン。もちろん元は同じステレオ・ミックスであり、その編集違いバージョンという点や「Stairway To Heaven」のイントロが欠けてしまっている箇所はマニアックなものだと言えるでしょう。しかしジョン・ピールのイントロダクションは省略、さらにライブ終盤で演奏されていた「Thank You」や「Communication Breakdown」が前半に並び替えられるなど、なかなか不思議な編集内容が面白いものです。もちろん今回の収録に当たっては、元の遅いピッチを正確にアジャスト。ディスクの一枚目と二枚目の終わりそれぞれにドイツ語のアナウンスが入るなど、有名音源のオルタネイト・ブロードキャストとして十分に楽しめる音源となっています。

Japanese Pre-FM Broadcast Reel

Disc 1 (51:26)
1. Introduction 2. Immigrant Song 3. Heartbreaker 4. Since I’ve Been Loving You
5. Black Dog 6. Dazed And Confused 7. Stairway To Heaven

Disc 2 (50:04)
1. Going To California 2. That’s The Way 3. What Is And What Should Never Be
4. Whole Lotta Love 5. Thank You 6. Communication Breakdown

Pre-FM Master Reel

Disc 3 (54:16)
1. Introduction 2. Immigrant Song 3. Heartbreaker 4. Since I’ve Been Loving You
5. Black Dog 6. Dazed And Confused 7. Stairway To Heaven

Disc 4(54:46)
1. Going To California 2. That’s The Way 3. What Is And What Should Never Be
4. Whole Lotta Love 5. Thank You 6. Communication Breakdown 7. DJ Outro

German FM Broadcast

Disc 5 (51:50)
1. Immigrant Song 2. Heartbreaker 3. Since I’ve Been Loving You 4. Black Dog
5. Thank You 6. Communication Breakdown 7. Dazed And Confused

Disc 6 (45:13)
1. Stairway To Heaven 2. Going To California 3. That’s The Way 4. What Is And What Should Never Be
5. Whole Lotta Love 6. DJ Outro

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