Kiss / Monster At Budokan / 1DVD

Kiss / Monster At Budokan / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 24th October 2013 PRO-SHOT


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Best album is also released in that says 40th anniversary this year, October 24 of the Japan tour last day of the last year of kiss that U.S. tour, etc. with DEF LEPPARD, the topic is not exhausted, extremely high quality professional shot the Tokyo Budokan performance the complete recording of over two hours in the video. In both top-class sound and image quality, the quality of outstanding enough that can also be used in the official release in the future. Will it not be said the good news for fans who wanted to press DVD collection with this decision the video board.

As a bonus track, (each. Excerpt of incomplete) Additional recorded in professional shots like three songs from Makuhari Messe performance. Duration of this place is short, but it is an item you do not miss it Kiru able to cover in this one of a pro-shot live footage of all of the visit to Japan in 2013.

Ketteiban video title to represent along with “MONSTER IN ZURICH 2013”, the kiss of last year was limited stock in the press DVD from overseas.

今年は40周年と言う事でベスト盤も発売され、DEF LEPPARDとの全米ツアー等、話題が尽きないキッスの昨年の来日ツアー最終日の10月24日、東京武道館公演を超高画質プロショット映像で2時間に渡り完全収録。 音声・画質ともにトップクラスで、将来の公式リリースにも使用可能な程の抜群のクオリティ。この決定盤映像をプレスDVDでコレクションしたかったファンにとっては朗報と言えるのではないでしょうか。 

ボーナストラックとして、幕張メッセ公演から3曲(それぞれが不完全の抜粋 です。)等をプロショットで追加収録。こちらの収録時間は短めですが、2013年来日時の全てのプロショットライヴ映像をこの1本で 網羅する事が出来きる見逃せないアイテムです。

「MONSTER IN ZURICH 2013」と並ぶ、昨年のキッスを代表する決定盤映像タイトルが海外よりプレスDVDで限定入荷しました。

1. Pre-Show 2. Intro 3. Psycho Circus 4. Shout It Out Loud 5. Do You Love Me 6. I Love It Loud
7. Hell Or Hallelujah 8. War Machine 9. Sukiyaki 10. Heaven’s On Fire 11. Calling Dr. Love
12. Say Yeah 13. Shock Me 14. Outta This World 15. Guitar & Drums Solos 16. Bass Solo
17. God Of Thunder 18. Lick It Up 19. Love Gun 20. Black Diamond 21. Detroit Rock City
22. I Was Made For Lovin’ You 23. Rock And Roll All Nite

Live at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan 19th October 2013
1. Psycho Circus / Shout It Out Loud / Do You Love Me

Live at TV Studios, Tokyo, Japan 18th October 2013
2. I Was Made For Lovin’ You


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