Kiss / Osaka 1977 1st Night / 1CD

Kiss / Osaka 1977 1st Night / 1CD / ZODIAC

Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Tokyo 24th March 1977

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KISS The fateful night when Japan met. The legendary original recording that has handed down the whole story has been brushed up. Introducing a permanent storage press CD.

[The one and only record that recorded the first day of the first meeting even in the legendary first visit to Japan] The night of the encounter was the performance of “March 24, 1977: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall”. It is a legendary audience recording that vacuum-packed a unique show even for the first time in Japan. The biggest attraction of this work is the wonderful sound, but more important than that is the position of the show. First of all, let’s look back on the legendary first visit to Japan in the schedule.

・ March 24: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall ← ★ This work ★
・ March 25: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
・ March 26: Kyoto Hall
・ March 28: Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
・ March 30: Fukuoka City Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
・ April 1: Nippon Budokan
・ April 2: Nippon Budokan (2 performances day and night) ← * TV broadcast
・ April 4: Nippon Budokan

Above, all 9 performances. Speaking of their first visit to Japan, the 4 consecutive performances of Nippon Budokan set at the end are symbolic, especially the TV broadcast pro shot. However, the Osaka performance of this work is the exact opposite, and even if it is the first visit to Japan, it is the stage of the first day. Yes, it was the first time that I was the best in Japan live where all 66 performances were realized in the following 42 years.
This work, which recorded a unique show, is also unique in recording itself. The origin of this work was the master who first appeared as “THE FIRST SHOW IN JAPAN” from the Power Gate label, but there has been no new excavation since then. It’s no wonder that a lot of recordings are left only for the show that is too memorial, but there is only this recording later and earlier.

[Amazing clear sound that is real and enthusiastic but easy to hear] It’s
just a historical recording, and the quality is reasonable. Anyway, a thick core pierces the center of the clear air, and the details are clear and clear. It’s not the type that is mistaken for a sound board, but on the other hand, the audience recording feels like a tone, and there is no sense of distance or squishyness. In rock history, there are occasional radio broadcasts recorded by microphones, but this work is just like that. The vivid listening response is a superb sound that is more like an FM broadcast than a guest record.
Audience noise that is strangely distant plays a role in the feeling of broadcasting. As a matter of fact, I also inhale a lot of loud cheers and whistles that seem to be my first visit to Japan, but I feel that it is far farther than the thick and thick playing sound / singing voice. In fact, I can clearly see that there is a lot of excitement between the songs where there is no sound on the stage, but there is still no upcoming screaming or screaming. It feels like the ocean in the distance is raging, and while you can feel the spectacle of the times realistically, it is not hard to hear.
Moreover, this work is the highest peak update version that refined such clear recording with meticulous and latest mastering. Of course, he doesn’t earn a lot of sound pressure, and he keeps the fresh sound of the original master to the maximum. After that, adjust each range from high to deep bass and adjust the balance. The mid-low tones that came to my stomach were fully responsive, and the high-pitched tones were also improved. Not only as a valuable record, but also as a simple musical piece, the sound is completely immersed.
What is drawn with such a clear sound is a fresh full show because it is the first meeting. As mentioned above, their first visit to Japan is based on the professional shots of Nippon Budokan, so let’s organize the sets while comparing them.

・ KISS (4 songs): Firehouse / Cold Gin / Nothin’To Lose / Black Diamond
・ HOTTER THAN HELL (1 song): Let Me Go, Rock And Roll
・ DRESSED TO KILL (1 song): Rock And Roll All Nite
・ DESTROYER (5 songs): Detroit Rock City / Do You Love Me? (★) / God Of Thunder / Shout It Out Loud (★) / Beth (★)
・ ROCK AND ROLL OVER (4 songs): Take Me (★) ) / Ladies Room (★) / Makin’Love / I Want You (★)
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the TV broadcast pro shots of Nippon Budokan.

… And it looks like this. This work is 1/78, but it is completely recorded. Of the 15 songs played on this day, more than 1/3 of the 6 songs are repertoires that can not be heard even with Budokan Pro Shot, and you can enjoy precious numbers such as “Take Me” and “Ladies Room” that are delicious worldwide.
However, what is more than that is the unique mood and tension that goes through the whole story. After all, this is the first day of my first visit to Japan. Everyone and he had their first experience, and now each of the famous gimmicks has a fresh joy, and the surprise of “What’s this!” Instead of “Waiting!” Of course, that is also true on the KISS side. Even if I have experience in Europe, I can’t imagine what kind of reaction will be returned for the first time in Asia where I can’t speak English at all. At first, the momentum was such that the anxiety was shaken off, but the tremendous enthusiasm of the Japanese people stimulated the excitement of each song. This work is also a sound that makes you feel like you can pick up the psychology of these four people.

In the following 42 years, he has visited Japan 12 times. They left a total of 66 performances in Japan. It is the first time that you can enjoy this work. The one and only live album that recorded the most important night in many “KISS in Japan”. The highest peak update board. Please experience it with a permanent preservation press CD, which is nothing but a cultural heritage of rock.

★ Kiss’s first performance in Japan to commemorate. The sound quality is also great!




ユニークなショーを録音したこの作品は、レコーディング自体もユニークです。この作品の原点は、パワーゲートレーベルから「THE FIRST SHOW IN JAPAN」として初登場したマスターでしたが、それ以来、新たな発掘は行われていません。あまりにも記念すべきショーのためだけに多くのレコーディングが残されているのも不思議ではありませんが、このレコーディングは後でそして早くしかありません。


・KISS(4曲):Firehouse / Cold Gin / Nothin’To Lose / Black Diamond
・HOTTER THAN HELL(1曲):レット・ミー・ゴー、ロックンロール
・DRESSED TO KILL(1曲):ロックンロールオールナイト
・DESTROYER(5曲):デトロイトロックシティ/ Do You Love Me? (★)/雷神/狂気の叫び(★)/ベス(★)
・ROCK AND ROLL OVER(4曲):Take Me(★))/ Ladies Room(★)/ Makin’Love / I Want You(★)

しかし、それ以上のものは、物語全体を貫く独特のムードと緊張感です。結局のところ、これは私の最初の日本訪問の最初の日です。みんなと彼は初めての経験をしました、そして今、有名なギミックのそれぞれは新鮮な喜びと「これは何ですか!」の驚きを持っています。 「待っている!」の代わりにもちろん、それもtrです

1. Intro
2. Opening
3. Detroit Rock City
4. Take Me
5. Let Me Go, Rock And Roll
6. Ladies’ Room
7. Firehouse
8. Makin’Love
9. I Want You
10. Cold Gin
11. Guitar Solo
12. Do You Love Me?
13. Nothin’To Lose
14. God Of Thunder
15. Drum Solo
16. God Of Thunder (Reprise)
17. Rock And Roll All Nite
18. Shout It Out Loud
19. Beth
20. Black Diamond

Paul Stanley –Guitar, Vocal
Gene Simmons
–Bass , Vocal Ace Frehley –Guitar
Peter Criss –Drums , Vocal


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