KISS / Budokan 1977 Rebroadcast Version / 1DVDR

KISS / Budokan 1977 Rebroadcast Version / 1DVDR / Non label

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 2nd April 1977 PRO-SHOT
Broadcast Date: 7th May 2004

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The first visit to Japan by the KISS legend, who slammed a healthy (?) Japanese youth into a rock road. The superb multi-camera pro shot is the gift release decision.

[Superb quality of 21st century broadcasting] Included in this work is the performance of “April 2, 1977: Nippon Budokan”. This show was broadcast on TV at that time and was a big staple that has produced many existing episodes. Formalization was also realized as part of “KISSOLOGY VOLUME ONE: 1974? 1977”, and the US broadcast version was also recorded in “ALIVE AT BUDOKAN 1977” and became very popular. However, this work is a Japanese “Young Music Show” broadcast version that is different from either of them. It’s also a superb version that was rebroadcast in 2004, not in 1977. Before the content, let’s review the monumental first visit to Japan.

・ March 24 + 25: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
・ March 26: Kyoto Kaikan
・ March 28: Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
・ March 30: Fukuoka City Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
・ April 1: Nippon Budokan
・ April 2: Nippon Budokan (2 performances day and night) [This work] ・ April 4: Nippon Budokan

Above, all 9 performances. The number of performances has been amazing since I first came to Japan, but the 4th consecutive Nippon Budokan is also a masterpiece. Of these, the pro shot was recorded on “April 2nd”, and it was an edit that mixed two performances day and night.
Of course, I think that many people have seen it only for the big standard, but it is still a quality that can not be surprised. In fact, this video is not just a rebroadcast. An archive program of a certain broadcasting association purposely unearthed a 3/4 inch master and digitally remastered it independently. Although the number of songs is smaller than the official DVD because it is a broadcast version, the reprint that seems to bet the prestige of a broadcasting station representing Japan is thin on the official archive of the KISS head family. That nostalgic program logo and Japanese telop such as MC are also super vivid. Exactly as it was at that time … No, the visual beauty of modern standards, which is far more advanced than that time, will be unfolded.

[Impact historical documentary before and after the live] It is full to witness the first visit to Japan with its super-visual beauty, but it is not the only one. What’s more must-see is actually before the live. Female narrators and Japanese musicians will appear to talk about the importance of this video. This is a masterpiece that makes you crazy. As always, the NHK narrator is elegant, easy to understand and polite. An explanatory manuscript probably written by a rock fan staff is also appropriate. But the more appropriate Rock is, usually spoken in the tone of reading news and world history documentary manuscripts, the more things pass each other. The BAY CITY ROLLERS Makurakotoba is also elegantly accompanied by “It was very popular with women”, and it seems that even one pronunciation of “Jimi Hendrix” is said for the first time. Still, the voice is full of power to be a spokesman for young people, and even when introducing Jean, he said, “It is characterized by a devilish expression of anger and a long tongue,” and politely “current members” in the 1st jacket. It is different from the telop.
Furthermore, the viewer’s letter looking back on youth was read aloud with emotion, and the musicians who were always fooling around also remembered the face-to-face recording of TV and teleco, and with a mysterious look, “I feel like looking at cultural properties. I want you to see it. ” The impact of KISS’s visit, which is talked about by the “good sense,” “good intentions,” and “best of luck” of the broadcasting association that we are familiar with on a daily basis. I’m glad that KISS stands on that stage, and at the same time, it’s a tickling prelude.
And the finest live main part will be aired, but after that it is even more amazing. The story of the hardships of the broadcasting staff at that time and the social situation at that time are told. At the request of KISS, four people were evenly projected with more than twice the number of cameras as usual, a camera dedicated to Jean’s tongue was prepared, it was the first broadcast using multi-recording and time code, etc. Interesting anecdotes pop out one after another because it is a broadcasting association.
And the best thing was the social situation of the 70’s when rock didn’t understand. A documentary video of an educational program called “Teen’s Educational Counseling: Rock’n’Roll” has appeared, and the complaints received at the “Young Music Show” are also introduced. Parents worried that “I was absorbed in playing the guitar and was absent from school without notice (there was no word for school refusal)” and complained “Why do you use public radio waves to make such useless noise?” .. Nowadays, the seriousness until it is ridiculous is intense. And the director at that time, who continued to play rock to fight it, also enthusiastically talks.

Finally, “Kiss Symphony” appeared as the latest video at the time of rebroadcast, and this work closes the curtain. It is also a superb live pro shot of KISS in the golden age, but at the same time, “KISS as Japanese cultural history” is a vivid piece. A super masterpiece with a strong impact on all Japanese who love rock, regardless of whether they are KISS fans or not. Please take a look and experience it.

★ From the collection of Queen’s series of video providers. The image quality is perfect.


本作に収められているのは「1977年4月2日:日本武道館」公演。このショウは当時テレビ放送され、数々の既発を生んできた大定番。『KISSOLOGY VOLUME ONE: 1974?1977』の一部として公式化も実現し、米国放送版も『ALIVE AT BUDOKAN 1977』に収録されて大好評となりました。しかし、本作はそのどちらとも違う日本の“ヤング・ミュージック・ショー”放送バージョン。それも1977年当時ではなく、2004年になって再放送された超極上バージョンなのです。その内容の前に、まずは記念碑的な初来日の日程からおさらいしておきましょう。



その超映像美で全盛の初来日を目撃できるだけでもお腹いっぱいですが、それだけではない。さらに必見なのは、実はライヴの前。女性ナレーターや日本人ミュージシャンが登場して、この映像の重要性を語るのです。これが思わずこそばゆくなる大傑作。放送協会のナレーターはいつものように上品で、分かりやすく丁寧。恐らくはロックファンのスタッフが書いたであろう説明原稿も適切です。しかし、いつもはニュースや世界史ドキュメンタリー原稿を読んでいるトーンで語られるロックは、適切であればあるほど、何かがすれ違う。BAY CITY ROLLERSの枕詞もお上品に「女性にたいへん人気のあった」が付き、「ジミ・ヘンドリックス」の発音1つでも初めて口にしているようなたどたどしさ。それでいて声には若者の代弁者たろうとする力がこもり、ジーンを紹介するにも「まさに悪魔のような憤怒の表情と長い舌が特徴です」と話し、1stジャケにはご丁寧に「現在のメンバーと異なります」のテロップまで被せられるです。

最後に、再放送当時の最新映像として「Kiss Symphony」が登場し、幕を閉じる本作。黄金期KISSの超極上ライヴ・プロショットでもありますが、それと同時に「日本文化史としてのKISS」が鮮烈な1枚です。KISSファンか否かを超え、ロックを愛するすべての日本人に強烈なインパクトの超傑作。ぜひ、刮目してご体験ください。


1. Opening 2. Introduction 3. Detroit Rock City 4. Let Me Go, Rock And Roll
5. Firehouse 6. Makin’ Love 7. Paul MC 8. Cold Gin 9. Ace Frehley Solo
10. Nothin’ To Lose 11. Gene Simmons Solo 12. God Of Thunder 13. Peter Criss Solo
14. God Of Thunder (reprise) 15. Rock And Roll All Nite 16. Back On Stage
17. Black Diamond

18. Episode
19. Kiss Symphony
Detroit Rock City with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on 28th February 2003


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