KISS / Louisville 1984 / 2CDR

KISS / Louisville 1984 / 2CDR / Shades

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Live at Commonwealth Convention Center, Louisville, KY. USA 15th December 1984

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The first tour of Bruce Cueric was “ANIMALIZE WORLD TOUR”. That powerful live album is appearing.
It is contained in this work “December 15, 1984 Louisville Concert”. It is its superb audience recording. The main point of this work is in a strangely strong quality, but first of all it is the position of the show. Let’s check in the whole tour image.

“September 13” ANIMALIZE “Release”
· September 30 – November 5: Europe (29 shows)
· November 15 – December 30: North America # 1 (29 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· January 3 – March 29: North America # 2 (61 performances)

This is the whole view of “ANIMALIZE WORLD TOUR”. Originally, Mark · St. John was supposed to perform the tour, but arthritis developed in the rehearsal bill just before. I decided to replace it with Bruce Cueric with only three performances. KISS who went around Europe as it is returned to North America. This work ‘s Louisville show is a show of “North America # 1” 40 performances, and a show of “Thrills In The Night” PV was also taken. There is also an official video “ANIMALIZE LIVE UNCENSORED” from this tour, but it was also a very concert after the 5 performances.
The sound of this work that recorded such a show is terribly powerful. Anyway, the musical tones are extremely thick and powerful, it is a tremendous deep power. Of course, as a matter of fact, enthusiasm is also a vivid audience recording, but it just drowns out its cheers. Neither vocals nor the drums feel a sense of distance and seem to beat on the eyes. The audience is making noise while playing like America, but when listening carefully with headphones, you can hear only a bit in the skimmer of extreme performance. Of course, a huge swell is heard between the songs that stopped playing, and it is surprising that “This great cheer was being drowned”. The performance and singing voice are so powerful that the cheer sounds much farther.
Despite all that powerful sound, it is terrible because it is neat. Even though drums like thunder do not get crushed or warped even if the guitar strumming on the gigin faces Fortissimo. It is a wonderful name recording that will be out of the common sense of an audience, although it seems to be audience seems to sound in the drums.
The sound depicted in that sound is air of the era that springs to “ANIMALIZE” which became the biggest hit of the 80’s. Anyhow the rush of famous music group is amazing. The set list which is said to be “the most variety rich in KISS history” is luxurious. The 70’s repertoire is concentrated and reduced to just 5 songs while 2/3 of the show is plenty showing off from the trilogy of “CREATURES OF THE NIGHT”, “LICK IT UP”, “ANIMALIZE”. Of course, there are also “I Still Love You”, “Lick It Up” and “Heaven’s on Fire” which are still played, but I am delighted with “Fits Like A Glove”, “Young And Wasted” and “Under The Gun” And, the extreme is “Thrills In The Night”. It was also included in “ANIMALIZE LIVE UNCENSORED” so it seems like a staple of this tour, but in fact it is extremely rare. It is a number that is only played as many times as can be counted in December 1984, and this work is a 100% record of that precious real life.

Apart from anything, the best audience sounds vivid but raw. It is a live album which becomes “ANIMALIZE LIVE UNCENSORED” of 100% trial version of this 100% super quality on behalf of the tour. Glory show that was brilliant even in the no-make era. One stuff that will let you experience on the scene of that dazzling gorgeous show. Please, enjoy it.


ブルース・キューリックの初ツアーとなった“ANIMALIZE WORLD TOUR”。その強力ライヴアルバムが登場です。


これが“ANIMALIZE WORLD TOUR”の全景。当初はマーク・セント・ジョンがツアーもこなすはずでしたが、直前のリハ-札中に関節炎を発症。わずか3公演でブルース・キューリックと交代することになりました。そのまま欧州を巡ったKISSは北米に帰国。本作のルイビル公演は、その「北米#1」40公演目にあたり、「Thrills In The Night」のPV撮影も行われたショウ。このツアーからはオフィシャル映像『ANIMALIZE LIVE UNCENSORED』もありますが、その5公演後という激近のコンサートでもありました。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、80年代最大のヒット作となった『ANIMALIZE』に湧く時代の空気。とにかく名曲群のラッシュが凄い。「KISS史上、もっともバラエティ豊か」と言われるセットリストは豪華絢爛。70年代レパートリーはわずか5曲に濃縮還元しつつ、ショウの2/3は『CREATURES OF THE NIGHT』『LICK IT UP』『ANIMALIZE』の3部作からたっぷりと披露される。もちろん、現在でも演奏される「I Still Love You」「Lick It Up」「Heaven’s on Fire」もありますが、当時ならではの「Fits Like A Glove」「Young And Wasted」「Under The Gun」が嬉しい。そして、極めつけは「Thrills In The Night」。『ANIMALIZE LIVE UNCENSORED』にも収録されたのでこのツアーの定番のようにも思えますが、実は激レア。1984年12月に指折り数えられるほどの回数しか演奏されていないナンバーであり、本作はその貴重な本生100%記録なのです。

なにはさておき、生々しくも極上のオーディエンス・サウンド。ツアーを代表する極上クオリティで本生100%体験版の『ANIMALIZE LIVE UNCENSORED』となるライヴアルバムです。ノーメイク時代でも最も光り輝いていた栄光のライヴ。あの眩しい豪華なショウの現場に立って体験させてくれる1本。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1(46:15)
1. Detroit Rock City 2. Cold Gin 3. Creatures Of The Night 4. Fits Like A Glove
5. Heaven’s On Fire 6. Thrills In The Night 7. Paul’s Guitar Solo 8. Under The Gun
9. War Machine 10. Drum Solo

Disc 2(39:10)
1. Young And Wasted 2. Bass Solo 3. I Love It Loud 4. I Still Love You
5. Love Gun 6. Black Diamond 7. Jam 8. Lick It Up 9. Rock And Roll All Nite

Paul Stanley – Vocal & Guitar Gene Simmons – Vocal & Bass Bruce Kulick – Guitar
Eric Carr – Drums

Shades 865

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