Kiss / Auckland 1980 / 2CD

Kiss / Auckland 1980 / 2CD / Zodiac

Live at Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand 3rd December 1980 STEREO SBD

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A legendary name recording that conveys “The Last Night of Ace Frehley” has been brushed up. Appeared on permanent preservation press 2CD.
“The last of the ace” has 1980 and 2002, but this work is the former. It is a stereo sound board recording of “Auckland performance on December 3, 1980”. Ace’s last tour was, in many ways, one of the most unusual tours in KISS history. First, let’s look back at the whole view.

<< May 20 “UNMASKED” release >>
・ July 25: Warm-up show
・ August 29-October 13: Europe (29 performances)
・ November 8-December 3: Oceania (11 performances) ← ★ coco ★
《Ace Freyley Departure》

[The highest peak of a legendary sound board that captures the one and only night] This is the whole picture of “UNMASKED TOUR”. It’s not just the end of the ace, it’s a debut tour for Eric Carr, and if it’s the first time not to play in the main battlefield of North America (other than the warm-up New York 1 show), go to the Southern Hemisphere Also first. It was exactly the turning point where times were about to change. And the Auckland performance of this work was a concert that would be that Chiaki music.
本 This work that records such a show is a shocking super real sound board. Although personality is various even if it is said to be a line recording, this work is a so-called direct connection. Unlike FM broadcasts and official editions, there is no such thing as “reproducing the mood of the venue”. If the loud cheers are far away, the core is bare and the mix is ​​rough. It is not a sound created as a music work, but a type that “live KISS” blows out of the speaker as it is. Of course, this is not inferior to the official version, and the opposite for mania. Generally speaking, you don’t listen to it as “What is Live Albau?”, But mania distinguishes sound sources according to purpose. Reach out for the finest audience recordings if you want the realism of a field experience, or the raw desk-to-board soundboard if you want to taste the awesomeness of live performances. This work is the latter, the best class.
In fact, the vividness and close contact are not something you can taste on the official sound board. It jumps out to the presence of the instrument that is sounding on the stage in ultra-realistic way, and the echoes and effects are not home reproductions, but only minimal ones for on-site PA. It is not suitable for simulating a concert audience, but the lively performance of the four people goes up into the brain with a scar and a foot, and the synchronization is different from the live album.
Such a recording has been loved by enthusiasts as a legendary sound board since ancient times, but this work has been brushed up with the latest mastering. Of course, it is ruined to process it brilliantly because the original and no production is the charm of the sound source. Instead, we focused on making the original charm more vivid. Specifically, the details have been adjusted to fit more modern, home audio systems to make them feel more vivid. Even if the rise is sharper, it does not hurt your ears, and the finish is natural and glossy. Still silence achieves the depth of jet-black darkness. Furthermore, the skipping that occurred in “God Of Thunder” has been arranged so that it can be enjoyed seamlessly. By being able to feel the three-dimensional effect of each sound, the ensemble can be enjoyed with clear sound that does not mix while overlapping.

[Oceania’s great performance that influenced KISS’s fate after Detroit] 描 か The ace’s last full show is drawn with such a sound. The set is the basic one of “UNMASKED TOUR”, but this tour itself is also valuable, so let’s organize it here.

・ KISS: Cold Gin / Strutter / Firehouse / Black Diamond
・ DRESSED TO KILL: Rock And Roll All Nite
・ DESTROYER: Detroit Rock City / God Of Thunder / Shout It Out Loud / King Of the Night Time World
・ ROCK AND ROLL OVER: Calling Dr. Love
・ LOVE GUN: Love Gun
・ ACE FREHLEY: New York Groove
・ DYNASTY: 2000 Man / I Was Made For Lovin ‘You
・ UNMASKED: Shandi / Talk To Me / Is That You?

… and it looks like this. The famous songs of the 70’s along with the slurry seem familiar, but the “King Of the Night Time World” and “2000 Man” which are sealed for about 15 years are delicious. Of course, ace’s “New York Groove” and precious “UNMASKED” number are also must-listen. “Shandi” is a song that will be sealed for 15 years, “Talk To Me” will be sealed for 21 years, and “Is That You?” .
And the enthusiastic performance of the set is overwhelming. You can feel the sense of openness only on the last day of the World Tour, but that is not all. At that time, “UNMASKED” was struggling in the main battlefield in the United States and Japan, but it became popular in other countries in inverse proportion. Especially in Oceania, it was a huge success that was called “the most spectacular tour ever”. In this work, despite the sound board of the type where the loud cheers are far away, the harsh nori and the terrible cheering are transmitted as if they were picked up. Of course, KISS doesn’t have to burn for such great hospitality. It was Detroit that made their leap in the anonymous era, but it was Oceania that supported the Don bottom and provided more vitality. It is a live album that is reminded by a real performance.
Although such a full show alone is full, this work also includes a more delicious bonus track “Partners In Crime”. The original is the best edition “KILLERS”, but this is a remixed version of the 1989 single “Forever”.

伝 The legendary best sound board that has been handed down the “Ace last night”. It is the highest updated album that has been refined by the latest mastering. It’s not just unusual, but the quality is overwhelming, and the performance is intense. Not only historically important, but also a musically great masterpiece live album. Please fully enjoy with permanent preservation press 2CD.



これが“UNMASKED TOUR”の全体像。エースの最後となっただけでなく、エリック・カーにとってはデビュー・ツアーであり、(ウォームアップのニューヨーク1公演以外)主戦場である北米で演奏しないのも初めての事なら、南半球へ進出するのも初。まさに時代が入れ替わろうとしていたターニング・ポイントだったのです。そして、本作のオークランド公演はその千秋楽となるコンサートだったのです。
そんな録音は古くからマニアに伝説サウンドボードとして愛されていましたが、本作は最新マスタリングでブラッシュ・アップしたもの。もちろん、本生・無演出が音源の魅力ですから豪快に加工してしまっては台無し。そうではなく、本来の魅力をさらに鮮やかに味わえるように注力しました。具体的に言いますと、現代の家庭用オーディオ・システムに合わせてディテールをさらに細かく、ビビッドに感じられるように調整。立ち上がりは一層鋭くても耳に痛くなるようなことはなく、余韻はナチュラルなまま艶やかに。それでいて無音は漆黒の闇の深さを実現。さらに「God Of Thunder」で発生していた音飛びもシームレスに楽しめるように整えました。1音1音の立体感をしっかりと感じられる事で、アンサンブルも重なり合いつつ混じり合わないクリアなサウンドで楽しめるようになったのです。

そんなサウンドで描かれるのは、エース最後のフルショウ。セットは“UNMASKED TOUR”の基本通りではありますが、このツアー自体が貴重でもありますので、ここで整理しておきましょう。

・KISS:Cold Gin/Strutter/Firehouse/Black Diamond
・DRESSED TO KILL:Rock And Roll All Nite
・DESTROYER:Detroit Rock City/God Of Thunder/Shout It Out Loud/King Of the Night Time World
・ROCK AND ROLL OVER:Calling Dr. Love
・LOVE GUN:Love Gun
・ACE FREHLEY:New York Groove
・DYNASTY:2000 Man/I Was Made For Lovin’ You
・UNMASKED:Shandi/Talk To Me/Is That You?

……と、このようになっています。ズラリと並んだ70年代の大代表曲はお馴染みなようでありつつ、その後15年ほど封印される「King Of the Night Time World」「2000 Man」が美味しい。もちろん、エースの「New York Groove」や貴重な『UNMASKED』ナンバーも必聴。「Shandi」もその後15年間、「Talk To Me」も21年間封印されてしまう曲ですし、「Is That You?」に至っては37年後の“KISS KRUISE 2017”くらいしか記録がないレア曲です。
そんなフルショウだけでもお腹いっぱいですが、本作にはさらに美味しいボーナス・トラック「Partners In Crime」も追加収録。オリジナルはベスト盤『KILLERS』ですが、これは1989年のシングル『Forever』に収録されていたリミックス・バージョンです。


Disc 1(46:57)
1. Intro
2. Detroit Rock City
3. Cold Gin
4. Strutter
5. Shandi
6. Calling Dr. Love
7. Firehouse
8. Talk To Me
9. Is That You?
10. 2000 Man
11. Guitar Solo
12. I Was Made For Loving You

Disc 2(48:36)
1. New York Groove
2. Love Gun
3. Bass Solo
4. God Of Thunder
5. Drum Solo
6. God Of Thunder(reprise)
7. Rock And Roll All Nite
8. Shout It Out Loud
9. King Of The Night Time World
10. Black Diamond

Bonus Track
11. Partners In Crime (1989 Remix)


Paul Stanley – Guitar, Vocal
Gene Simmons – Bass, Vocal
Ace Frehley – Guitar
Eric Carr – Drums, Vocal

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