KISS / Anaheim 1976 / 1DVD+1Bonus Single DVDR

KISS / Anaheim 1976 / 1DVD+1Bonus Single DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:

Live at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, CA. USA 20th August 1976 PRO-SHOT Plus Bonus DVDR ” HOUSTON 1976 EXPANDED EDITION”

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The pro shot reigning at the apex of one great heyday “DESTROYER TOUR 1976” revived with the ultimate quality! The masterpiece is “Anaheim Show in August 20, 1976”. From the past “DESTROYER TOUR” … …. No, it is a multi camera camera shot known as masterpiece in masterpieces representative of KISS. Too much famous pro shot, I think that everyone has seen something with the previous departure, but this work is not (indeed!) In that copy. It was produced by overseas Coremania, and it is an excellent item surpassing any previous episode.
Its identity is the best pro shot which synchronized the superb sound board. I picked out the best quality from the pro shot master who has overseas maniacs, and then put on the finest stereo sound boat of the performance. Specifically, although it is not made clear what kind of soundboard was used, it is probably a historical excavation departure from our shop “ANAHEIM 1976 (Zodiac 031)”. In our shop, we have unveiled a lot of stakeholders’ soundboards on our own route and introduced them to everyone. Starting with the 90’s series “REVENGE IN DAYTON” “REVENGE IS READY: TOUR REHARSAL 1992”, “UNRELEASED SPRING 1973 REHEARSAL”, “AMITYVILLE 1973”, “STUDIO DEMOS 1975” etc. Recently “FORT WORTH 1977” has just received great popularity. “ANAHEIM 1976 (Zodiac 031)” is also one of them, it was the big decision board of “DESTROYER TOUR 1976”. This work combines the brain’s direct sounding sound board with the best professional shots, and is the only superstar video that has made full use of the superb audience recording.
Actually, the power of super soundboard is enormous. A completely different edge sharp performance from the vintage feeling of the original voice was screwed into the brain’s miso, and a strange vividness lives in the spectacle of “DESTROYER TOUR 1976” which culminated in the culmination. What do you say, not just the dimension that the sound got better, “the presence is different”. Well pointing to ultimate quality is called “official level”, but the vividness and presence of this work can not even be official. Just in line connection, it feels “that 4 people are here”.
The splendor of “DESTROYER TOUR 1976” drawn with that quality … this is already the top of KISS whole history. The amazing taste of famous songs and the famous places of interest are free from literature and it is the ultimate quality of the full set. Moreover, “DESTROYER TOUR 1976” is wonderful even in the golden age. At the official archive “LIVE GUN TOUR” · “ALIVE II TOUR” · “LIVE GUN TOUR” · “ALIVE TO TOUR” · “LIVE GUN TOUR” · · · “LIVE GUN TOUR” · “ALIVE! TOUR”) at the KISSOLOGY VOLUME ONE: 1974 · 1977 Although it did, “DESTROYER TOUR 1976” was only a shredded image. In contrast, this work is a full shot pro shot including precious “King Of The Night Time World”. It is absolutely an item that fills the vacant “hole” in the official work.
In addition, this work also includes bonus “Full stage shot” of “Black Diamond” after the fireworks display (this is also spectacular!) That concludes the main show full show. This is, so to speak, “fixed camera fixed shots”. Although it is a one-camera without zoom, this is also a valuable record of the Anaheim performance. You can enjoy it with the best soundboard sound as well as the main volume.

A masterpiece created by a mania who was shocked by the excavation sound board, devoted to the best of superb materials and passion. Although this work is the best professional shot, at the same time it is also a video work that “Mania’s affection” could have made. One that I drew the truth that can not be reached even by the official. We will contain it in a dual layer press DVD that will not spoil the mania’s design and will deliver it to you.

一大全盛期“DESTROYER TOUR 1976”の頂点に君臨するプロショットが究極クオリティで蘇りました! その名作とは「1976年8月20日アナハイム公演」。以前から“DESTROYER TOUR”を……いえ、KISSを代表する名作中の名作として知られるマルチカメラ・プロショットです。あまりに有名なプロショットだけに、皆さまも何かしらの既発で目にされたことがあると思いますが、本作はそのコピーでは(決して!)ありません。海外のコアマニアが制作したもので、いかなる既発をも凌駕した逸品なのです。
その正体とは、ベスト・プロショットに超極上サウンドボードをシンクロさせたもの。海外マニアが無数にあるプロショット・マスターからベスト・クオリティのものを選び抜き、その上で同公演の極上ステレオ・サウンドボート被せたのです。具体的に、どんなサウンドボードを使用したのかは明言されていませんが、恐らくは当店発の歴史的発掘盤『ANAHEIM 1976(Zodiac 031)』でしょう。当店では、独自のルートで関係者流出サウンドボードを数多く発掘、皆さまにご紹介してきました。90年代の連作『REVENGE IN DAYTON』『REVENGE IS READY : TOUR REHEARSAL 1992』を皮切りに、70年代でも『UNRELEASED SPRING 1973 REHEARSAL』『AMITYVILLE 1973』『STUDIO DEMOS 1975』等々など。最近でも『FORT WORTH 1977』が大好評を賜ったばかりです。『ANAHEIM 1976(Zodiac 031)』もまたその1つであり、“DESTROYER TOUR 1976”の一大決定盤でした。本作は、あの脳ミソ直撃サウンドボードと極上プロショットを融合させ、さらに極上オーディエンス録音まで駆使した唯一無二の超絶映像なのです。
実際、超サウンドボードの威力は絶大。元音声のヴィンテージ感覚とはまったく異なるエッジ鋭い演奏が脳ミソにねじ込まれ、絶頂を究めた“DESTROYER TOUR 1976”の光景に異様な生々しさが宿る。何と言いますか、単に音が良くなったという次元ではなく、“存在感が違う”。よく極上クオリティを指して「オフィシャル級」と呼びますが、本作の生々しさと存在感はオフィシャルでさえあり得ない。まさにライン直結で「あの4人がここにいる」と感じられるのです。
そのクオリティで描かれる“DESTROYER TOUR 1976”の素晴らしさ……これはもう、KISS全史の頂点。名曲だらけの凄味、有名な見どころの数々は枚挙に暇がなく、それがフルセットの究極クオリティなのですから。しかも、黄金期の中でも“DESTROYER TOUR 1976”というのが素晴らしい。オフィシャルでは『KISSOLOGY VOLUME ONE: 1974?1977』で前後のツアー(“ALIVE! TOUR”・“ROCK & ROLL OVER TOUR”・“LOVE GUN TOUR”・“ALIVE II TOUR”)の長尺映像を一挙にアーカイヴしましたが、“DESTROYER TOUR 1976”は細切れ映像だけでした。それに対し、本作は貴重な「King Of The Night Time World」も含めたフルショウのプロショット。まさに、オフィシャル作品に空いた“穴”を埋めるような絶対品なのです。
また、本作は本編フルショウを締めくくる花火大会(これも壮観!)の後に、「Black Diamond」の“フルステージ・ショット”もボーナス収録しています。これは言わば「遠景固定カメラ・ショット」。ズームのないワンカメではありますが、これもアナハイム公演の貴重な記録。本編と同様に極上サウンドボード音声で楽しめます。


1. Detroit Rock City 2. King Of The Night Time World 3. Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll
4. Strutter 5. Hotter Than Hell 6. Nothin’ To Lose 7. Cold Gin 8. Shout It Out Loud
9. Do You Love Me? 10. God Of Thunder 11. Rock And Roll All Nite 12. Deuce
13. Firehouse 14. Black Diamond

15. Black Diamond (Full-stage shot)

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Dual Layer Approx. 71min.


KISS / Houston 1976 Expanded Edition / 1Bonus Single DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at the Summit, Houston, Texas, USA 13th August 1976 PRO-SHOT

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This press press DVD is a vertex video work that the top master of the masterpiece pro shot and the best sound board of the related person met. Originally it is an unnecessary transcendence such as a bonus, but “DESTROYER TOUR 1976” has another master skill pro shot that can not be ignored. Let’s get soaked in “DESTROYER TOUR 1976” as one thing drowns here!
That masterpiece pro shot “August 13, 1976 Houston performance”. Also in our shop, it is a classic video that I once released bonus as “HOUSTON 1976”, but incompletely recorded discretely contrary to the finest quality. It was only about 31 minutes · 8 songs (+ guitar solo) in the first half of the show. However, recently the professional shot in the latter half of the show was unearthed. What is contained in this work is an expansion version including that new excavation part. From the opening “Detroit Rock City” to “Nothin ‘To Lose” it is a traditional pro shot, but after that the new excavations “God of Thunder” “Rock And Roll All Nite” “Deuce” “Firehouse” “Black Diamond” Five songs (+ drum solo) are stored for about 33 minutes.
The quality of this new excavation part is also amazing. Although it is certain that the same shooting as the first half of the conventional camera is from the camera angle, the image quality goes further and the image beauty which can only be said as “official grade” even if it is watched with the modern eyes which is digital magnificence. That should be that, this new master apparently flowed out from the production side. To the evidence there is also a time code reflected at the bottom of the screen. I do not know which stage of the outflow, but as far as sound is concerned, the unprocessed freshness remains, but somewhat era of image processing has been completed. Indeed, with the advent of the treasured treasure pro shot, “almost” fullshow version can be enjoyed.
……, there was also a slight cut that I had to attach “almost” here. The first half master is over in the middle of “Nothin ‘To Lose” and the second half master starts from the middle of “God of Thunder”. The lack of both songs and the “Do You Love Me?” Played between was missing. Even though there are few chops, the definitive pro shot expanded almost to the full show is the best! Unlike the completed camera work of the main press DVD, there is a slightly different angle called the stage left and right, while the facial expression of the makeup face is perfect with multi cameras. And youthfulness of KISS and aggressive KISS! Although I am still playing a lot of big hit songs in the form of makeup, the singing voice of the seventies and the sharpness of movement are terrible. Moreover, it is full of the blazing momentum of the great heyday. No matter what I do I go funny enough and the big crowd was hailing wherever I went. A show completed by a professional who was fulfillingly responding to the public’s expectations … …. There is plenty of the best shining rock and roll in history.

“Standard pro shot + stakeholder outflow material”. Although the finish is different, the luxury set of the finest professional shot created by that matching strange. Please be crazy burning in the golden age during the golden age, “DESTROYER TOUR 1976”, soak it drowning!

本編プレスDVDは、名作プロショットの頂点マスターと関係者流出の極上サウンドボードが出会った頂点映像作品です。本来であれば、ボーナスなど無用の超絶クオリティなのですが、“DESTROYER TOUR 1976”にはもう1つの無視できない傑作プロショットが存在する。ここはひとつ、溺れるくらいに“DESTROYER TOUR 1976”に浸りきっていただきましょう!
その傑作プロショットとは「1976年8月13日ヒューストン公演」。当店でも、かつて『HOUSTON 1976』としてボーナス・リリースしたことのある定番映像なのですが、極上のクオリティに反して惜しむらくは不完全収録。ショウ前半の約31分・8曲(+ギターソロ)だけでした。ところが、最近になってショウ後半のプロショットも発掘されたのです。本作に収められているのは、その新発掘パートも含めた拡張版。オープニングの「Detroit Rock City」から「Nothin’ To Lose」までは従来のプロショットですが、その後に新発掘の「God of Thunder」「Rock And Roll All Nite」「Deuce」「Firehouse」「Black Diamond」5曲(+ドラムソロ)が約33分収められているのです。
……と、ここで“ほぼ”と付けねばならなかったのは、わずかながらカットもある。前半マスターは「Nothin’ To Lose」途中で終わっており、後半マスターは「God of Thunder」途中から始まる。その両曲の欠けと、間に演奏された「Do You Love Me?」が抜けているのです。わずかの欠けはあれども、ほぼフルショウに拡張された決定的プロショットは最高! 本編プレスDVDの完成されたカメラワークとは一風違ってステージ左右というちょっと変わったアングルもありつつ、メイク顔の表情芸までマルチカメラでばっちり。そして、キビキビとアグレッシヴなKISSの若々しいこと! 現在もメイク姿で大ヒット曲の数々を演奏していますが、70年代の歌声と動きのキレは凄まじい。しかも、それが大全盛期の燃えさかる勢いに溢れている。何をやろうと面白いほど上手くいき、どこへ行こうと大群衆が歓待していた。その大衆の期待に見事に応えまくっていたプロフェッショナルに完成されたショウ……。まさに史上最高の輝くロックンロールがたっぷりと詰まっているのです。

「定番プロショット+関係者流出素材」。仕上がりは違えども、そのマッチングの妙が生み出した極上プロショットの豪華セット。黄金期中の黄金期、“DESTROYER TOUR 1976”に燃えて狂って、溺れ死ぬくらいに浸りきってください!

1. Intro. 2. Detroit Rock City 3. King of the Night Time World 4. Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll
5. Strutter 6. Hotter Than Hell 7. Shout It Loud Loud 8. Cold Gin 9. Nothin’ To Lose
10. God of Thunder 11. Rock And Roll All Nite 12. Deuce 13. Firehouse 14. Black Diamond


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