Kiss / Definitive Anaheim 1976 / 1CD

Kiss / Definitive Anaheim 1976 / 1CD/ Zodiac

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Live at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California, USA 20th August 1976. SBD

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There is no choice but to call even “ALIVE 1.5” legendary sound board album is upgraded. It appears in permanent preservation press CD. The legendary board is “Ultra / Super Stereo Soundboard” of “August 20, 1976 Anaheim Show”. Pro shot video is famous for a long time this year, but this work is totally different. First appearance five years ago, stakeholders who shook maniacs all over the world Soundboard master. Yes, it was a brush up of that super masterpiece “ANAHEIM 1976”.
The impact of the appearance of “ANAHEIM 1976” was enormously huge. In our shop, we have had a series of KISS ‘first appearance sound boards in the world, but this one is one of them. This series was originally a 90’s thing like “REVENGE IN DAYTON (Zodiac 014)”, “REVENGE IS READY: TOUR REHARSAL 1992 (Zodiac 015)”, it was thought to be an official of that time. However, finally the 70’s sound board was discovered! It is also a show in 1976, the golden age of the golden age … …. Speaking of 1976, it is a special season when three tours overlap with two albums with a footprint. Let’s check the position of this work on the timeline of the time here.

· January 23 – March 28: North America (35 shows)
“March 15 Release of” DESTROYER “”
· April 11 – 28: North America (12 performances)
· May 4th: M & M CONTEST CONCERT appearance
· May 13 – June 6: Europe (17 performances)

· July 3 – September 12: North America (35 shows) ← ★ Coco ★

“November 11” ROCK AND ROLL OVER “released”
· November 24 – December 30: North America (22 performances)

This is a prime and culmination in 1976. “ALIVE! TOUR” continued from 1975, “ROCK & ROLL OVER TOUR” continues to 1977, but also between that creative and live constantly. The Anaheim performance of this work was a concert corresponding to the “DESTROYER TOUR” 25 performances in the middle of that do.
The sound board which recorded such live, the quality was also abnormal. Anyway, it is a directly connected master with zero dubbing marks. As mentioned earlier, there was a large standard pro shot, but … …. No, because it exists, the sense of direct connection and the freshness of the super class are intense. It was like a different show, despite the familiar live performances, a close contact feeling that it could fly from the speaker to the brim, and vividly separate performances. Of course, maniacs all over the world tremble in that shock. “ANAHEIM 1976” was also a huge hit, and it was sold out and out of print in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye.
This work is the one that brushed up such a famous board with the latest · meticulous remaster. “ANAHEIM 1976” delivered the truth of the excavation master as it was, but this time we have pulled out the possibilities of the master to the fullest. Of course, I do not do unreasonable sound pressure creation etc, and there is no uncanny man like crushing by over peak. On top of that, it prolongs its strengths and reinforces its weaknesses. I aimed for the completion of a more natural live album. To stretch its strength is to sharpen detail. Direct feeling was originally intense but there was room for improvement in details of the details. Therefore, in this work, each range is adjusted. It improved the omission, realized the sound which makes the details of one tone more vivid and clearer.
Conversely balancing with supplementing weak points. Although the vividness of the site mix is ​​amazing only for direct desk, it was also unbalanced as a music work. Especially noticeable is guitar solo. While direct grade of director pushed with gui guitar, only solo was retracted. In this work, I started such a solo, extruded the note which was unnaturally weak in front of the guy and adjusted the total balance. Also a big cheer among the songs. Even though the former sound source is directly connected to the desk, the presence of the audience was too thin. Hearing up often with headphones, I heard a cheering sound that was about the extent I noticed a little volume up. Of course, while still playing, the presence and enthusiasm of the audience is felt among the songs. I will add it for sure, but with cheers overdub (never!) There is not. Only sound that was sucked into all Omoto original sound board. Therefore, it is not “an official board” but the dimensions of a desk cabinet direct sound board to the last, but the mood which was made silent between songs has been improved.
The show which has revived with such quality can be said just as “ALIVE 1.5”. The set is a golden show which added a new song from “DESTROYER” while concentrating the name board “ALIVE!”. Moreover, it reaches to “Do You Love Me?” Which was not adopted in “ALIVE II”. KISS in the midst of breaking such a brilliant set ears …… No, it is screwed with a directly connected sound board of intrusion level in the brain. Even in their long history, they are transcendent live albums that will taste plenty of era at the very peak.

It is luxurious than “ALIVE!” And more real than “ALIVE II”. And, closer to the original ensemble than “ANAHEIM 1976”, it has increased to the stage feeling on site. It is exactly the ultimate live album, KISS sound board album. That’s the super-name board even with the same value as the famous boards such as “ALIVE!” “ALIVE II” and “DESTROYER”. Its ultimate form. Here is the deciding permanent preservation press making a majestic dignity.

“ALIVE 1.5”とでも呼ぶしかない伝説のサウンドボード・アルバムがアップグレード。永久保存プレスCDで登場です。その伝説盤とは「1976年8月20日アナハイム公演」の超・極上ステレオ・サウンドボード。この日は古くからプロショット映像が有名ですが、本作はまったく別。5年前に初登場し、世界中のマニアを震撼させた関係者流出サウンドボード・マスター。そう、あの超傑作『ANAHEIM 1976』をブラッシュ・アップさせたものなのです。
『ANAHEIM 1976』登場の衝撃は、とてつもなく巨大でした。当店ではKISSの世界初登場サウンドボードを連発してきましたが、本作もそのひとつ。このシリーズは当初『REVENGE IN DAYTON(Zodiac 014)』『REVENGE IS READY : TOUR REHEARSAL 1992(Zodiac 015)』といった90年代物で、その当時の関係者と思われていました。ところが、遂に70年代サウンドボードが発掘! それも、黄金期中の黄金期である1976年のショウなのですから……。1976年と言えば、アルバム2枚にツアー3本が足かけで重なる特濃期。ここで、本作のポジションを当時のタイムラインで確認してみましょう。



《11月11日『ROCK AND ROLL OVER』発売》

これが全盛にして絶頂の1976年。“ALIVE! TOUR”は1975年から続き、“ROCK & ROLL OVER TOUR”は1977年へ続くわけですが、その合間も絶え間なく創作&ライヴ。本作のアナハイム公演はそのド真ん中にあたる“DESTROYER TOUR”25公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなライヴを記録したサウンドボードは、クオリティも異常だった。何しろ、ダビング痕ゼロのド直結マスター。前述の通り、大定番プロショットも存在したわけですが……否、存在するからこそ、超ド級の直結感と鮮度が強烈。スピーカーからツバまで飛んできそうな密着感、鮮やかにセパレートした演奏……馴染み抜いたライヴにも関わらず、まるで違うショウかのようだった。もちろん、その衝撃には世界中のマニアが震撼。『ANAHEIM 1976』も大ヒットし、瞬く間に完売・廃盤となってしまったのです。
本作は、そんな大名盤を最新・細心リマスターでブラッシュ・アップしたものです。『ANAHEIM 1976』では発掘マスターの真実をそっくりそのままお届けしましたが、今回はマスターの可能性を最大限に引き出しました。もちろん、無闇矢鱈な音圧稼ぎなどは行わず、オーバーピークで潰すような無粋なマネもなし。その上で、長所をより伸ばし、弱点を補強。より自然なライヴアルバムの完成度を目指しました。長所を伸ばすというのは、ディテールの先鋭化。元からダイレクト感こそ強烈無二ではありましたが、それに比べるとディテールの細やかさには改善の余地があった。そこで、本作では各音域を調整。抜けを良くし、1音1音の細部をより一層クッキリ鮮やかに浮き立つサウンドを実現しました。
そんなクオリティで甦ったショウは、まさに“ALIVE 1.5”とでも言うしかない。セットは名盤『ALIVE!』を濃縮しつつ、『DESTROYER』から必殺の新曲を上乗せした黄金のショウ。しかも『ALIVE II』には採用されなかった「Do You Love Me?」まで轟く。そんな輝けるセットをブレイク真っ最中のKISSが耳元……いえ、脳内侵入レベルのド直結サウンドボードでねじ込まれる。彼らの長い歴史でも、まさに頂点となる時代をたっぷりと味わわせてくれる超絶ライヴアルバムなのです。

『ALIVE!』よりも豪華で『ALIVE II』よりも本生。そして『ANAHEIM 1976』よりも本来のアンサンブルに近づき、現場ステージ感まで増量している。まさに究極のライヴアルバム、KISS希代のサウンドボード・アルバムです。それこそ『ALIVE!』『ALIVE II』や『DESTROYER』といった名盤達と同価値でさえある超名盤。その究極形。ここに堂々の永久保存プレス化決定です。


1. Intro. 2. Detroit Rock City 3. King Of The Night Time World 4. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
5. Strutter 6. Hotter Than Hell 7. Nothin’ To Lose 8. Cold Gin 9. Shout It Out Loud
10. Do You Love Me? 11. God Of Thunder incl. Drum Solo 12. Rock And Roll All Nite 13. Deuce
14. Firehouse 15. Black Diamond


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