Lady Gaga / Coachella 2017 And More / 1Blu Ray R

Lady Gaga / Coachella 2017 And More / 1Blu Ray R / Videosmash
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Live at Empire Polo Grounds Indio California USA April 15, 2017. Pro-shot

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Lady Gaga ‘s latest professional shot live image at the Coachella Festival in 2017 appears in Blu – ray!
Completed the stage at the largest outdoor festival “Coachella” in the USA on April 15, 2017 in Indio, California. For distributed images, although there are some block noise, the resolution is recorded as original full HD, and the new song “THE CURE” is also released for the first time on this day.
In addition, Haasalu and the main part at the Grammy Awards of February 12, 2017 February 201, 2017 February 5, 2010 Super Bowl · Half Time Show and Metallica, which attracted the attention of the whole world as an extra, are also included.
It’s the Blu-ray title that attracts attention as the latest professional shot video collection of Lady Gaga who started the world tour as of 2017!
2017年4月15日カリフォルニア州インディオで行われたアメリカ最大規模の野外フェス”コーチェラ”でのステージをコンプリート収録。配信映像の為、ややブロック・ノイズがあるものの解像度は元のフルHDのままで収録しており、新曲「THE CURE」もこの日初披露。

1. Scheise/2. LoveGame/3. John Wayne/4. Just Dance/5. Born This Way/6. Venus/7. A-Yo/8. Sexxx Dreams/9. Telephone/10. Alejandro/11. Teeth/12. The Cure/13. The Edge of Glory/14. Speechless/15. Bad Romance (Chorus – Snippet)/16. You and I/17. Million Reasons/18. Applause/19. Poker /Face/20. Bad Romance
Live at Empire Polo Grounds Indio California USA April 15, 2017
1. God Bless America/This Land Is Your Land/2. Poker Face/3. Born This Way/4. Telephone/5. Just Dance/6. A Million Reasons/7. Bad Romance
Super Bowl LI Half Time Show – Live at NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas, USA February 5, 2017
8. Moth Into Flame/9. Moth Into Flame (Dress Rehearsal)
59th Grammy Awards – Live at Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA February 12, 2017 with Metallica
NTSC HD 16:9 Linear PCM Stereo time approx. 112min.

Videosmash. VS-291BDR

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