Led Zeppelin / Texas international Pop Festival 1969 / 1CD+1Bonus Single DVDR

Led Zeppelin / Texas international Pop Festival 1969 / 1CD+1Bonus Single DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:

Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, TX. USA 31st August 1969 Plus Bonus DVDR “TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969. SBD

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Boasting the best sound quality among many ZEP Live sound board recordings is the sound source that captured the Texas Pop Festival on August 31, 1969. At the end of 1991 there was a tremendous impact when this soundboard appeared on “PLAYS PURE BLUES”. Although it was a few songs of 72 Long Beach which was a glimpse of “STUDIO DAZE” in speech sound source in a stereo sound board recording different from that broadcasted like BBC until then, it is a short time festival appearance here Nonetheless, the recording state almost completely recorded the stage of ZEP.
Of course the band’s performance is divided by mixing on the left and right, as well as the cheers are solidly in the right balance that is exquisite. It is there to draw a line with the sound board recording of the PA out which exists abundantly in ZEP live since 1973. If you apply effects to this and adjust the balance of the base with mixing, it seems that it will be released as an official live album.
Until then, Fillmore failed to record the opening of the opening “The Train Kept A Rollin ‘” which was a classic sound board of ZEP for the past 69 years, whereas Fes looks like a festival from a band introduction by a moderator Bonzo It is a wonderful thing that you record the place where the performance starts. Speaking of ZEP Live in 1979, it was worth listening to the best stereo sound board recording as he was opening curtains from this song for most of the time.

For the time being, the long-term administration of “PLAYS PURE BLUES” continued only for the soundboard recording which was excellent in sound quality and contents. Even though the existence of an audience recording with surprisingly good sound quality became clear in the latter half of the 1990s, the existence of Texas Pop’s sound board is enormous, too. To tell the truth, the audience recording of Texas Pop has already been released as an item like “NEVER HEALED” in LP, but mania recognized the performance of ZEP at Texas Pop Festival as ” PLAYS PURE BLUES “according to it will be great.
In the past ten years, the item supplemented by audience recording has appeared the cut part that was occurring in two long songs, which is a disadvantage in the sound board, and our shop also has all the sources that exist in the past We have released track record “TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL”.
But this time again we released a version that respects only the sound board recording part. It will be exhausted to the state that boasts the best tone quality in a single operation. The past high quality sound items including “PLAYS PURE BLUES” were also superb quality, but this time I will not feel any deterioration of generations and thinness of sound caused by analog equipment like those I feel at all It boasts the unique quality.
The presence of Johnsy ‘s baseline that praised the nature’ s plumpness, etc is considered to be the best example. Still, the splitting condition of stunning stereo images is quite distinctive because it is a master quality quite different from equalization. Of course the pitch is also accurate.

And listening with the highest sound quality There is no complaints about ZEP’s performance at Texas Pop Festival. It is quite easy to play the long repertory of “Dazed And Confused”, “You Shook Me”, and “How Many More Times” for the festival that other performers had refrained. Besides, Paige ‘s playing is truly wonderful in any song. He is here to play like a natural flowing phrase. Despite the stage action action oriented of the later years and figure of Pajji narcissized is good, but Paige ‘s persuasive play which is still a technical guitarist is really a masterpiece.
Although Texas Pop can be inferred from the existence of other performers’ stereo sound board recordings, stereo recording may have been performed on the premise of radio broadcasting or something. Paige’s best play and the scream of the plant collide with each other The call-and-response with the audience who happened in the middle of “How Many More Times”, etc. is PANAUTO sound board can not taste it’s freshness. Likewise, it seems that voices calling for “Communication Breakdown” in front of the encore jump in the same way, and at the same time you can feel the way the popularity in the United States begins to swell.
Texas Pop of real stereo sound board representing 1969 ZEP live more than BBC and Fillmore even now. I would like to listen to the best version not only by ZEP Mania but by all rock fans!

ZEPライブの数多いサウンドボード録音の中でも最高の音質を誇るのが1969年8月31日のテキサス・ポップ・フェスティバルを捉えた音源。1991年の末に「PLAYS PURE BLUES」でこのサウンドボードが登場した時の衝撃は凄まじいものがありました。それまでBBCのような放送されたものとは別のステレオのサウンドボード録音で流出音源と言えば「STUDIO DAZE」で垣間見られた72ロングビーチの数曲でしたが、ここでは時間の短いフェス出演とはいえ、ZEPのステージをほぼ完全収録した録音状態。
それまで69年ZEPの定番サウンドボードだったフィルモアがオープニングの「The Train Kept A Rollin’」の出だしを録音し損ねていたのに対し、こちらはフェスらしく司会者によるバンド紹介からボンゾの一打で演奏が始めるところをちゃんと録音してくれているのがお見事。69年のZEPライブと言えば、ほとんどの時期はこの曲から幕を開けていただけに、その様子を最高のステレオ・サウンドボード録音で聴ける価値はあまりにも高い。

そこまで音質と内容に長けたサウンドボード録音だけに、しばらくは「PLAYS PURE BLUES」の長期政権が続いていたものです。90年代後半になって驚くほど音質の良いオーディエンス録音の存在が明らかになっても、やはりテキサス・ポップのサウンドボードの存在感は絶大。実を言うとテキサス・ポップのオーディエンス録音はLPでも既に「NEVER HEALED」のようなアイテムがリリースされていたのですが、テキサス・ポップ・フェスにおけるZEPのパフォーマンスをマニアが認知したのは、やはり「PLAYS PURE BLUES」によるところが大きいでしょう。
ここ十年の間にはサウンドボードにおける欠点である、長尺な二曲で発生していたカット箇所をオーディエンス録音にて補ったアイテムが登場してきましたし、当店も過去に存在する全ソースを網羅した「TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL」をリリースした実績があります。
しかし今回は再びサウンドボード録音パートだけを尊重したバージョンをリリース。それは一重に過去最高の音質を誇る状態ということに尽きるでしょう。「PLAYS PURE BLUES」を始めとした過去の居並ぶ高音質アイテムも見事なクオリティでしたが、今回はそれらにあったようなアナログ機材経由によるジェネレーションの劣化や音の細さなどを一切感じさせない、マスターならではのクオリティを誇るもの。

そして最高の音質で聴くテキサス・ポップ・フェスでのZEPの演奏ぶりには文句の付けようがありません。他の出演者が控えていたフェス出演の割には「Dazed And Confused」、「You Shook Me」、そして「How Many More Times」という長尺レパートリーを立て続けに演奏してみせたところがなかなか。それにどの曲でもペイジのプレイが本当に素晴らしい。流麗なフレーズを当たり前のように弾きこなす彼がここにいる。後年のステージ・アクション指向やナルシスト化したペイジの姿も良いのですが、やはりテクニカルなギタリスト然としたペイジの説得力あるプレイは本当に圧巻。
テキサス・ポップは他の出演者のステレオ・サウンドボード録音が存在することからも推測できるのですが、ラジオ放送か何かを前提としてステレオ録音が行われたのでしょう。ペイジ最高のプレイとプラントのスクリームがぶつかり合う「How Many More Times」の途中で起きた観客とのコール・アンド・レスポンスなどは、PAアウト系サウンドボードでは味わえない生々しさ。同じようにアンコール前で「Communication Breakdown」をリクエストする声が飛び交う様も同様であると同時に、いよいよアメリカでの人気が膨らみはじめた様子まで実感できる。

1. Intro. 2. The Train Kept A Rollin’ 3. I Can’t Quit You Baby 4. Dazed And Confused
5. You Shook Me 6. How Many More Times 7. Communication Breakdown


Led Zeppelin / Texas International Pop Festival 1969 / 1Single Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, TX. USA 31st August 1969

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On August 31, 1969, the stage of Zeppelin when she appeared at the Texas International Pop Festival was recorded for about 6 minutes 30 seconds with a good quality audience shot 8 mm video. The image is dark and shredded, but the quality of the image itself is fine. Although it is a familiar image that was blurred with the management number that was at the bottom of the center, the synchro ratio of the sound board is also high and you can enjoy it without stress. It is a masterpiece picture that you can take a glimpse of the state of the mastery of the stage of the masterpiece unique to this period, taking a stable image that focused from the whole stage of the stage to the upscene of the member. It is a very good title complementing the press CD “TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969” from the video.

1969年8月31日、テキサス・インターナショナル・ポップ・フェスティバルに出演した際のツェッペリンのステージを良質なオーディエンスショット8ミリ映像で約6分30秒収録。映像は暗く、細切れですが、映像そのもののクオリティは上々です。センター下部にあった管理番号をボカしたお馴染みの映像ですが、サウンドボードのシンクロ率も高く、ストレスなく楽しむことが出来ます。ステージの全景からメンバーのアップシーンまでフォーカスを効かせた安定した映像で撮りきっており、この時期ならではの、圧巻のステージの様子を垣間見ることが出来る傑作映像です。プレスCD「TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969」を映像から補完してくれる、大変優秀なタイトルです。

You Shook Me / Dazed And Confused / How Many More Times

COLOUR NTSC Approx.7min.

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