Kraftwerk / Tokyo 1981 3rd Night / 2CD

Kraftwerk / Tokyo 1981 3rd Night / 2CD / Virtuoso

Translated Text:
Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 10th September 1981


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Recording of what, what that sound, say what “beauty”. Grade live album by all the world premiere of Kinney-master I have appeared. But it has been reprinted a number of Kinney recording from the original cassette until now, this is a masterpiece, no doubt ….
Of this work it has been recording “September 10, 1981: Shibuya Public Hall.” KRAFTWERK is the pattern of the first concert in Japan. First annual, let’s start from the confirmation of dates.

– September 7: Nakano Sun Plaza “DENTAKU: FIRST LIVE IN JAPAN”
– September 8, 2011: Nakano Sun Plaza “COMPUTER WORLD IN TOKYO” (FM)
– September 10: Shibuya Public Hall [this work] – September 11, 2011: Osaka Festival Hall
– September 13, 2011: Nagoya City Auditorium “COMPUTER WORLD IN NAGOYA”

In this way, the first visit to Japan is all 5 performances memorable. This work is the 3 performances eyes become the de middle. Others are from the first visit to Japan for the second day, “September 8” has been FM radio broadcast, and the last day of the first day, “September 7”, “September 13 (Nagoya)” audience recording is excavated , we have to introduce in each shop. This work is of the “September 10”, the difference is also the one with the, you concert for the first time published by this film.
“Premiere beyond the time of 35 years”, but also I shock, the sound of this work is not far from it large seismic. So far the Japanese performances, also in the audience recording, but have been rave as “like a sound board!”, Not to the other party even with their masterpiece recording. Usually if the “core of the musical tone,” “edge,” but is where the “sounds” to superimpose the words and made it even ridiculous. Of FM broadcast: Although “COMPUTER WORLD IN TOKYO TOKYO 1981” not “directly connected feeling like rammed the plug into the ear” like, clear of the same dimension. Rather, it clears the sense of space dressed in faintly faintly, are hauntingly even beauty, such as the classical orchestra recording. No, of course to the orchestra and techno pop on the same level it is has been found and Boron. However, clear so much. In fact, the sound of even delicate synth’s the shining beauty recordings as of crystal glass warm.
And, synth pop of contemporary stamp drawn by its quality is also great. Although the current is a concert by computer control, manual performance which made full use of the huge equipment, which is said to be “whole brought in the studio” at the time. And, also beautiful acclaim is given to the performance. Yet Katsuaki until the applause of one person alone, it is like to be poured into the stage gathered 2,000 servings, attentive and gentle as autumn rain. First floor front seat, but seems to be recorded in (your column), there is no close voice-applause, only 2,000 of the spectacle behind de fastball musical tone is spread delicious. Such audience of breath, feeling the human touch of the performance, and the singing voice of Ralf Hütter meet through the venue in Crystal clear, is exactly what a utopia of the live album.
Furthermore nice is, complete recording. Although the Japan tour is the uniform high-quality recording, there was a lack Dokokashira. It is FM broadcast originally excerpt, most was long: even in the “DENTAKU FIRST LIVE IN JAPAN”, there was no “It’s More Fun To Compute” of Angkor last. In contrast, it remains of this work is beautifully stable natural sound, is he really plenty of taste a show full length.

And so much of the sound, it was possible the audience recording of the ’80s. And so much of the recording, have been kept secret until now of now. Complete recording in the beauty sound up to the extreme. Not only is a masterpiece of Kinney recording, is a big decision board of worldwide see also “COMPUTER WORLD TOUR”.
So, it such such thing as a “sound is beautiful.” Art that only electronic music can be drawn. Extremity of ultra-beautiful recording the whole world for the first time know. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.


・9月10日:渋谷公会堂  【本作】

“35年の時を超えた初公開”も衝撃なのですが、本作のサウンドはそれどころではない大激震。これまでの日本公演は、オーディエンス録音にしても「まるでサウンドボード!」と激賞されてきましたが、それらの傑作録音をもってしても相手にならない。通常なら「楽音の芯が」「エッジが」「鳴りが」と言葉を重ねていくところですが、それすらバカバカしくなる。FM放送の『COMPUTER WORLD IN TOKYO : TOKYO 1981』のように“耳にプラグを突っ込んだような直結感”ではないものの、クリアさは同次元。むしろ、うっすら微かにまとった空間感覚が透き通っており、クラシックのオーケストラ録音のような美しささえ湛えている。いや、もちろんオーケストラとテクノポップを同列にするのは暴論とは分かっております。しかし、それほどまでにクリア。実は暖かくも繊細なシンセの響きがクリスタル・グラスのごとく輝く美録音なのです。
さらに嬉しいのが、完全収録。この日本公演はハイクオリティな記録が揃ってはいるものの、どこかしらに欠けがあった。FM放送はそもそも抜粋ですし、一番長かった『DENTAKU : FIRST LIVE IN JAPAN』でさえ、アンコール・ラストの「It’s More Fun To Compute」がなかった。それに対し、本作は美しく安定したナチュラル・サウンドのまま、ショウ全編をたっぷりと味わいきれるのです。

これほどのサウンドが、80年代の客席録音に可能だったとは。これほどの録音が、今の今まで秘匿されてきたとは。極端なまでの美サウンドにして完全収録。キニー録音の最高傑作であるばかりか、全世界的に見ても“COMPUTER WORLD TOUR”の大決定盤です。

Disc 1 (56:06)
1. Numbers 2. Computer World 3. Computer Love 4. Home Computer 5. The Model
6. Neon Lights 7. Autobahn

Disc 2 (65:41)
1. Radioactivity / The Voice Of Energy / Ohm Sweet Ohm 2. The Hall Of The Mirrors
3. Showroom Dummies 4. Trans-Europe Express 5. Pocket Calculator / Dentaku
6. The Robots 7. It’s More Fun To Compute

Virtuoso 300/301

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