Led Zeppelin / Atlanta Pop Festival 1969 / 1CD

Led Zeppelin / Atlanta Pop Festival 1969 / 1CD / Non Label
Atlanta International Raceway, Hampton, Georgia, USA 5th July 1969

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Led Zeppelin seemed to have run out of live recordings at one point, but in the last few years, 72 Detroit, the second day of Glasgow, 71 Milan’s long version, and 928 and 929 separate recordings, etc. The sound source has been excavated in. 2021 is still in its infancy, but as early as this year, ZEP’s new excavation live sound source has surprised enthusiasts around the world.
The summer 1969 US tour is virtually scheduled for festival tours and plays an important role in gaining ZEP’s popularity in the United States. The most major sound source on this tour will be the Texas Pop Festival on the last day of the tour. On the other hand, the first day of the tour was the Atlanta Pop Festival. The ZEP stage at this event had no sound source until now, and instead was barely glimpsed with a silent color 8mm film. He was also known for his photographs of Page playing in a ten-gallon hat.

However, this month, enthusiasts from all over the world were astonished because the audience recording of the day suddenly appeared on the net. There is no master tape for anything, and it is said that a copy of the first generation reel was found there. In addition, the end of the show was accidentally erased, and that part does not exist either. Therefore, although the recording time is as short as 42 minutes, the wonderful performance and recording that is still audible surprises enthusiasts all over the world.
First of all, the sound quality is surprisingly good. In particular, the vocals of the plant and the sound image of Page’s guitar are surprisingly close and the outline is clear. If the sound source has been sleeping for more than 50 years, it is unavoidable even if the sound image is far away and the sound quality is dim or muffled. However, this sound source is very easy to hear. In addition, the freshness is at an amazing level, and I cannot help but be surprised that such a sound source has been kept secret until now. The next day, Newport has a stereo audience recording, which is rare at that time, but this is monaural.
It sounds like this monaural recording has paid off and the vocal presence of the plant stands out. On the other hand, the surroundings are noisy, which seems to be an American festival, and sometimes it is vivid to even make the sound of cleaning up cans and bottles. The image of the day seen on the ZEP official site captures a scene where a naked man who seems to have tripped by dragging is picked up from the stage, but there is no place where such a scene can be seen from this sound source, probably It is presumed that it happened at the end of the live.
Looking at the series of images of the day, ZEP would have been on stage before sunset, and it would have been night by the end of the turn. Around that time, the plant was caught singing naked for some reason, and it may be that a man who was stimulated by him jumped out naked.

In addition, even with incomplete recording, the wonderfulness of the performance on this day, combined with the good sound quality, feels real. In the first place, this tour is the time when Central Park is lined up in Newport, and the classic Texas pop, famous performances and famous sound sources are lined up at the state fair. However, this time Atlanta is as wonderful as them. From “I Can’t Quit You Baby”, the plant scream is pulling the band with a squeak, showing that the band was in top condition below him from the first day of the tour.
The following “Dazed And Confused” is not only the best performance of the day, but also a masterpiece that should be ranked at the top in the summer of 1969. At the end of the familiar bowing section, Page’s tricky phrase is clear, and the humming vocal impro called “Lalala” of the plant that attracted this flow is impressive. It can be said that “Dazed” at that time was a scene where it was clear that the plant was the key to the development because the performance was short and there was no rhythm bargaining like the later live performance.
And even in the final “You Shook Me” recording, the play of Page playing with the scream of the plant and the blues pattern that he is good at is a masterpiece, and at the end it is interesting to get involved with the audience who wants to call it a trailer of Central Park. .. At this time, the average level of performance was very high, and it can be said that it is a sound source that reminds us that we were able to easily produce such performances every day. As I said earlier, the sound source and recording condition are very good, and even with this release, I have only fine-tuned the pitch. Not only is it a surprising new sound source, but the performance content and ease of listening are also outstanding!

★ First appearance. And surprisingly high sound quality! !!



それに不完全収録でもこの日の演奏の素晴らしさが音質の良さと相まってリアルに感じられる。そもそもこのツアーはニューポートにセントラル・パーク、果てはステート・フェアに定番テキサス・ポップと名演と名音源が居並ぶ時期。ところが今回のアトランタもそれらに負けない素晴らしさ。「I Can’t Quit You Baby」からしてプラントのスクリームがバンドをグイグイとひっぱっており、ツアー初日からして彼以下、バンドがトップ・コンディションにあったことを見せつけてくれます。
それに続いた「Dazed And Confused」はこの日最高の演奏であるばかりか、69年夏の中でも最上位にランクされるべき名演。おなじみボウイング・セクションを終えるとペイジのトリッキーなフレーズが冴え渡っており、この流れを引きついだプラントの「ラララ~」というハミングのボーカル・インプロが印象的。当時の「Dazed~」は演奏が短めで後のライブのようなリズムの駆け引きがない分、プラントが展開のカギを握っていたことがよく解る場面だとも言えるかと。
そして録音では最後となる「You Shook Me」でもプラントのスクリームと得意のブルース・パターンで弾きまくるペイジのプレイが圧巻で、最後はセントラル・パークの予告編と呼びたくなるような観客との絡みが面白い。この時期は演奏の平均レベルが非常に高く、これほどまでの演奏を連日やすやすと生み出していたのだな…と再認識させられる音源だとも言えましょう。先にも申しましたように音源と録音の状態が非常に良く、今回のリリースに際してもピッチを微調整する程度しか手を加えていません。正に驚きの新発掘音源であるばかりか、演奏内容も聞きやすさも抜群!



01. Train Kept A Rollin’
02. I Can’t Quit You Baby
03. Dazed And Confused
04. White Summer
05. You Shook Me

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