Kiss / Aerosmith / One Stage One Night Fresno 2003 / 2DVDR

Kiss / Aerosmith / One Stage One Night Fresno 2003 / 2DVDR / Non Label
Live at MCI Center, Fresno, CA. USA 20th December 2003


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There are a lot of coupling live dreams in rock history, but there was no combination that was so gorgeous and synchronized with fan psychology. Yes, that coupling is KISS & AEROSMITH. Yes, the super-excellent image of the tour of the century “Rocksimus Maximus / World Domination Tour (commonly known as AeroKiss Tour)” that dominate the topic of 2003 is the gift release decision!
に し て も But it is luxurious. Still wonderful. Speaking of KISS and AEROSMITH, they are not just rock giants. A two-guilty band that inspired rock and poison to healthy boys and girls in the 70’s and upset their lives. I guess there are many people here in Japan who have learned. The two rivals will be performing a coupling tour to share the stage overnight.
Unfortunately, here in Japan, KISS just came to Japan, but I couldn’t experience the showdown of the century. This work is a superb audience shot that heals such dryness. About 60 performances of the coupling show were realized in North America only, but this work includes “Desert Performance on December 20, 2003”. A complete set of the last day of the tour, two discs with KISS on Disc 1 and AEROSMITH on Disc 2.
ク オ リ テ ィ The quality of this work is powerful and unmatched. What is most exciting is the experience of seeing the two bands in the same position. No matter how the scene is on the same stage, different angles from different photographers will make the show look completely different. However, this work can be experienced continuously with completely the same viewpoint and the same quality. Moreover, that viewpoint is too wonderful. The picture is taken from the front row of the second floor seat in front of the stage, and there is no shadow of the front row that blocks the field of view. Besides, the stability is outstanding. There should have been no camera shake prevention function as powerful as the current one only 13 years ago, but it does not shake even if you follow the highlights. And digitally open image quality and clear sound with no obstructions … It’s a special seat shot where only the two big bands occupy the view as if you shot the drone to the venue.

[Disc 1: KISS (Peter’s Last Show)] 2The two big bands drawn with such quality are more than just tying. The mood that revived the 70s, when the two major bands competed, was revived with modern technology is too wonderful. First of all, KISS, this is the 70’s Greatest Hits. It is updated with 21st-century technology, and both the pyro and the gimmick are super flashy. It’s wonderful 70’s, but you can experience the hyper spectacle that you couldn’t do in the 70’s.
Although Ace has already left, Peter who has left the “FAREWELL TOUR 2000-2001” has returned and sings “Beth” in this work. Furthermore, this day was Peter’s 58th birthday. A large chorus of birthday songs involving the pauls and engulfing the venue took place, and two female voices brought cakes. Moreover, this day was the last day of the tour, after which Peter left KISS. In other words, this is Peter’s last brave figure.

[Disk 2: AEROSMITH] AE AEROSMITH on its behalf radiates the 70s mood in the exact opposite way to KISS. As a matter of fact, it is an all-time best that plays a lot of hit songs after the GEFFEN era. There is almost no feeling in the 70’s even if you look at the song, but it is different if you actually witness it. The stage set is extremely simple, as if you were watching the venue of the 70’s in digital quality. The show is also cut out with “Let The Music Do The Talking” as declared from the opening, and pushed by the band’s own power. KISS then walks through the unused flower avenues and noses the audience to show off.
ス テ ー ジ The stage where the latest hits are interlaced with the 70’s rock spirit and slaps is the exact opposite of KISS, which updated the KISS 70’s production with modern technology. Both are “fusions of those days and the present age” that only those who ran through the 70s and survived the forefront to the present age can do it.

か Whether the success of this tour was impressive or notable, both males performed a number of coupling tours. AEROSMITH merged with Lenny Kravitz, MOTOLEY CRUE and ZZ TOP, and KISS also sprung the world with MOTOLEY CRUE and DEF LEPPARD. Although each was a luxurious coupling, both tournaments were as bright as this “AeroKiss Tour”, and there was no tour that permeated the times. A space that is exactly what KISS and AERO do. By all means, please experience this student 100%!
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ロック史に夢のカップリング・ライヴは数あれど、ここまで豪華でファン心理にシンクロした組み合わせはなかった。そう、そのカップリングとはKISS & AEROSMITH。そう、2003年の話題を独り占めした世紀のツアー“Rocksimus Maximus/World Domination Tour(通称AeroKiss Tour)”の超・極上映像がギフト・リリース決定です!

エースはすでに去っているものの、“FAREWELL TOUR 2000-2001”を途中離脱していたピーターは戻っており、本作でも「Beth」を歌う。さらに、この日はピーター58歳の誕生日当日。ポールに煽られて会場中を巻き込むバースデー・ソングの大合唱が起こり、女声2人がケーキを持ってくるのです。しかも、この日はツアーの最終日であり、その後ピーターはKISSを離脱。つまり、本作こそがピーター最後の勇姿なのです。

代わってのAEROSMITHはKISSとは真逆の手法で70年代ムードを発散する。実のところ、GEFFEN時代以降のヒット曲も大量に演奏するオールタイム・ベスト。曲目を見ても70年代感はほとんどないのですが、実際に目撃すると違う。ステージ・セットは極めてシンプルで、まるで70年代の会場をデジタル画質で見ているかのよう。ショウもオープニングから宣言するような「Let The Music Do The Talking(音楽にモノを言わせろ)」で切り出し、バンド自身の力業でグイグイと押しまくる。そして、KISSは一切使わなかった花道を練り歩き、見せつけるように観客をノセていくのです。

このツアーの成功がよほど印象に残ったのか、両雄は数々のカップリングツアーを行いました。AEROSMITHはレニー・クラヴィッツやMOTOLEY CRUE、ZZ TOPと合流し、KISSもMOTOLEY CRUE、DEF LEPPARDと世界を湧かせた。それぞれに豪華なカップリングでしたが、この“AeroKiss Tour”ほど両雄が輝き、時代感まで滲み出すツアーはありませんでした。まさに“KISSとAERO”だからこその空間。ぜひ、本作で本生100%体験してください!

Disc 1 : KISS
1. Introduction 2. Detroit Rock City 3. Deuce 4. Shout It Out Loud 5. Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll
6. Lick It Up 7. Firehouse 8. I Love It Loud 9. I Want You 10. God Of Thunder
11. 100,000 Years 12. Black Diamond 13. Beth 14. Love Gun 15. Rock And Roll All Nite

Paul Stanley – Guitar & Vocal Gene Simmons – Bass & Vocal
Tommy Thayer – Lead Guitar Peter Criss – Drums★

COLOUR NTSC Approx.92min.

1. Introduction 2. Let The Music Do The Talking 3. Love In An Elevator 4. Same Old Song And Dance
5. Pink 6. Jaded 7. Rag Doll 8. Rats In The Cellar 9. What It Takes 10. Stop Messin’ Around
11. Baby Please Don’t Go 12. Dream On 13. Toys In The Attic 14. Cryin’ 15. Walk This Way
16. Band Introduction 17. Bass Solo 18. Sweet Emotion

COLOUR NTSC Approx.87min.

Steven Tyler – Vocals Joe Perry – Guitar Tom Hamilton – Bass
Joey Kramer – Drums Brad Whitford – Guitar

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