Led Zeppelin / Denmark 15th March 1969 / 1CD

Led Zeppelin / Denmark 15th March 1969 / 1CD / Non Label
Translated text:
Teen Clubs, Box 45, Egegaard Skole, Gladsaxe, Denmark 15th March 1969 & Brondby Pop-Club, Norregardsskolen, Brondby, Denmark 15th March 1969

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ZEP who finished the hard work on March 14 headed to Copenhagen the next day. It was a schedule that appeared to the two clubs this day, but it is not hard to imagine having two shows in room without surprisingly no television recording like the previous day. Young 69-year-old ZEP anyway. It is noteworthy in these two appearances that ZEP was the bird in both shows, so that unlike the previous day I was able to show off their staging as much as possible. On the contrary, as this tour was a lot of media exposure, such as TV recording of Danish and Radio two days later, it was also an unusual tour that there are few ordinary live stages.
Even so, they are able to show off their thrilling performances for a long time, yet it is March 15th that extremely good sound sources are left. In the live at the venue “BOX 45 TEEN CLUB” which is the first show first, “As Long As I Have You” is finally shown. The best live repertoire in which the good part of ZEP was condensed in the first half of 1970, when I played long with a rich and rich performance. It was one of the songs that represent the early ZEP from the fact that it was regularly played until spring in America. There are lots of famous performances, but among them the performance of this day is truly amazing! The lightweight of footwork that runs through rough momentum is 1969 years, even if it is March.
Especially at about nine minutes when the performance reached the second half, the moment the performance which became quiet once again explodes again is incredible thrilling. Trkey play of page that leads development of such impact is also the best. Although I struggled with the telecaster who just changed the string on the previous day, I was fighting with “I Can not Quit You Baby” but this day I will not be hit by such an accident and playing really wildly It will do. This is Jimmy Page in 1969.
As regards “As Long As I Have You”, Fillmore East on January 10, which captured the scene of seeing spectators who do not know ZEP yet, our shop also has a track record of releasing “FILLMORE WEST 24.4.69” Despite being in trouble, the Fillmore West which will be bouncing back and playing excitement on April 24th will be a masterpiece undertaken in the performance. In addition to the top 3 there is this “BOX 45 TEEN CLUB”. Here is the apex of “As Long As ~” which showed a different expression from the performance of both Fillmore and even a wild and tricky performance.
“Communication Breakdown” which is the initial representative song is also a tricky performance, and it is very valuable at this time when long deployment was a lot of time constraints. It is a wonderful performance far surpassing TV recording after two days. And the audience recording which captured the wild performances in real ways is also wonderful. I can not forbid the surprise that ZEP’s wild stage was captured with this on-sound image at a time when the name was still low.

The stage at the venue “BRONDBY POP – CLUB” that became the second show also has audience recording boasting a surprising quality. Here is the balance of the power that the sound image of the rhythm corps was extruded to the front more than “BOX 45 TEEN CLUB”. Overall, it seems that the army will rise to the first-show of honorable balance, but still the impact of this strange powerful sound image is considerable. It is a well-balanced rhythm corps, so it’s a great appeal that the power of tricky and wild performances of “Dazed And Confused” will be realistic.
“Dazed ~” in March 1969 is a surprisingly blessed situation that there are up to two types of professional shot images, Denmarks · Radio and Super Show, on Stockholm’s soundboard released simultaneously this time. However, all of them are performances that all have limited playing time due to the recording consciousness. On that point, there is no doubt that “Dazed ~” here is the original figure. On the contrary, the excitement that showed the strongest and strongest performance is totally different dimension. A superb sound source that can enjoy the best “Dazed ~” in March, 1969 with a powerful sound image.
Both the “BOX 45 TEEN CLUB” and the “BRONDBY POP-CLUB” show are audience recording boasting exceptional quality at the ZEP live tone generator in the first half of 1969, but the items so far have been out of order Released in a condition that sound source is originally released, such as those that carelessly skipped, or even a stable state even though it was in a stable state but changed to a finish with a strong sense of equalization, somehow with difficulty All that was done. In this time we paid close attention to that point and exactly adjusted the misplacement of the pitch which was being misled about “BRONDBY POP – CLUB”. In addition to the sound quality, even the performance will release the highest sound source that is different regardless of the record highest version

★ Two very good audience recordings (2 shows on the same day)
そんな中においても、彼らの長くもスリリングな演奏が披露でき、それでいて極めて良質な音源が残されているのが3月15日なのです。まずファースト・ショーたる「BOX 45 TEEN CLUB」なる会場でのライブでは、遂に「As Long As I Have You」が披露。長尺で起伏に富んだ演奏をやすやすと奏でてみせた69年前半ZEPの良い部分が凝縮された最高のライブ・レパートリー。春のアメリカまではレギュラーで演奏されていたことから、初期ZEPを代表する曲の一つ。名演も数多く残されていますが、その中でもこの日の演奏は本当に凄まじい!荒々しい勢いで駆け抜けるフットワークの軽さが1969年、さらには3月ならではというもの。
中でも演奏が後半に到達した9分ごろ、一旦は静かになった演奏が再び爆発する瞬間は信じられない程にスリリング。そんな衝撃の展開をリードするペイジのトリッキーなプレイがまた最高。前日も弦を張り替えたばかりのテレキャスターに悪戦苦闘しながらも「I Can’t Quit You Baby」で弾きまくっていましたが、この日はそのようなアクシデントに見舞われることもなく、実にワイルドに弾きまくってくれる。これが1969年のジミー・ペイジ。
「As Long As I Have You」に関してはまだZEPを知らない観客をみるみる虜にする様子が捉えられた1月10日のフィルモア・イースト、当店も「FILLMORE WEST 24.4.69」をリリースした実績のあるトラブルに見舞われながらも、むしろそれを跳ね返して演奏が盛り上がった4月24日のフィルモア・ウエストが名演中の名演でしょう。そこにトップ3としてさらに加えられるのがこの「BOX 45 TEEN CLUB」。両フィルモアの演奏とはまた違った表情、さらにはワイルドでトリッキーな演奏をみせた「As Long As~」の頂点がここにある。
初期の代表曲たる「Communication Breakdown」がこれまたトリッキーな演奏であり、しかも長い展開が時間の制約の多かったこの時期にはとても貴重。二日後のテレビ収録をはるかに凌いだ素晴らしい演奏です。そして何と言ってもワイルドな演奏をリアルに捉えたオーディエンス録音がまた素晴らしい。まだまだ知名度の低かった時期でZEPのワイルドなステージをこれだけオンな音像で捉えてくれたということに驚きを禁じ得ません。

セカンド・ショーとなった「BRONDBY POP-CLUB」なる会場でのステージもまた驚きのクオリティを誇るオーディエンス録音が残されています。こちらは「BOX 45 TEEN CLUB」以上にリズム隊の音像が前面に押し出された迫力のバランス。全体的には優等生的なバランスのファースト・ショーに軍配が上がるかと思われますが、それでもこの異様な迫力の音像がもたらすインパクトは相当なもの。ましてやリズム隊が見事に捉えられたバランスですので、「Dazed And Confused」のトリッキーかつワイルドな演奏の迫力がリアルに感じられるのが大きな魅力でしょう。
このように「BOX 45 TEEN CLUB」、「BRONDBY POP-CLUB」どちらのショーも1969年上半期のZEPライブ音源における別格のクオリティを誇るオーディエンス録音なのですが、これまでのアイテムはピッチが狂っていたかと思えば不用意な音飛びが入っていたもの、さらには安定した状態ながらもイコライズ感の強い仕上がりに豹変したものなど、音源が本来リリースされるに相応しい状態から、何かしら難を抱えた状態でリリースされていたものばかり。今回はその点において細心の注意を払い「BRONDBY POP-CLUB」に関してはおざなりにされていたピッチの狂いも正確にアジャスト。音質だけでなく、演奏までもが別格な最高の音源を文句なしに過去最高のバージョンでリリースいたします

Afternoon Show
Teen Clubs, Box 45, Egegaard Skole, Gladsaxe, Denmark 15th March 1969

1. Introduction 2. Train Kept a Rollin’ 3. I Can’t Quit You Baby
4. As Long As I Have You (medley incl. Fresh Garbage, Shake, I Just Wanna Make Love To You)
5. You Shook Me 6. Communication Breakdown

Evening Show
Brondby Pop-Club, Norregardsskolen, Brondby, Denmark 15th March 1969

7. Train Kept A Rollin’ 8. I Can’t Quit You 9. Dazed And Confused 10. You Shook Me

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