Kraftwerk / Paris 1976 Soundboard / 2CD

Kraftwerk / Paris 1976 Soundboard / 2CD / Virtuoso
L’Olympia, Paris, France 28th February 1976 STEREO SBD

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KRAFTWERK in 1976, who jumped to the forefront of the scene with the masterpieces “Autobahn” and “Radioactivity”. The great classic sound board has evolved into a complete version. Of course, it will be released due to the permanent storage specification of Press 2CD!
“The performance in Paris on February 28, 1976” is included in this work. The sound board recording. The biggest point of this work is the complete recording of startling quality and direct quality connected directly to the brain. Before introducing the contents, let’s start with the show position. Let’s look back at the schedule when the world was sweeping.

・March 12-22: Europe #1 (3 performances)
・April 3-8: North America (45 performances)
・September 1-22: UK (16 performances)
<< October “Radioactivity” release >>
● 1976
・February 26-March 21: Europe #2 (5 performances) ←★Coco★
・July 31st + August 1st: France (2 performances)
・September 8-October 10: Europe #3 (9 performances)

This is the 1975/1976 KRAFTWERK. Perhaps because of their musicality, they are not a group with many live shows. However, the popularity of 1975/1976, where the name recognition increased dramatically, was in great demand, and the largest tour in the 1970s was held. Above all, it is very popular in France and has visited France many times. The performance of this work in Paris was the third performance of “Europe #2”.
━ Such a show is also known to have been broadcast on radio for a long time, and Air Check Master has been loved since the analog era. Even now, it’s a big standard that the official CDs are distributed in general CD stores, but of course, this work is completely different from such copy products. It’s a long, full-live album that can’t be compared to the past. Anyway, the expansion is a shock. If you know the existing group, it will come in a pinch, but it was about 21 minutes on the legendary LP board “SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE”, and about 38 minutes on the 2015 re-broadcast that became a hot topic among maniacs. However, this work is over 90 minutes far more than double! Let’s see it together with the arrangement of the set.

● Ralph & Florian
・Tongebirge & Tanzmusik
● Autobahn
・Kometenmelodie I & II/Autobahn(★)/Mitternacht/Showroom Dummies(★)
・Radioactivity/Airwaves/The Voice of Energy & Die Sonne, Der Mond, Die Sterne (★)
*Note: The “★” mark is the first take.

…And this is how it looks. Starting with the representative song “Autobahn” for about 30 minutes, “Mitternacht” involving the “Showroom Dummies” that had not been announced at the time, “Mitternacht” and other essential songs that have never been heard before are presented. What’s even bigger is that there is no radio DJ I’ve ever worn. Probably like the master before being edited for broadcasting, and cheers are mixed between several songs, but other than that, only live music. More specifically, before the “Radio activity” and “Autobahn”, the sound check unique to line recording is super realistic. The electro pop that is artificial means that you can enjoy the scenes that make you feel “live” and “on the spot” without any cutting.
I was late to touch on the achievements, but the sound of this work is amazing. I wrote “master before broadcasting” as before, but it is clear in terms of sound. It is natural that there is no received noise, but the seamless and glossy sound is exactly the original master. Moreover, because it is unprocessed, the sense of synchronization with the performance is great. The presence of fingertips moving beyond the electronic sound is certainly felt in the spinning performance, and the fluctuations are strangely real because it is a raw without re-shooting. On top of that, the pleasing sensation that the “fresh electronic sound” is poured directly into the brain while unprocessed rushes in. That’s what makes the synth of that time and brains directly connected by a plug. The real pleasure of jumping over time and space is a different dimension from ordinary rock concerts, and even the howling that occurs at several places makes the spectacle of the times blur. That’s why it’s powerful like a retro-future blockbuster sci-fi movie that doesn’t use CG.
”Is it meaningful to listen to a live electronic music on a CD?”…I intended to introduce this proposition without touching it, but it is ridiculous. On the contrary, it is a masterpiece of a live album that shows its overwhelming significance and rushes even the real pleasure of time and space that you can not taste anywhere else. Because it’s mechanical, the retro scent of the 70’s is munmun, and because it’s synthpop, the presence of the fingers that control the equipment is vivid. This is a super-entertainment masterpiece where you can immerse yourself in KRAFTWERK and masterpieces that are completely different from the studio works for about 90 minutes. Although it is a masterpiece as one music work, the real pleasure is that it may even change the meaning of listening to live albums and sound board recordings. A complete version of such a shock. Please experience it with the permanent preservation press 2CD.



そんなショウは古くからラジオ放送が行われた事でも知られ、アナログ時代からエアチェック・マスターが愛されてきました。現在でも一般CD店で公式を装った盤がシレッと流通するほどの大定番なのですが、もちろん本作はそうしたコピー品とはまったくの別物。これまでとは比べものにならないほど長尺なフルライヴ・アルバムなのです。とにかく、その拡張ぶりが衝撃。既発群をご存じの方ならピンと来ると思いますが、伝説のLP盤『SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE』でも21分ほどでしたし、マニア間で話題になった2015年の再放送でも約38分。ところが、本作は2倍を遙かに超える90分オーバーなのです! その凄味、セットの整理と併せてご覧頂きましょう。

・Tongebirge & Tanzmusik
・Kometenmelodie I & II/Autobahn(★)/Mitternacht/Showroom Dummies(★)
・Radioactivity/Airwaves/The Voice of Energy & Die Sonne, Der Mond, Die Sterne(★)

……と、このようになっています。約30分の代表曲「Autobahn」を始め、当時未発表だった「Showroom Dummies」を絡めた「Mitternacht」等、これまで聴いたことのない必聴曲がたっぷりと披露されている。さらに大きいのは、これまで被っていたラジオDJが一切ないこと。恐らくは放送用の編集が施される前のマスターのようで、いくつかの曲間で歓声がミックスされているものの、それ以外は生演奏のみ。もっと言えば、「Radioactivity」や「Autobahn」の前にはライン録音ならではのサウンドチェックも超リアル。人工的であることが旨のエレクトロ・ポップにあって、強烈なまでに「生」「現場」を感じさせるシーンもノーカットで楽しめるのです。


Disc 1 (50:52)
1. Soundcheck
2. Radioactivity
3. Airwaves
4. The Voice of Energy & Die Sonne, Der Mond, Die Sterne(★)
5. Kometenmelodie I & II
6. Tongebirge & Tanzmusik

Disc 2 (40:13)
1. Soundcheck
2. Autobahn (★)
3. Mitternacht / Showroom Dummies(★)



Ralf Hutter: Minimoog Model D, Vako Orchestron, mixer
Karl Bartos: Electronic Percussion
Wolfgang Flur: Electronic Percussion, photo-electric light-activated drum cage
Florian Schneider-Esleben: ARP Odyssey, Votrax VS-6 “talking typewriter”, electronic flute-synth device, mixer

Virtuoso 435/436

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