Kiss / Budokan 1988 2nd Night / 1DVDR

Kiss / Budokan 1988 2nd Night / 1DVDR / Non Label

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 22nd April 1988 PRO-SHOT

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A large classic professional shot that represents live in Japan in the no-make era. The performance of “April 22, 1988: Nippon Budokan” is included in this work. As of 2017, they have toured 12 times in Japan, but they only visited Japan twice in 1988 and 1995 with no make-up KISS. This was also my first visit to Japan in 10 years. Let’s start with the schedule at that time.

・ April 16: Nagoya City Assembly Hall
・ April 18: Osaka Castle Hall
・ April 20: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium
・ April 21: Nippon Budokan “CRAZY BANG BUDOKAN”
・ April 22: Nippon Budokan [this work] ・ April 24: Yoyogi National Gymnasium

As mentioned above, it was a total of 6 performances. This work is a representative image of such “CRAZY NIGHTS JAPAN TOUR 1988”. I miss the telop that “This concert is broadcast in B mode stereo” in “Fits Like A Glove” on a TV broadcast by a certain public broadcaster. And the quality is just perfect. There were various Gene images only for the big classic, but this work has excellent master freshness and no noise like noise. The glossy details and coloring are almost like a laser disc. Of course, the sound mix that is thoroughly official work is also perfect. It is a superb item that revives itself at that time.
The large classic video drawn with such quality is packed with the charm of no-make KISS. The set consists of nine songs, each of which is a golden 70’s hit and half of the 80’s, and there are only super-famous songs that are exactly “this!”. The composition is accented with “Bang Bang You,” “No No No,” and “Reason To Live,” which are unique to those days. And, “1988” is their appearance playing such a super-luxury hit parade. I removed the make-up and revived with a gorgeous LA metal tone, but the scene gradually became more street-like. Those who are sensitive to the changes of the times are also responding to it, and they are pushing out a gorgeous but “wild & tough” image on the whole surface. Paul Stanley’s red tank top, which shows off his physical beauty, is also nice, but Gene Simmons is especially good. It’s cool to wear a black leather and carry an ax base.
Of course, the performance side is also an iron wall. Paul played with the riff of LED ZEPPELIN’s “Heartbreaker” before “Fits Like A Glove”, and although it feels more affordable than in the make-up era, which has been calculated thoroughly, it is still a professional style that can not be reached by ordinary bands. Even in the 70’s repertoire, the tempo is up and sharp, and Bruce Curic’s flashy guitar work rides on it. This is the no-makeup era! The coolness explodes throughout the whole story.

No make-up KISS that was sharp and heavy metallic. It is a piece that is full of youthful and dynamic stages, free from heavy costumes. The definitive edition of the monumental video that exploded its charm in Japan. Their true faces were shining because of this era. Please enjoy yourself.


・4月21日:日本武道館 「CRAZY BANG BUDOKAN」
・4月22日:日本武道館 【本作】

以上、全6公演でした。本作は、そんな“CRAZY NIGHTS JAPAN TOUR 1988”を代表する映像。某公共放送によるテレビ放送で「Fits Like A Glove」では「このコンサートはBモード・ステレオで放送しています」というテロップも懐かしい。そして、そのクオリティはまさに完璧。大定番だけにさまざまなジェネの映像がありましたが、本作はマスター鮮度も素晴らしくノイズらしいノイズも皆無。艶やかなディテールと発色は、ほとんどレーザーディスクかのようです。もちろん、徹底的にオフィシャル仕事なサウンド・ミックスも完璧。まさに当時そのものが蘇る極上品なのです。
そんなクオリティで描かれる大定番映像は、ノーメイクKISSの魅力がギュウ詰め。セットは黄金の70年代ヒットと80年代が半々の9曲ずつで、まさに“コレぞ!”な超名曲ばかりがズラリ。そこに当時ならではの「Bang Bang You」「No No No」「Reason To Live」がアクセントとなる構成。そして、そんな超豪華ヒットパレードを演奏する彼らの姿こそが“1988年”。メイクを落として煌びやかなLAメタル調で復活したわけですが、シーンは少しずつストリート感覚に傾倒。時代の変化に敏感な彼らもそれに対応しており、華やかながらも“ワイルド&タフ”なイメージを全面に押し出しているのです。肉体美を誇示するポール・スタンレーの赤タンクトップも素敵ですが、特に似合うのはジーン・シモンズ。全身黒のレザーに身を包み、斧ベースを担ぐ姿のカッコイイこと……。
演奏面も、もちろん鉄壁。「Fits Like A Glove」の前にポールがLED ZEPPELINの「Heartbreaker」のリフで遊ぶなど、キッチリ計算され尽くされたメイク時代よりも余裕が感じられるものの、それでも普通のバンドでは到達できないプロフェッショナルぶり。70年代のレパートリーでもテンポアップしてシャープですし、そこにブルース・キューリックのフラッシーなギターワークが乗る。これぞ、ノーメイク時代!なカッコ良さが全編にわたって炸裂するのです。


1. Love Gun
2. Cold Gin
3. Bang Bang You
4. Calling Dr. Love
5. Fits Like A Glove
6. Crazy Crazy Nights
7. Bruce Kulick Solo
8. No No No
9. Reason To Live
10. Heavens On Fire
11. Eric Carr Solo
12. War Machine
13. Gene Simmons Solo
14. I Love It Loud
15. Lick It Up
16. Black Diamond
17. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
18. Shout It Out Loud
19. Strutter
20. Rock And Roll All Nite
21. Detroit Rock City

Paul Stanley – Vocal & Guitar Gene Simmons – Vocal & Bass Bruce Kulick – Guitar
Eric Carr – Drums



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