Led Zeppelin / Bath Festival 1970 / 2CD With OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / Bath Festival 1970 / 2CD With OBI Strip / Wendy Records.

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Bath And West Showground In Shepton Mallet Somerset, England June 28, 1970. Digitally Remastered


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As the latest work following the 1977MSG of Wendy label, the famous 1970 bus festival will be finally released. Speaking of this Basufesu, contrary to what specific splendor, but how caught that typical of the poor audience recording of the sound quality was common, I’m sure to clear sound quality that film If you listen to this work has two even three also peeling you’ll be surprised. I think I would like you to come experience in this work the sound quality to go over several stages indeed than its outstanding board.

1970, despite the while recording, the popularity at home UK was delayed compared to the United States was organized in order to make reliable, one-off stage of this festival only. Third thing was while recording the album, such as is fortunately that it was away from the tour, this Basufesu also said that one of the attractive place where it has become a special set list unparalleled. Also, that as you know, “Immigrant Song” has been unveiled for the first time stage, of course, we have also to what is greater value this work for it is still is in no version of that you have heard in the unfinished.

First Although it is sound quality, surely 3 rank above the sound quality than Sunde-hatsu-ban, this is not of the kind obtained by equalizing and some processing, it can be said that high-quality sound that surely due to the freshness of the tape. Of course, because it is the same source, only but this high-quality sound is that of on the relative evaluation, but still high-quality sound up here than be greeted concluded surprise kits to people who have multiple owned the title of this day ever What no. Than those of the sound quality to the complete recording, “Heart Breaker”, “That’s The Way” omnibus LP was recorded this festival along with other performing artists et al., While only two songs, is attracting attention in that better , therefore analog drop of CD also had been released, the sound of recorded in this work, to be the top securely than the LP, Still is in complete recording of it, to some extent you can imagine Once you understand so You think of the get.
Also with respect to the pitch, there tend to uneven rotation to tape through the decades is scattered, it is especially battery was unstable that pitch goes further slowly crazy as it goes in the second half of what has been exhausted, here also perfect Since it has been adjusted to, you will be able to start a conventional strange same performances you did not listen to only pitch to listen in perfect pitch.

Contents, you know, unfinished earliest version “Immigrant Song” will pull the After all attention. This of the “Immigrant Song” has been showcased on stage is the first this day, of course, it is recorded as an important concert also as the day a series of patterns that follow the “Immigrant Song,” “Heart Breaker” was born you. Is it came exceptionally nicely, this opening will be in the future be followed for a while as a standard. Also a variety of rock ‘n’ roll medley is inserted into the “how MANY MORE Times” as a highlight, and then, after the “Whole Lotta Love” single “Communication Breakdown” was played, even again rock ‘n’ roll medley and again partition is that will showcase. Such as beginning to “Sally of tall,” “Johnny B Good” and “That’s All Right”, in much of whether even this, you can feel how the enjoying the reaction of long time of stage and audience.

On this day the band appeared at dusk, by utilizing the characteristics of the outdoor venue, but is said to be the sky was intended to dramatic production which gradually darkened, the blame or “15 million fans and stage “of 3 hours to meet the 5 degrees of Angkor before, there is exaggerated legend maybe. Of course, this is different from the historical fact, but reporters were witnessing the Zeppelin is at this venue the day is, no not even know the feeling to write in this way, it much great, for a Zeppelin fan of inevitable among which was left in the sound source You will say that concert. Moreover, this time of Robert I’ll leave I leave a voice, is singing to be noted that it was really refreshing in discussant.

A memorial concert should be that was a major turning point of the Zeppelin, recorded by new discoveries Roujene sources. Will no doubt as Ketteiban of Basufesu exceeding several stages of a conventional sound quality. Beautiful picture disc specification, Athletic press board of permanent preservation. With Japanese band.








01. The Immigrant Song02. Heartbreaker is 03. dazzled 04. Bring It On Home 05. Since I’ve Been Loving You 06. Organ solo 07. Thank You 08. The Boy Next Door ( That’s The Way) 08. mighty two people love


01. Moby Dick 02. Howe MANY MORE Times – Down By The River – The Hunter – Gotta Keep MOVING – Boogie Ugi – Honey Bee – Sweet Home Chicago – Need Your Love Tonight – That’s All Right – Long-distance call Blues – Lemon Song 03. Whole Lotta Love 04. Communication Lee tions break down 05 . Rock Medley – Tall Sally – Johnny · B · Good – Rocky Road Blues – Say Mama – That’s All Right

Wendy Records. WECD – 128/129

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