KISS / Cleveland 1974 Unreleased Radio Broadcast / 1CD

KISS / Cleveland 1974 Unreleased Radio Broadcast / 1CD / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live at Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 1st April 1974 STEREO SBD

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Called the topic of inter-mania as a sound board sound source title of boot leg first appearance “CLEVELAND 1974: UNRELEASED RADIO BROADCAST”. Than 1974 North American tour associated with the first album, of April 1 chestnut – Vurando is the Agora Ballroom performances, 8 songs from local FM broadcast radio sound source at the time, is a piece of fan must listen was recorded 36 minutes.

The end of October at the time of the original release It was recording of seven songs, 32 minutes, and then, “100,000 Years” same day eight songs version of MP3 sound source while suddenly distribution of performances of writing on the net. In that situation from the idea of the “That said the sound quality is good, is not sorry to get buy one song short version”, is’re welcome our shop, the net sound source disk of the CDR, a period of time, free attachments were are. Meanwhile, the familiar in Kiss work of ZODIAC, from a series of Kiss of the rare sound source provider of overseas, not in MP3, Get to the “100,000 Years” of the first master-quality. Insert the take to Sunde-hatsu take, it was realized the press on CD by long version of the best sound. Release of the longest-highest sound quality. Definitely, this work in 1974 chestnut – you can assert that Ketteiban of Vurando performance of radio master sound source. (Kyuban but is red, of 8 songs Shinban will be black.)

Unusual as a local radio sound source of this era, in the surprise of being chitin and stereo recording, yet this sound quality. This is the Kiss Mania must-have, must listen new sound source around the world definitely. You are in charge of Jean (not Paul!) MC You can also listen to the still vintage full performance of the voice is young overall vintage. And can hear the sound check and tuning sound in between songs, sound production and performance that early club natural and will sound very fresh. Most is kiss only it did not go the live activities in New York, but it embarked from this time to the first North American tour. As a boot leg such a early stage, one of the fan must-have was recorded in the first high-quality stereo line recording. Recorded in ultra-high quality stereo line recording that does not compare to the MP3 sound source that is up on the net. Limited as is the release determined from the popular ZODIAC label in the press CD!


ブートレッグ初登場のサウンドボード音源タイトルとしてマニア間の話題を呼んだ「CLEVELAND 1974: UNRELEASED RADIO BROADCAST」。ファースト・アルバムに伴う1974年北米ツアーより、4月1日のクリ―ヴランドはアゴラ・ボールルーム公演を、当時のローカルFM放送ラジオ音源より8曲、36分収録したファン必聴の一枚です。

10月末のオリジナル・リリース時は7曲・32分の収録でしたが、その後、ネット上に「100,000 Years」込の同日公演の8曲版がMP3音源ながら突如流通。その状況の中で「音質が良いとは言え、一曲短いヴァージョンを購入頂くのは申し訳ない」との考えから、当店といたしましては、ネット音源をディスク化したCDRを、一定期間、無料添付しておりました。そんな中、ZODIACのキッス作品でお馴染みの、海外の一連のキッスのレア音源提供者から、MP3ではない、初のマスター・クオリティの「100,000 Years」を入手。そのテイクを既発テイクに挿入し、最良のサウンドでのロング・ヴァージョンによるプレスCD化を実現しました。最長・最高音質でのリリース。間違いなく、本作が1974年クリ―ヴランド公演のラジオマスター音源の決定盤と断言できます。(旧盤は赤ですが、8曲入りの新盤は黒になります。)


1. Deuce 2. Strutter 3. Cold Gin 4. She 5. Firehouse 6. Nothin’ To Lose
7. 100,000 Years 8. Black Diamond

Paul Stanley – Guitar, Vocal Gene Simmons – Bass, Vocal Ace Frehley – Guitar
Peter Criss – Drums, Vocal



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