Kiss / Alive In Paris /1 CDR

Kiss / Alive In Paris /1 CDR /Non Label

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Live At L’Olympis, Paris, France 22nd May 1976.


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Live at L’Olympia, Paris, France 22nd May 1976 SBD (UPGRADE) 1976 years from the “Alive Tour”, about 1 hour in a high quality sound board a Paris concert May 22 recorded over a. From beginning to end, the stage of the best part of the heyday kiss to listen in line recording a clear freshness of outstanding perfect score Gotae listen.It is a sound source more famous past, but by applying a remastered this time, in the sound that you upgraded In addition, you can enjoy the show of the best part of this time. That new work called “Destroyer” immediately after the release, I will listen to introduction of “Flaming Youth new album from the” Destroyer “” in front of the third track. Some portions of sound becomes rough in some tape deterioration in 100,000 Years, but the sound quality is generally good. The sound is as thick line recording of this era, degradation is small, if a minor one in the analog noise of some that was crackling, is a sound board recording high-level equivalent. Balance of sound is also without problems, I can recommend it to fans of any level. In the original sound, the pitch was high on the whole also corrected. Upgraded version of the sound source in 1976 Paris Kiss fan indispensable, all must listen. 

1976年「Alive Tour」より、5月22日のパリ公演を高音質サウンドボードで約1時間に渡って収録。鮮度抜群のクリアーなライン録音で聴ける絶頂期キッスの圧巻のステージは終始、聴きごたえ満点。過去より有名な音源ですが、今回リマスター処理を施すことで、更にグレードアップしたサウンドで、この時期の圧巻のショウを楽しむことができます。新作「Destroyer」リリース直後ということで、3曲目の前には「ニューアルバム「Destroyer」からFlaming Youth」という紹介が聴けます。100,000 Yearsで一部テープ劣化で音が荒れる部分がありますが、音質は総じて良好。この時代のライン録音としては音も太く、劣化も少なく、パチパチした若干のアナログノイズに目をつぶれば、相当ハイレベルなサウンドボード録音です。音のバランスも問題なしで、どのレベルのファンにもお薦めできます。原音において、全体的に高かったピッチも補正済み。全てのキッス・ファン必携・必聴のパリ1976年音源のアップグレード版。

1. Intro 2. Deuce 3. Strutter 4. Flaming Youth 5. Hotter Than Hell 6. Firehouse 7. She
8. Shout It Out Loud 9. 100,000 Years 10. Black Diamond 11. Detroit Rock City
12. Nothin’ To Lose 13. Rock And Roll All Nite


Paul Stanley – Guitar, Vocal Gene Simmons – Bass, Vocal Ace Frehley – Guitar
Peter Criss – Drums, Vocal

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