Kiss / Boston May 1975 Joe Maloney Master / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Kiss / Boston May 1975 Joe Maloney Master / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac
Live at Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA 11th May 1975 plus Bonus CDR “North Hampton 1975 2nd Show”

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A new masterpiece is born from “DRESSED TO KILL TOUR” that produced “ALIVE!”. It is appeared in the permanent preservation press CD.
The masterpiece contains “May 11, 1975 Boston performances”. It is the masterpiece audience recording. Although it is a 1975 recording that is only appreciated to hear, this work is different from the customer records of Sojiro. I recorded the legendary Taper to record history: Joe Maloney. What’s more, it is a masterpiece of the ultimate generation, which is directly digitized from the original cassette discovered by the prestigious “Krw_co”.
Before the quality you care about, the show position first. “DRESSED TO KILL TOUR” was also a limited tour only for the entire movie, so let’s organize the “ALIVE!” Recording dates into points.

“March 19” DRESSED TO KILL “sale”
・ March 19-May 15 (32 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
・ May 16: Detroit (ALIVE! Recording date)
・ May 17-June 20 (18 performances)
・ June 21: Cleveland (ALIVE! Recording Date)
・ June 22-July 5 (7 performances)
・ July 20: Davenport (ALIVE! Recording Date)
・ July 23: Wildwood (ALIVE! Recording Date)
・ August 2-August 28 (13 performances)
“September 3” DESTROYER “production start”
“September 10” ALIVE! “Sale”

This is the whole of “DRESSED TO KILL TOUR”. The great album “ALIVE!” Was compiled from four shows, but the earliest stage is the Detroit performances. The Boston tour of this film was the 31st concert of 5 days before that. In addition, there are three “May 11th”, “August 14th” and “December 14th (only this ALIVE! TOUR)” in Boston show in 1975, and this work is also its first show.
This work that recorded such a show is just a vintage audience of excellent. Above all, the powerful core and the neat sound. It is not a type that is mistaken for a sound board, but it is caught without leaking from the high-pitched sound to the deep bass of the earth-sounding class, and the mid-range that connects the spaces is also full of response. And while the sounds emanating from the core are brightly powerful and powerfully colored, they are clearly transmitting the ensemble of four people. Hall sound tends to cloud the performance, but it also has the effect of enhancing the power of the performance (especially in the 70’s, if the output of the PA is bare, it tends to be lighter and lighter). This work is compatible with a sense of stability and beauty while capturing such “power unique to the audience” deliciously. It is a sound that is only because of a well-known musician and because it is an Omoto Master.
Even more delicious is the enthusiasm of the site. Even though the bass solo can not wait for the enthusiasm to shout out “Cold Gin !!”, but it is also deceived by the thick, thick performance. And the timing is exquisite. It is overwhelmed by the famous music group that will be called “historical” from now on, and it spreads as if it returned to me in between the music. It is full of excitement, but it’s a geyser-like enthusiasm that is different from the one that constantly makes a noise. It loses control every time it passes through one song and one song, and it changes to a selfish madness. You can really feel the amount of heat unique to Break the night before. There is no rare number that can not be heard in “ALIVE!” In this work, but the sound that colors it is full of the feeling of being “in place” until overwhelming. Indeed, you will be able to get plenty of deadly masterpieces in the sense that you stand on the scene of that great board.

“Alive!” The master player Joe Maloney vacuum-packed “DRESSED TO KILL TOUR” that produced such a masterpiece. A world heritage site of rock culture that made such legendary recordings run from the Ogen cassette. It is a lively board that is exactly “this live 100% version ALIVE!”, And also “a burning and concentrated version ALIVE!”. Please enjoy yourself with the permanent preservation press CD.

あの『ALIVE!』を生み出した“DRESSED TO KILL TOUR”から新たなるマスターピースが誕生。永久保存プレスCDで登場です。
その気になるクオリティの前に、まずはショウのポジション。“DRESSED TO KILL TOUR”は全編アメリカだけの限定ツアーでもありましたので、『ALIVE!』収録日をポイントに整理してみましょう。

《3月19日『DRESSED TO KILL』発売》

これが“DRESSED TO KILL TOUR”の全容。大名盤『ALIVE!』は4つのショウから編纂されていましたが、最も初期にあたるのはデトロイト公演。本作のボストン公演は、その5日前となる31公演目のコンサートでした。また、1975年のボストン公演は3回“5月11日”・“8月14日”・“12月14日(これのみALIVE! TOUR)”があり、本作はその最初のショウでもあります。
さらに美味しいのが、現場の熱狂。ベース・ソロでも待ちきれずに「Cold Gin!!」と叫ぶほどの熱狂も吸い込んではいますが、それさえも骨太・肉厚な演奏に蹂躙される。そして、タイミングも絶妙。これから“歴史的”と呼ばれていくことになる名曲群に圧倒され、曲間になって我に返ったように広がる。盛大に盛り上がっているけれど、絶えず騒ぎまくっているのとは違う間欠泉のような熱狂。それが1曲1曲を経るごとにコントロールを失い、無我夢中の狂乱へと変わっていく……。まさにブレイク前夜ならではの熱量をリアルに感じ取る事ができる。本作には『ALIVE!』で聴けないようなレア・ナンバーはありませんが、それを彩るサウンドは圧倒的なまでの“その場にいる”感に充ち満ちている。まさに、あの大名盤の現場に立つ感覚で必殺の名曲群をたっぷりと浴びられるのです。

ライヴの名盤選では必ず名前の挙がる『ALIVE!』。そんな大名盤を生んだ“DRESSED TO KILL TOUR”を名手ジョー・マロニーが見事に真空パックしていたのです。そんな伝説録音を大元カセットから甦らせたロック文化の世界遺産。まさに「本生100%版のALIVE!」であり、「灼熱・濃縮版のALIVE!」ともなる実況盤なのです。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDでじっくりとお楽しみください。

1. Intro 2. Deuce 3. Strutter 4. Hotter Than Hell 5. Firehouse 6. She 7. Guitar Solo
8. C’Mon And Love Me 9. Bass Solo 10. 100,000 Years 11. Drum Solo 12. 100,000 Years (Reprise)
13. Black Diamond 14. Rock And Roll All Nite

Zodiac 345


Kiss / North Hampton 1975 2nd Show / 1CDR / Non Label
Roxy, North Hampton, PA, USA 19th March 1975 (2nd show)

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The main story press CD is a scorching live album where you can experience 100% real KISS on break eve / explosion with the legendary Maloney sound. The source of the explosive power is the initial impulse that burns with ambition for success. Therefore, I decided to add a bonus to a valuable live album recording the origin of the tour further back.
What has been recorded in such a work is “March 19, 1975 Northampton performance”. It is an audience recording of the first day of “DRESSED TO KILL TOUR” as the schedule of the main story commentary is seen. On this day, two performances are performed a day as well as warm-up of the tour, and this work is the live album of that 2nd show.
The sound that recorded the kickoff of the tour is a tasteful vintage audience. It does not reach to the main story press CD by the expert Joe Maloney as it is, but it feels somewhat convoluted. However, there is no such thing as searching for a performance beyond the noise just because it is not the best (never), and there is no such thing as an explosion or stuttering. The beauty is the core and stability of the thick and limp. Certainly it is hard to say that the details are clear, but the deep bass that shakes the hall is also recorded firmly, and it is extremely powerful. In addition, even if the power bursts with full force, it will never stutter and there will be no tape degradation or distortion. It’s a recording that is easy to hear, and it’s a sound that doesn’t shake at all.
The show drawn with that sound is more interesting because it seems that the more intense initial impulse is a big explosion … and not so. I think that it is a trial run feeling probably because it is probably the first day, but the firmness that makes sure the show carry stands out. At that time, KISS is operating on a tremendous overcrowded schedule, and this work is only one month from the end of the previous “HOTTER THAN HELL TOUR”. It may be more violent … This is completely imagined, but it may have been that the fuse was not yet lit at that time. The opportunity to record “ALIVE!” In Detroit is said to be the hit of the single “Rock And Roll All Nite”, but the single release date is “April 2, 1975”. Since this film’s North Hampton show is in March, “Rock And Roll All Nite” has not yet been included in the set, and conversely, a breakthrough clue has begun to be seen in the Boston show of the main press CD that went into May … … It is such a reality that such subtle differences in momentum can be heard from the other side of the recording.
However, there is a young KISS. This work does not mean to end in a fair manner. The atmosphere changes around “She” of the sixth song. Guigii and the enthusiasm squeezed from there, and heated towards the end of the show. On the other half, “C’mon And Love Me”, which will be the premiere (it can not be affirmed because there is no record of the 1st show, but it is the 2nd even if different), also bursts out.

While burning in ambition, “DRESSED TO KILL TOUR” very early KISS who was looking for that kick. The main title press CD which started running for “ALIVE!” There is no more document set to feel the changing fate. Please enjoy it together.

そんな本作に記録されているのは「1975年3月19日ノースハンプトン公演」。本編解説の日程をご覧の通り、“DRESSED TO KILL TOUR”初日のオーディエンス録音です。この日はツアーのウォームアップも兼ねて1日2公演が行われており、本作はその2ndショウのライヴアルバムです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、さらに苛烈な初期衝動が大爆発……かと思いきや、そうでもないから面白い。恐らくは初日だからこその試運転感だと思うのですが、ショウ運びを確かめるような手堅さが目立つ。当時のKISSは驚異的な過密スケジュールで活動しており、本作も1つ前の“HOTTER THAN HELL TOUR”終了からわずか1ヶ月でしかない。もっと激しくても良いような……。これは完全に想像ですが、もしかしたら当時はまだ導火線に火が付いていなかったのかも知れません。『ALIVE!』をデトロイトで録ることになった契機はシングル『Rock And Roll All Nite』のヒットとも言われていますが、そのシングル発売日は“1975年4月2日”。本作のノースハンプトン公演は3月ですからまだ「Rock And Roll All Nite」がセット入りさえしておらず、逆に5月に入った本編プレスCDのボストン公演ではブレイクスルーの糸口が見え始めていた……。そんな微妙な勢いの差が録音の向こうから聞こえてくるようなリアリティなのです。
とは言え、そこは若きKISS。本作も大人しく終わるわけではない。雰囲気が変わってくるのは6曲目の「She」辺り。そこからグイグイと熱気が籠もっていき、ショウ終盤に向けて加熱していく。その後半ではこの日が初演(1stショウの記録が残っていないために断言はできませんが、違ったとしても2回目)となる「C’mon And Love Me」も炸裂するのです。

野心に燃えながら、そのキッカケを探していた“DRESSED TO KILL TOUR”極初期のKISS。その転機を迎える寸前の本作と、『ALIVE!』に向けて走り出した本編プレスCD。運命の変わる刹那を感じるのにこれ以上ないドキュメント・セットです。どうぞ、併せてたっぷりとご堪能ください。

1. Deuce 2. Strutter 3. Got To Choose 4. Hotter Than Hell 5. Firehouse 6. She 7. Guitar Solo
8. Nothin’ To Lose 9. Parasite 10. 100,000 Years (incl. Drum Solo) 11. Black Diamond
12. C’mon And Love Me 13. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N Roll14. Cold Gin

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