Kiss / Milan Riot Show 1980 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Kiss / Milan Riot Show 1980 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac
Translated Text:
Live at Vigrelly, Milan, Italy 2nd September 1980 plus Bonus DVDR “SYDNEY 1980: TV BROADCAST”


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A valuable “UNMASKED TOUR 1980” masterpiece live album is appearing for the first time. It is contained in this work “September 2, 1980 Milan Show”. It is a finest product that was made into a CD directly from its master cassette.
This master was brought about by our own route. We have delivered many world first sound boards, but it is an audience album that emerged from the excavation route. Before introducing that amazing sound, let’s first confirm the position of the show from the whole picture of the tour.

“May 20 released” UNMASKED ”
· July 25: Warm-up Show
· August 29 – October 13: Europe (29 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· November 8 – December 3: Oceania (11 shows)

Over all, 41 shows. In the history of KISS glory, it was a little small tour only when it was dented, and only the warm-up · gig only in the home country. Among them, this work ‘s Milan show was a very early concert called the 4th performances. In addition, the late Eric car joins before the tour. This work is
not only for tour early in the early days but also for Eric as 4th performances.
This show was also a story. Actually, it is famous even that a riot has occurred. The thing happened before the performance. A group of young people who did not have tickets broke through the entrance and got a fight fight inside. The police also acted on this uproar, and it became a situation to drive
tear gas. After that, the young people who caused trouble are picked up and will have a performance, but it is still awkward in the places excited. The empty bottle, milk carton (?), Fruit (??) are disturbed, the police intervened again, and it makes a fuss about news reporting.
It is this work that put such a show, but it is finished in a powerful live album that I am fortunately unhappy and can not think that there was such a fuss. First of all, it is one of the most obvious sounds. I do not know what kind of recording environment it was, but there is almost no audience / noise,
musical sound and singing voice are strong and unparalleled. Brilliant musical sound like a laser beam jumps straight in a straight ball and it is called a little radio sound source, it is like the latest IEM recording sound. Moreover, its freshness is amazing. After all, it is digitized directly from Omoto
cassette, so its freshness is ultimate. There is no dubbing deterioration and distortion, and a splendid noiseless sound with constant stability continues constantly.
Another great performance of KISS that does not let you feel the riot is blowing out at its best. More than anything, it will be a show of “THE FOX”. After all, Eric of 30 years old at that time had only a local covered band career before that, he was a member of the world big star overnight. Moreover,
although it is said that “UNMASKED” is unpopular, it is only the story of the United States, and on the European leg of this work opposite the tour was also a big success. Eric who jumped out to the world and witnessed the enthusiasm of the big crowd is unlikely to be inspired. The delightfully rejoicing
full of joy is exploding over the whole story. Of course, as the engine drummer pushes at full throttle, the three people who were pushed back are also fully opened. There are plenty of records of the moment when KISS, a genuine live band, breathed back.
The set painted with such a performance is also okay. For KISS who takes care of “big hit songs pleasing to the fans”, the set list tends to be similar to the KISS, but this work does not have it. The attention is still a new song “Is That You?” “Talk To Me” “You’re All That I Want” of the problem work
“UNMASKED”. “Talk To Me” was also played in the reunion era in 2001, the rest are rare numbers only then. Especially “You’re All That I Want” is enough to count the performance record itself. It can be enjoyed with clear sound of master quality.

To be honest, I thought “What? Audience?” Only for routes that are playing a supreme sound board. However, the moment of playing that master, it was attacked by a shock comparable to the world’s first sound board. It is such a terrible recording, it is a show.
It is an energetic live which Eric car has just jumped out to the world, while being a history of “riot nights”, an extremely rare set that forget even it. Such a masterpiece first appearance Master Direct and a masterpiece that dug up. Please, enjoy it.

貴重な“UNMASKED TOUR 1980”の大傑作ライヴアルバムが初登場です。本作に収められているのは「1980年9月2日ミラノ公演」。そのマスター・カセットからダイレクトにCD化された極上品です。


もう1つ、暴動を感じさせないのが絶好調でかっ飛ばすKISSの大熱演。何よりも“THE FOX”の熱演でしょう。何しろ、当時30歳のエリックはそれまでローカルなカバーバンドくらいしかキャリアがなかったわけですが、その彼が一夜にして世界的大スターの一員。しかも、『UNMASKED』が不評と
そんな熱演で描かれるセットもオイシイ。“ファンの喜ぶ大ヒット曲”を大事にするKISSだけに、ともすればセットリストが似てしまいがちですが、本作にそれはない。注目はやはり問題作『UNMASKED』の新曲「Is That You?」「Talk To Me」「You’re All That I Want」でしょう。「Talk To Me」こそ2001年
の再結成時代にも演奏されましたが、残りは当時だけのレアナンバー。特に「You’re All That I Want」は演奏記録自体が指折り数えられるほどしかない。それをマスター・クオリティのクリアサウンドで楽しめるのです。

正直なところ、極上サウンドボードを連発しているルートだけに「え? オーディエンス?」とは思いました。しかし、そのマスターを再生した瞬間、世界初サウンドボードにも匹敵する衝撃に襲われた。それほど凄まじい録音であり、ショウなのです。

Disc 1 (43:13)
1. Intro 2. Detroit Rock City 3. Cold Gin 4. Strutter 5. Calling Dr. Love 6. Is That You ?
7. Firehouse 8. Talk To Me 9. You’re All That I Want 10. 2,000 Man 11. Guitar Solo Outro
12. I Was Made For Lovin’ You

Disc 2 (39:11)
1. New York Groove 2. Love Gun 3. Bass Solo 4. God Of Thunder 5. Drums’ Solo
6. God Of Thunder (reprise) 7. Rock And Roll All Nite 8. Shout It Out Loud
9. King Of The Night Time World 10. Black Diamond

Paul Stanley – Vocal & Guitar Gene Simmons – Vocal & Bass Ace Frehley – Guitar & Vocal
Eric Carr – Drums & Vocal


Kiss / Sydney 1980 TV Broadcast / 1Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney, Australia 22nd November 1980 PRO-SHOT

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Immediately after joining Eric · car, the only tour “A UNMASKED TOUR 1980” was just before leaving Ace · Fraley. The main press 2CD is a new decision board that has digged directly from the master cassette that firstly appeared at the site. However, this tour also tends to be thought of as “the black
history of KISS” (there is also a decline in sales of the album). However, at the actual tour site like the golden age …. No, I was sprinkling more enthusiasm. So we will give you a beautiful TV program that will convey the mood of that time to Vivid for the bonus of the new classic live album.
What is contained in this work is a TV program on the theme of “Oceania leg” realized on the final stage of the world tour. Actually, this tour is the first Oceania landing for KISS. Both Australia and New Zealand were boiling with the enthusiasm of “that super popular band comes”! It was a great success
called “the most spectacular tour of KISS history”. This work is a television program that such enthusiasm blow out from the screen and speakers. While using the professional shot live of “Sydney performance on 22nd November 1980” which was also formulated, it also featuring gold disk awards and
staff / interviews, making it one of the biggest events with the country It will convey the impact of the first Oceania we did.
Such a work, excellent quality. This video has been known for many years as “the best beautiful shot in 1980” until the Sydney performance is officially established, but this work is the highest peak master. In fact, coloring is super vivid if details are also very detailed. It is a picture beauty that I can not
imagine broadcasting over 35 years ago.
A wonderful thing of the live & off stage that is drawn with that quality. What to say about live is Ace. He will also participate in the next album “MUSIC FROM” THE ELDER “, but there is no tour accompanying the album. As a result, this work is also a live show just before withdrawal from Ace (4th
performance from the end). It is featuring a flashy gimmick only for TV programs, but familiar guitar solos that fly rockets are also “last brave figure”. Of course, you can witness the Eric car of “THE FOX” makeup firmly with multi camera.
More than such precious live is the local scene that is sandwiched between songs. Anyway, the impact of “KISS attack!” Appears straight, the report which is told in the news tone is also exciting, crowded with cosplay, the enthusiasm of crowd running running toward the stage with the opening is
amazing. Our KISS member also hid a face with a strange tube (?) And moved with a helicopter or limousine. It is a public road overflowing by a large crowd, a whitewashed group of four people who are introduced to the mayor of Sydney like a state guest …? It was like the Beatles’ first visit to Japan. The
impact of KISS ‘s first attack, which was a “major incident” completely, is transmitted to the real.

During the long history, the live reigning as a representative pro shot and the superb picture that the huge sum of KISS who shook the southern hemisphere explodes. Even now, in Oceania it seems that “Shandi” is indispensable, but that is also a natural frenzy of course. “UNMASKED TOUR” was even
one of their peaks, not black history. One piece that confronts the fact. It is a living witness of history which makes the shock of 2CD press more intensely.

エリック・カー加入直後にして、エース・フレイリー脱退直前だった唯一のツアー“UNMASKED TOUR 1980”。本編プレス2CDは、その現場を初登場のマスター・カセットからダイレクトに掘り超した新・決定盤です。ただ、このツアーは(アルバムのセールス低下もあってか)“KISSの黒歴史”と思わ
そのクオリティで描かれるライヴ&オフステージの素晴らしい事。ライヴの見どころは何と言ってもエース。彼は次作『MUSIC FROM “THE ELDER”』にも参加しますが、アルバムに伴うツアーはなし。結果として、本作はエースに脱退直前のライヴ(最後から4公演目)でもあるわけです。テレビ番
組だけに派手なギミックをフィーチュアしていますが、ロケットを飛ばすお馴染みのギターソロも“最後の勇姿”なのです。もちろん、“THE FOX”メイクのエリック・カーもマルチカメラでしっかりと目撃できます。

長い歴史の間、代表プロショットとして君臨してきたライヴと、南半球を揺るがしたKISSの巨大ぶりが炸裂する極上映像です。現在でもオセアニアでは「Shandi」を欠かさないそうですが、それも当然の大熱狂。“UNMASKED TOUR”は黒歴史どころか、彼らの1つのピークですらあった。その事

1. Intro 2. Detroit Rock City 3. Shandi 4. Talk To Me 5. Ace Solo 6. New York Groove
7. Calling Dr. Love 8. Is That You? 9. I Was Made For Lovin’ You 10. God Of Thunder
11. Rock And Roll All Nite 12. Black Diamond

Paul Stanley – Guitar, Vocal Gene Simmons – Bass, Vocal Ace Frehley – Guitar, Vocal
Eric Carr – Drums, Vocal


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