Led Zeppelin / Fillmore East 1969 Day 2 / 1CDR

Led Zeppelin / Fillmore East 1969 Day 2 / 1CDR / Non Label

Fillmore East, New York City, NY, USA 1st February 1969.

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Denmark September 7th 1968, as the first tour of Led Zeppelin, the Nordic Tour took place at the Glad Sakse Teen Club, October 4 UK took place at the Mayfair Ballroom in Newcastle Following the tour, December 26th, the United States started with the Denver Auditorium performance in Denver, Colorado, and February 15th, Florida was held up to the G Image Club performance in Miami Beach, forming the Led Zeppelin The first North American tour.

In fact, this North American tour was managed in parallel by manager Peter Grant (: Peter Grant) at the time, Jeff Beck (: Jeff Beck) with Vanilla Fudge (: Vanilla Fudge) Because of the inability to participate in the North American tour, he sent in the red Zeppelin instead.
Of course, Main Act is Vanilla Fudge, and it is Led Zeppelin, who has appeared as the opening act or on the first seat, but by participating in this tour, a debut scheduled to be released in the United States in January 1969 The album was flooded with 50,000 copies, creating an explosive reputation and gaining popularity at the same time.

From this North American tour, this sound source is the final stage of the tour. New York State performed on two nights in a row The second day of the Fillmore East show in New York: The first show on February 1st, 1969 audience [* 1] A gift item that is included and distributed as a purchase of two sets of products (Fillmore East 1969 DAY 2 (Gift CDR)).

[* 1] “I Can’t Quit You Baby” After the performance, some other audience noises are included.

Although the sound image is close, the audience recording with a slight feeling of revelation, high-quality sound considering the just recorded age. With Fillmore East, etc., established by Bill Graham (: Bill Graham), it looks like it would be nice to have a more balanced soundboard sound source, but since it was treated as an open-air, recording You probably did not do it.

In maker information
“Simply” RAW MASTER “appeared on the net in the touch of 1969 Fillmore East Day 2 recorded the first show of February 1st. (On this day, 8:11 and 2:30 at the show as Iron Balafly’s open seat) It seems that the base has not been carried into the hall by some mistake, so the show’s start was delayed, and the plant at the intro Recording has been started from the scene that apologizes for the inconvenience.
Immediately after the call of “LED ZEPPELIN” at the venue, Jimmy’s guitar sound was backed up and I also believed in this situation … I forgot the bass guitar. Can you believe this? I’m looking for an alternative base now. So at first you have to play without the bass. Then from songs featuring Jimmy Page … White Summer Jimmy Page! “And MC. Therefore, this day’s concert is a very unusual set that starts from White Summer.
It was an interesting document to start the train Kept A Rollin ‘with a feeling of gratification, along with the plant’s MC “I’ll start now”, for the purpose of procuring the bass during the 8 minute performance.
Following the medley performance to the regular I Can’t Quit You Baby, the plant “I’m sorry that the time on the stage will be shortened today. I have only 30 minutes, but I will do my best as possible,” said MC. It seems that the audience is enjoying such an acquisitive show normally, and the enthusiasm reaction after the Communication Breakdown is not even a front opening. One of the must-hearing and must-haves of fans who can enjoy rare content shows with stable audience recording in 44 minutes without cuts.

Last important thing. Every time, it is a familiar pitch adjustment, but, regarding this board, adjust the pitch which was about half a bit lower at random overall. (The original was 46 minutes and 28 seconds, but as a result of the correction, it was shortened to 44 minutes and 10 seconds and more than 2 minutes.) It is natural to get a different impression by fixing it if it is up to this point Also, for the first time in history, the first show on the second day of Fillmore East 69, which sounds right, is definitely a must-hear for all ZEP fans.

★ Please check the following “Live File” excerpt for details of the concert.
Fillmore East show on February 1st. The opening is “White Summer / Black Mountain Side” because it is forgotten that John Paul Jones brought the bass. That seems to be the first of two performances. “Black Mountain Side” is different from the performance six days ago (Note: Boston on January 26), it feels like it is composed as a music paired with “White Summer”.
“How Many More Times” is the end of the bow, and it seems that everyone has misunderstood it, but it leads to “Dazed And Confused”. Maybe I played in this way.
The number of measures in the guitar solo of “Communication Breakdown” is the same as that of the studio take, but “Communication Breakdown” at this time is not seeing the sun’s eyes unexpectedly. Despite the undercard band. The fact that the tape is left on both days (including January 31 Fillmore East) is different from the band of about 100 in itself. ”


実は,この北米ツアーは,マネージャーのピーター・グラント(:Peter Grant)が,当時,並行してマネージメントをしていた,ジェフ・ベック(:Jeff Beck)が,ヴァニラ・ファッジ(:Vanilla Fudge)との北米ツアーに参加できなくなった関係で,代わりにレッド・ツェッペリンを送り込んだもの.
当然,メイン・アクトは,ヴァニラ・ファッジで,オープニング・アクトと言うか前座的に出演しているレッド・ツェッペリンですが,このツアーへの参加で,1969年1月に米国で発売予定のデビュー・アルバムに 5万枚の予約が殺到すると言う,爆発的な評判を呼び,同時に人気を博しました.

本音源は,この北米ツアーから,ツアー終盤に当たり,2夜連続で行われたニューヨーク州はニューヨークのフィルモア・イースト公演の 2日目:1969年2月1日のファースト・ショウをオーディエンス[*1] 収録したもので,商品を 2組購入すると配布しているギフト・アイテム 『 Fillmore East 1969 DAY 2 (Gift CDR) 』.

[*1] “I Can’t Quit You Baby” 演奏後他にオーディエンス・ノイズが若干入ります.

音像は近いものの,若干籠った感のあるオーディエンス録音,ただ録音された年代を考えれば高音質.ビル・グレアム(:Bill Graham)が設立した,フィルモア・イースト等ならば,もう少しバランスの良いサウンドボード音源が残っていても良さそうな気がしますが,前座的な扱いだったので,収録はしていなかったんでしょうね.

『シンプルに「RAW MASTER」という触れ込みでネットに登場した1969年フィルモア・イースト2日目、2月1日のファースト・ショウを収録。(この日はアイアン・バラフライの前座としてのショウで8時と11時30分の2ショウ)何らかの手違いで会場にベースが運び込まれておらず、ゆえにショウの開始が遅れたようで、イントロでプラントがその不手際を詫びるシーンから録音がスタートしています。
会場の「LED ZEPPELIN」のコールの直後、ジミーのギター音をバックに自身もこの状況には信じんい・・・ベースギターを忘れてきてしまったんです。こんなこと、信じられますか?今、代わりのベースを探してるところ。だから最初はベース抜きで演奏しなくてはならない。それではジミー・ペイジをフィーチャーした曲から・・・White Summerジミー・ペイジ!」とMC。ゆえにこの日のコンサートはWhite Summerからスタートするという非常に珍しいセットになっています。
8分間の演奏の間に、なんとかベースを調達した用で、「それじゃ始めるよ」とのプラントのMCと共に、やれやれといった感じの Train Kept A Rollin’ がスタートするのも面白いドキュメントになっています。
お決まりの I Can’t Quit You Baby へのメドレー演奏に続いては、プラントが「今日はステージの時間が短くなって申し訳ない。あと30分しかないけど、できるだけ頑張るんで」とMC。観客のほうはそんなアクシデンシャルなショウを普通に楽しんでいるようで、Communication Breakdown 終演後の熱狂的なリアクションもとても前座とは思えないほど。レアな内容のショウを44分ノンカットで安定したオーディエンス録音で楽しめるファン必聴・必携の一枚。


2月1日のフィルモア・イースト公演。ジョン・ポール・ジョーンズがベースを持ってくるのを忘れたため、オープニングが「White Summer / Black Mountain Side」となった珍しいもの。ということは2公演の最初の方だと思われる。「Black Mountain Side」は6日前の演奏と違い(注・1月26日のボストン)、「White Summer」との対を成した楽曲として構成されている感じだ。
「How Many More Times」は、途中、弓弾きが終わって、全員が勘違いしたとも思える流れで「Dazed And Confused」に繋がっていくが、前座なので、フル・ヴァージョンで演奏する時間はなく、苦肉の策としてこのような形で演奏したのかもしれない。
「Communication Breakdown」のギターソロの小節数はやはりスタジオ・テイクと同じだが、この時期の「Communication Breakdown」は意外と陽の目を見ていない。前座バンドにもかかわらず。両日とも(1月31日フィルモア・イーストも含め)テープが残されていること自体が、凡百のバンドと違うのである。』

ive At Fillmore East,New York City,NY,USA 01st February 1969

1. Introduction
2. White Summer - Black Mountain Side
3. Train Kept A Rollin’
4. I Can’t Quit You Baby
5. Pat’s Delight
6. How Many More Times
7. Communication Breakdown
TOTAL TIME (44:10)

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