Led Zeppelin / Helsinki 1970 / 2CDR

Led Zeppelin / Helsinki 1970 / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland 23rd February 1970


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The recording in the best version of a good mono audience recording the Helsinki performances from ’70 European tour! Recently, in the valuable live that has not been completely released, after a long time of Onban of this time. This performance of the title CD boot Genesis about 1992 to VEHALLA I AM quiet first appearance at COMING (2CD). Then followed by FIXIN ‘TO DIE (2CD), such as TOCCATA & FUGUE (2CD) 94 – are released following the early ’95, FIXIN’ is the best TO DIE (2CD) is the total basis, from anywhere why it once and for all We now leads not have been released. This title is generally FIXIN in sound quality ‘This is a sound say TO DIE and (2CD) and of sufficient natural same extent but, FIXIN’ decent while clear sound in TO DIE (2CD), noise that Boone is also annoying place or did. But there what hiss this time, obviously Sunde-hatsu on CD than the best sound without noise that the Boone. We vocals are slightly long distance balance originally, but in sound source captured by quite close to the performance itself, we can say the sound that can bear enough appreciation Given the era of 1970. It of course does not dazzle the end of the cut that has been seen in such TOCCATA & FUGUE (2CD) for recording contents plane, White Summer-Since I’ve Been songs and between Moby Dick-How Many More Times between songs also cut No, also like cheers after the show is long, some can be confirmed of reliable upgrades than its outstanding That said, I am finished in the best title of at the moment. If the original Press Release of even appropriate sound source is appeared in gift title.

70年欧州ツアーよりヘルシンキ公演を良好モノラル・オーディエンス録音のベストバージョンにて収録!最近は全くリリースされていない貴重ライブで、今回は久々の音盤化。本公演のタイトルはCDブート創世記1992年頃にVEHALLA I AM COMING(2CD)にてひっそり初登場。その後続けてFIXIN’ TO DIE(2CD)、TOCCATA & FUGUE(2CD)などが94-95年頃に続けてリリースされ、FIXIN’ TO DIE(2CD)がトータル的にベストとされ、何故かそれっきりどこからもリリースされず現在に至ります。今回のタイトルは音質面では概ねFIXIN’ TO DIE(2CD)と同程度の十分ナチュラルと言えるサウンドですが、FIXIN’ TO DIE(2CD)ではそこそこクリアなサウンドながら、ブーンというノイズが耳障りな箇所もありました。しかし今回はヒスノイズこそあれ、そのブーンというノイズのない明らかに既発ベストな音源よりCD化。元々ボーカルが若干遠目なバランスなのですが、演奏そのものをかなり近くで捉えた音源で、1970年という時代を考えれば十分鑑賞に堪えうるサウンドと言えます。収録内容面についてもTOCCATA & FUGUE(2CD)などで見られた幻惑終盤のカットがないのはもちろんのこと、White Summer-Since I’ve Been曲間およびMoby Dick-How Many More Times曲間もカットなし、また終演後の歓声が長いなど、若干とは言え既発よりも確実にアップグレードの確認できる、現時点でのベストタイトルに仕上がっています。本来ならプレス盤化もふさわしい音源がギフトタイトルで登場です。

Disc 1
01. We’re Gonna Groove 02. I Can’t Quit You Baby 03. Dazed And Confused 04. Heartbreaker
05. White Summer / Black Mountainside 06. Since I’ve Been Loving You 07. Organ Solo
08. Thank You

Disc 2
01. MC 02. Moby Dick 03. How Many More Times 04. Whole Lotta Love



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