Led Zeppelin / Soars On Buffalo 1969 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Soars On Buffalo 1969 / 2CD / Graf Zeppelin

Live at Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, New York, USA 30th October 1969
Live at Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas, USA 5th November1969


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★October 30, 1969 Final board of BUFFALO performance!
★ Good stereo audience! (Not online)
★How many There is a first appearance part in the final stage although it is over a dozen seconds!
★ Bonus November 5th Kansas performance (not online) recorded!

A 2CD press board that combines the US Buffalo and Kansas City performances from the autumn ’69 tour!
The Buffalo performance is recorded mainly, and the bonus Kansas City performance is recorded in the latter half of Disc2.

First of all, it is the Buffalo performance on October 30th, but the number of already released releases is also small, and this performance appeared in the early ’90s in the old cod tecomsa board “PAT’S DELIGHT” and the old cod “LONG TALL SALLY”, albeit partially. HOW MANY first appeared in “BUFFALO SIXTY NINE” (NP-55002), which seems to be a European version. After a short pause, What Is and Moby made their debut in the late 90’s Cobra 2 CDR “BAFFALO HUNTER”. And a new cod appeared in the 2000s. This is the main item.

Although this performance has been treated quite modestly, the point is that it is a rare stereo recording in 1969, and it is strange that the sound quality has been strange so far. The performance is close enough, and the low range is on, so it has a moody texture, and although there is some hiss, it is well followed up to the high range without a forceful operation feeling, Aud object of ’69. It’s a pretty good item. Feeling thin due to hiss reduction, the difference in freshness, depth, depth, and thickness of the sound is clear compared to recent titles.

With this board, the highest sound quality and longest recording ever have been achieved with two types of masters that are the same source as the already released but not online!

The main part of this time is recorded from the master who is supposed to be 2nd Gen, but there is a cutout at the end of HOW MANY there, but it was poor in sound quality that this part was recorded for the longest time. Also in “BUF FALO SIXTY NINE” (NP-55002), even in the new cod the last 2 minutes 20 seconds was diverted from that board, but this time it is not supplemented from the existing CD, but supplemented by the submaster I am. The submaster is a cassette of unknown Gene, but in terms of sound quality, it is a very good sound quality that is very good with the main part, and the joint is not bothersome at all (By the way, the connection point is around CD time 9:20).
Compensation at the submaster will be about 2 minutes 35 seconds at the end of HOW MANY, but this makes the last 15 seconds a surprising first appearance. The first appearance part will be cut out in the middle of the interaction between the plant and Jimmy, but this is the first title itself that captured the end part with high sound quality, although it is a little, and the original title that the end part was the longest. “BUFFALO SIXTY NINE” is also a difference in sound quality, and this will be a great advantage.

Others In White Summer / Black Mountain Side, there are two cuts on this board, but in some cases it was said that there was a cut, although it seems that it was uncut at first glance by editing the front and back of the corresponding cut part. As a result of avoiding unnecessary edits on this board, some playing parts that could not be heard before can be heard.
In addition, in the latest cod board that has been released recently, there were some cut noises for processing digital errors and petite noise when switching chapters, but this board does not have any problem.
With the advent of the best-selling sound and content, all those titles will be useless.

It seems that there were two performances of the Kansas City performance on the 5th of November in the latter half of Disc2, but the specific content seems to be unclear (there is some literature that the sound source is the first performance).
Since the existing sound source is about 40 minutes, it seems that it is still a simple treatment, this item has a smaller number of items, and the Balboa board and the old cod “TALES FROM ’69” are conspicuous in the already released, but those are 20 Considering that the item is more than a year old, it will be a decent mastering after a long time, although it is a bonus recording. However, although the sound is monaural Aud, the sound quality is good, and the difference is clear even compared to the existing ones.

The performance is not close to that of the main buffalo, but it is close enough and a good sound that you can listen to without any problems.
The low range that was a little scathed was reinforced, and it was carefully corrected in a direction that is easy to pull out.
The last HOW MANY cuts out and ends, but in the already released Balboa board and the old cod board, the cheers pulling from another place on the same day are connected to the ass. This cheering part is the cheering after the dazzling performance, and it is correct to cut out the actual tape and end it.

A good coupling title that captured the USA tour in the fall of ’69!
Limited numbering included, with a sticker attached.
The CD label is a permanent version of the picture disc, a favorite version!

★How Many終盤に十数秒ながら初登場部あり!


まず10月30日バッファロー公演ですが、既発のリリース数も少なく、’90年代初頭に旧タラ系テコムサ盤「PAT’S DELIGHT」および旧タラ「LONG TALL SALLY」にて部分的ながら本公演が登場。続けて欧州盤と思しき「BUFFALO SIXTYNINE」(NP-55002)でHOW MANYが初登場。そして少し間を空けて’90年代末にコブラ系2CDR「BAFFALO HUNTER」でWhat Isとモビーが初登場。そして2000年代には新タラが登場。といったところが主なアイテム。



今回メインの部分は2nd Genとされるマスターから収録されておりますが、そこではHOW MANY終盤でカットアウトするのですが、この部分を一番長く収録していたのは音質的には悪いながらも「BUFFALO SIXTYNINE」(NP-55002)で、新タラでも最後の2分20秒ほどをその盤から転用していましたが、今回はその箇所が既発CDからではなく、サブマスターで補填されております。サブマスターはジェネ不明のカセットですが、音質的にはメインの部分と非常にソックリの優良音質で、繋ぎ目は全く気になりません(ちなみに接続ポイントはCDタイム9:20付近)。
サブマスターでの補填はHOW MANY終盤の2分35秒ほどになりますが、これにより最後の15秒ほどが驚きの初登場となっております。初登場部分はプラントとジミーの掛け合いの途中でカットアウトとなりますが、わずかとはいえ終盤箇所を高音質で捉えたタイトル自体今回が初めてであり、今まで終盤部が一番長かったオリジナルタイトル「BUFFALO SIXTYNINE」とは音質的にも雲泥の差であり、これは大きなアドバンテージとなるでしょう。

その他White Summer / Black Mountain Sideでは本盤では2箇所のカットがありますが、一部既発では該当のカット部前後をエディットして一見ノーカットのようにしていたのですが、実際はカットがある、というもので本盤では無用なエディットを避けた結果、既発で聞こえなかった演奏部も僅かながら聞こえたりもします。

現存する音源が40分ほどということもあり、やはり地味な扱いなのか、こちらはさらにアイテム数も少なく、既発ではバルボア盤と旧タラ「TALES FROM ’69」が目立つ程度ですが、それらが20年以上前のアイテムであることを考えると、ボーナス的な収録とはいえ、実に久々のまともなマスタリングでの登場となります。もっとも、モノラルAudながら音質的には鮮度は良く、既発と比べてもその違いはさすがに明らか。

なお最後のHOW MANYがカットアウトして終わる箇所ですが、既発バルボア盤と旧タラ盤ではケツに同日の別の箇所から引っ張って来た歓声が繋がれています。この歓声部は幻惑演奏後の歓声であり、実際のテープはカットアウトして終わるのが正しい状態です。


Disc 1 (53:51)
1. Introduction
2. Good Time Bad Times / Communication Breakdown
3. I Can’t Quit You Baby
4. Heartbreaker
5. Dazed And Confused
6. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
7. What Is And What Should Never Be

Disc 2 (68:57)
1. MC
2. Moby Dick
3. How Many More Times★終盤2分少々はサブアナログテープで補填

Bonus Tracks
Live at Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas, USA 5th November1969
4. Introduction
5. Good Time Bad Times / Communication Breakdown
6. I Can’t Quit You Baby
7. Heartbreaker
8. Dazed and Confused
9. How Many More Times

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-1030

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