Led Zeppelin / Gonzaga University 1968 / 1CD

Led Zeppelin / Gonzaga University 1968 / 1CD / Non Label

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Live at Gonzaga University, Kennedy Pavilion, Spokane, WA. USA 30th December 1968

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Speaking of ZEP’s oldest live sound source, in 1868 Gonzaga University. Unlike famous venues such as LA Forum and Hampton, it is a venue not known by other artists’ live sound sources, so if you say “Gonzaga”, you know about the name of ZEP’s oldest live sound source. This valuable sound source was excavated at LP “ALPHA & OMEGA” which was released by the TMOQ series, and was surprised around the world as a audience recording of 1968 which was rumored until then but was not confirmed in existence . Prior to that, there was a title that seemed to have recorded a gig of New Yardbirds as saying “FIRST CONCERT AS THE NEW YARDBIRDS AT THE MARQUEE 16-10-1968”, but in fact it was 69 There was also a sludge board just mixing BBC and Winterland.
Although rumors have been flying from long ago, in the end, Gonzaga has become the only live sound source of ZEP for the last 68 years. It is now time to say that ZEP’s new 68-year live sound source is extremely thin. Because in 68 years they are the bands to come to the end, and Paige’s title of “former yard birds” barely aroused the interest of people. It was also the time before the release of the first album.
Nonetheless, ZEP has performed vigorous live activities to build a solid foundation of activity from the beginning of the formation, and in the latter part of December ZEP was the first to take a tour of the United States as soon as possible. From the experience of the end of the yard birds, in order to succeed in the United States only to tour around the country … Under such a strategy of Peter Grant, ZEP’s first visit to the United States is realized without waiting for the release of the first album. It is amazing just to go to America under this circumstance, but furthermore they will be amazed by the schedule that they decided to cross the year in America.

Among the first American tours, the last gig in 68 years’ journey was Gonzaga University on the 30th. In other words, it can only be said that it was lucky that the stage of 68 years was truly recorded at the timing of the end. If it changes for several days, 68 years of live sound source has become completely absent, and it was the place where the oldest sound source nearly came to be whiskey · a · go-go of early 69 years.
However, the audience recording of Gonzaga was initially reputable at the beginning. Was it because the sound distortion was strong in the opening “The Train Kept A Rollin ‘? Because of that, there was a time when the branding was pushed as “Gonzaga is valuable but sounds bad.” But how is it, in fact it has become much easier to hear from “I Can not Quit You Baby” whose inflection has been effective in the performance. It was like rumor damage spread by those who did not properly listen.
Rather in 1968 the bands that started out that did not even release the first album, the stage that served as the undercard of the vanilla fudge and the spirit who was then the star band was often caught up with the sound quality so far With that, I can not forbid the surprise. In any case the sound image is surprisingly on balance and it is rather a situation where you can listen to it, in recent years it has become possible to give legitimate evaluations not only to the value of the sound source. At the beginning of the recording, the voice of the plant was pushed by the performance, but it was also resolved as the performance progressed. To that it is the voice of a young plant of 68 years, the appearance that the scream which does not know fatigue echoes everywhere is a masterpiece.

Everything in the whole performance is a small development in a nice sense and it is a great appeal of Gonzaga that the basic appearance of songs that begin to evolve on a weekly basis rather than ever felt rather fresh. It is noteworthy that it already covered the live cover “As Long As I Have You” representing the initial ZEP at this point. Compared to Fillmore a few weeks later, the overall scale is still short in basic development, but it switches to Spirit’s “Fresh Garbage” riff which was traveling around together, and from there Miles Divis & Milt Jackson’s The deployment that the plant humming at a high speed (much faster than the original song) at the plant “Bag’s Groove” phrase has already been completed.
Rather than saying hard rock as evolving melodies of various genres, there is what is called art rock, and it can be said that the taste of the end of the yard birds was still drifted still more. In the same way, even if it is “How Many More Times” that expansion will be more and more escalated and inclusion of various songs will be included as well, even if it is made into “How Many More Times” at this time, it is playing in accordance with the album version This is fresh again.
Perhaps it is presumed that you played “Communication Breakdown” after Bonzo drum solo “Pat’s Delight” and gave the stage to the next spirit, but unfortunately the recording ended in the middle of Bonzo’s solo. Nevertheless, I am thankful that the main stage of the expanding band that I do not know whether or not to break now will have such people with such sound quality and length.

Gonzaga has produced as many items as possible due to its position as the oldest live sound source, but over the past ten years EV’s “LIFETIME GUARANTEE” has been the best. However, when releasing the limited press CD this time, use the latest version KRW_CO transferred from master again recently in the rare sound source world. I realized recording in a natural state than any titles that have been released so far.
In particular, the texture of the sound is quite different from “LIFETIME GUARANTEE”, and you will be able to recognize again that the original recording was a vintage recording sucking plenty of the air of 1968 years. However, the finish of the equalization of “LIFETIME ~” can be said that even now ten years have passed since release, it can be said that the finish is quite finished, those of beginner classes may be liked there. In addition, this time I respect the recording from the master, and I have not added any equalization. Therefore, the sound dropout that happens around 2:52 of “I Can not Quit You Baby” has not attempted to repair daringly, but the part was relaxed also in “LIFETIME ~”.
However, the gonzaga items so far have been uniform and low pitch has been left unchanged, even if it was set to “LIFETIME ~”. I can not deny the feeling that there was originally worsening the impression of Gonzaga. Anyway ZEP’s oldest live tone generator, although there is a pitch up and down movement in the song, it is for the first time in this release that as much adjustment as possible is done. Not only is it a natural taste unprecedented but also a point that made it possible to listen in a normal state so far is a big point. For the reasons mentioned so far for maniacs is a famous sound source Gonzaga, that not only a long release, but also the item to revitalize the finally is the emergence of items!
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ZEP最古のライブ音源と言えば1868年ゴンザガ大学。LAフォーラムやハンプトンといった有名会場と違って他アーティストのライブ音源では知られない会場ですので、「ゴンザガ」と言えばZEP最古のライブ音源だと通じるくらい名が知れている。この貴重な音源はTMOQ系列によるリリースだったLP「ALPHA&OMEGA」にて発掘され、それまで噂されていながらも存在が確認されていなかった1968年のオーディエンス録音として世界中のマニアを驚かされたものです。それ以前には「FIRST CONCERT AS THE NEW YARDBIRDS AT THE MARQUEE 16-10-1968」と言う、まるでニュー・ヤードバーズのギグを収録したかのようなタイトルも存在しましたが、実際には69年のBBCとウインターランドを混ぜただけの駄盤なんてのもありました。

ところがゴンザガのオーディエンス録音は当初評判が今一つでした。それは一重にオープニングの「The Train Kept A Rollin’」で音の歪みが強かったことが原因かと。そのせいで「ゴンザガは貴重だが音が悪い」と烙印が押されてしまった時期がありました。しかしどうでしょう、実際には演奏に抑揚が効いた「I Can’t Quit You Baby」から格段に聞きやすくなっている。結局ちゃんと聞いていなかった人が広めた風評被害のようなものだったのです。

演奏全体はどれもいい意味でこじんまりとした展開ばかりであり、年を越した途端に週単位で進化し始める楽曲のベーシックな姿がむしろ新鮮に響くのもゴンザガの大きな魅力。既にこの時点で初期ZEPを代表するライブ・カバー「As Long As I Have You」を取り上げている点が注目に値します。数週間後のフィルモアと比べればまだまだ基礎的な展開で全体の尺も短めですが、一緒にツアーを回っていたスピリットの「Fresh Garbage」リフへと切り替わり、そこからマイルス・ディヴィス&ミルト・ジャクソンの「Bag’s Groove」のフレーズをプラントが高速でハミング(原曲よりかなりの倍速)する展開は既に完成していました。
こうしたさまざまなジャンルのメロディをごった煮にしたかのような展開はハードロックと言うよりも、いわゆるアートロック的なものがあり、まだまだヤードバーズ末期のテイストを漂わせていたことが伺えます。同じようにこれから展開がどんどんエスカレートして様々な曲がインクルードされることになる「How Many More Times」にしてもこの時点では実にプレーンな状態で、ほぼアルバムバージョンに即した演奏を聞かせているのがこれまた新鮮。
恐らくはボンゾのドラムソロ「Pat’s Delight」の後で「Communication Breakdown」を演奏して次のスピリットにステージを譲ったのだと推測されますが、残念ながら録音はボンゾのソロの途中で終了。それでもなお、これからブレイクするかどうかも解らない駆け出しのバンドの前座ステージがこれほどの音質と長さで人がいたことには感謝の気持ちしかありません。

ゴンザガは最古のライブ音源と位置づけによって、これまでにも多くのアイテムを輩出してきましたが、ここ十年ほどはEVの「LIFETIME GUARANTEE」がベストとされてきました。しかし今回の限定プレスCDリリースに際しては、最近レア音源界でおなじみKRW_COがマスターから改めてトランスファーした最新バージョンを使用。これまでにリリースされてきたどのタイトルよりもナチュラルな状態での収録を実現してみせました。
特に「LIFETIME GUARANTEE」とはまったく音の質感がまったく異なっており、元の録音がいかにも1968年と言う時代の空気をたっぷりと吸い込んだビンテージな録音であったことを再認識させられることでしょう。しかしながら「LIFETIME~」のイコライズの仕上がりはリリースから十年が経過した今の耳でも中々の仕上がりだと言え、ビギナー・クラスの方などはそちらを好まれるかもしれません。しかも今回はマスターからの収録を尊重し、一切のイコライズを加えていないのです。よって「I Can’t Quit You Baby」の2:52辺りで起こる音落ちなども今回は敢えて修繕を試みていませんが、その個所に関しても「LIFETIME~」では緩和されていました。


1. Train Kept a Rollin’
2. I Can’t Quit You Baby
3. As Long As I Have You (incl. Fresh Garbage, Shake, Mockingbird)
4. Dazed and Confused
5. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
6. How Many More Times (incl. The Hunter)
7. Pat’s Delight

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