Led Zeppelin / Schaefer Music Festival 1969 / 1CDR

Led Zeppelin / Schaefer Music Festival 1969 / 1CDR / Non Label
Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York, USA 21st July 1969 (1st Show)

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Central Park is one of the most famous performances in 1969 ZEP, which has many famous performances due to the dedicated performance before the break. Not only is such a performance wonderful, but the sound quality is also monaural, yet clear and very easy to hear. Today, “SCHAEFER MUSIC FESTIVAL” released by GRAF ZEPPELIN has become the definitive edition, and it still reigns as an unrivaled item.
However, this time, the best version of ZEP among the fan circles on the net is made into a gift. It is a touch with the version dropped from the master tape to DAT, but compared to the moist and calm sound quality “SCHAEFER MUSIC FESTIVAL”, this is a bright and refreshing texture. There is no doubt that the original sound source is at the same level, and if “SCHAEFER MUSIC ~” is close to the original sound, I get the impression that it has been successfully equalized. Originally it was an audience recording with excellent features, so can we compare this version to a finish that is even more suitable for everyone?

However, compared to “SCHAEFER MUSIC FESTIVAL”, the recording start part from the cut-in of the opening “Train Kept A Rollin'” is shorter, or the sound that was generated just before the plant started singing in “How Many More Times” In order to hide the blur, it is good to cut and paste the non-blurred version with a branched copy, but there are some rough spots such as differences in sound quality and uneven editing.
Therefore, it is a familiar place for enthusiasts, but since it was released on the LP of the picture disc in the old days, there is nothing like this as a gift that you can easily enjoy Central Park, which is known as a famous sound source. After all, it’s easy to hear.
And the plant that shows screaming with plenty of room for the whole story and the performance of Page and others who support it have plenty of momentum unique to 1969. In response to the chills from the audience, the plant repeatedly shouts the ending of “You Shook Me”, which is unique to this time of year. Please try the youthful ZEP performance with this gift!

★ The DAT master, which is considered to be the best in famous fan circles. The freshness is outstanding.
★ Corrected a pitch that is about 10% higher than a semitone.

ブレイク前のひたむきな演奏によって、ただでさえ名演の多い1969年ZEPの中でも屈指の名演の一つであるセントラル・パーク。そんな演奏の素晴らしさだけでなく、音質がまたモノラルながらクリアで非常に聞きやすい名オーディエンス録音の一つでもある。現在ではGRAF ZEPPELINからリリースされた「SCHAEFER MUSIC FESTIVAL」が決定版となり、今なお他の追随を許さないアイテムに君臨しています。
しかし今回はZEPのネット上におけるファン・サークルの間でベストとされているバージョンをギフト化。マスター・テープからDATに落とされたバージョンとの触れ込みですが、しっとり落ち着いた音質の「SCHAEFER MUSIC FESTIVAL」に比べると、こちらは明るくスッキリとした質感。元の音源の状態が同レベルであるのは間違いなく、「SCHAEFER MUSIC~」が原音に近い状態だとすると、こちらは上手くイコライズが施されたという印象を受けます。元が素性に優れたオーディエンス録音ですので、今回のバージョンはさらに万人向けな仕上がりと例えればよいでしょうか。

ただし「SCHAEFER MUSIC FESTIVAL」と比べるとオープニング「Train Kept A Rollin’」のカットインからの録音スタートのパートが短くなっている、あるいは「How Many More Times」でプラントが歌い出す直前に生じていた音ブレを隠蔽すべく、枝分かれコピーでブレのないバージョンをカット&ペーストしたのはいいものの、音質の違いや編集が滑らかでないといった粗も散見されます。
そして全編に渡って余裕しゃくしゃくでスクリームしてみせるプラントと、それを支えるペイジらの演奏は69年ならではの勢いがたっぷり。観客からの冷やかしに応え、プラントが「You Shook Me」のエンディングのシャウトを繰り返してみせる光景など、この時期ならでは。ぜひ本ギフトにて、その若々しさあふれるZEPの名演をお試しください!


1. Train Kept A Rollin’
2. I Can’t Quit You Baby
3. Dazed and Confused
4. You Shook Me ★終演後「1st Showにようこそ」とMC
5. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
6. How Many More Times (medley incl. For What It’s Worth (lyrics), Lemon Song)
7. Communication Breakdown

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