Kinks / Born To Roam / 2CDR

Kinks / Born To Roam / 2CDR / Non Label

Live At Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 8th April 1988. Stereo Soundboard


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Live album “The Road” high-quality sound board that coupling the best stereo line recording of two performances than 1988 US tour that were made ahead of the official release in the next month of. The Milwaukee performances of April 8 to disk 1, the disk 2 I have recorded the St. Louis concert April 14 at the ultra-high-quality stereo sound board recording. Milwaukee performances, compared to its outstanding and has been recorded in a more natural sound quality, in addition there is no right of Kyarikyari the noise, rich bass is one of charm. St. Louis performances are recorded directly from the radio show disk, you can enjoy the best sound over the 71 minutes. In addition to Lola of its outstanding receivables have been recorded, its outstanding Although it was mono, this panel has stereo separate. (However, All Day And All Of The Night 2:01 to of Celluloid Heroes 2:20 seconds table and Lola 0: 18-0: 30 in, but there is a degradation point of sound, this is due to the original radio master things in, this part does not normal version exists.) 1988 tour sound source is limited, this panel was recorded them in the best of quality is definitely a fan must-have. In Milwaukee performances, Ape Man that has not been played in the 1987 Chicago performances, Sleepwalker, Too Much On My Mind, A Well Respected Man, even be played in MC called “‘m the title track of the next new live album” The Road is listen, even in the recording that has been St. Louis performances long Paranoia The Destroyer, with or listen to it (She Wants It), in both the board both, making it to the contents of the listening Gotae perfect score. Please enjoy the ultra-high quality board to represent the precious ’88 tour sound source on this occasion.

★ This is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.104 (3 May 2009 issue). In case you’re wondering.

And now the box set of the culmination came to by that was released hear unreleased songs and such to many ordinary Reateiku you did not listen to only boot leg so far at the Official, and excellent live sound source, such as has been recorded in this work it’s what you hope and want to release. However, nice items this board had recorded two excellent sound board live recordings from the United States tour in April 1988. One is the Milwaukee performances of April 8, have been recorded in the Natural another in both stereo sound board the St. Louis performances of April 14. The famous show so sound that was broadcast at that time both performances FM radio, but the past is also that it has been released in the boot leg CD is also the old story already more than 10 years, here again by performing a re-validation of the Kinks it is really useful items are also in order to put. Although also a characteristic of Compared to the previous item has finished in the really high-quality sound, it is also the content of live that again feel the adequacy of live of this period of Kinks, recommended from mania to beginner, the end of the reunion just good title to now also enjoy the Kinks that’d like to see a world tour by performing.

ライブアルバム「The Road」の公式リリースを翌月に控え行われた1988年USツアーより2公演の極上ステレオ・ライン録音をカップリングした高音質盤。ディスク1には4月8日のミルウォーキー公演を、ディスク2には4月14日のセント・ルイス公演を超高音質ステレオ・サウンドボード録音で収録しています。ミルウォーキー公演は、既発に比べるとより自然な高音質で収録されており、右側のキャリキャリしたノイズが無いほか、豊かな低音が魅力の一枚です。セント・ルイス公演はラジオショウディスクから直に収録されており、71分に渡って最高のサウンドで楽しめます。既発未収のLolaが収録されているほか、既発はモノラルでしたが、本盤はステレオ・セパレートしています。(ただし、All Day And All Of The Night 2:01にCelluloid Heroes 2:20秒台とLolaの0:18-0:30に音の劣化ポイントがありますが、これは元のラジオマスターに起因するもので、この部分が正常なヴァージョンは存在しません。)1988年ツアー音源は限られており、それらを最良のクォリティで収録した本盤は間違いなくファン必携です。ミルウォーキー公演では、1987年シカゴ公演では演奏されていないApe Man, Sleepwalker, Too Much On My Mind, A Well Respected Man、更には「次のニューライヴアルバムのタイトルトラックだよ」というMCで演奏されるThe Roadが聴け、更に長く収録されているセント・ルイス公演ではParanoia The Destroyer、It(She Wants It) が聴けたりと、両盤ともに、聴きごたえ満点の内容になっています。貴重な88年ツアー音源を代表する超高音質盤をこの機会にお楽しみください。

★beatleg誌 vol.104(2009年3月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


Disc 1(48:34)
Live at Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI. USA 8th April 1988

1. Low Budget 2. Ape Man 3. Sleepwalker 4. Come Dancin’ 5. Lost And Found 6. Think Visual
7. Too Much On My Mind 8. Living On A Thin Line 9. A Well Respected Man 10. Lola
11. All Day And All Of The Night 12. The Road 13. You Really Got Me

Disc 2(71:11)
Live at Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO. USA 14th April 1988

1. Paranoia The Destroyer 2. Low Budget 3. Ape Man 4. Sleepwalker 5. Art Lover
6. Come Dancing 7. Welcome To Sleazy Town 8. Think Visual 9. Living On A Thin Line
10. A Well Respected Man 11. It(She Wants It) 12. Guilty 13. All Day And All Of The Night
14. You Really Got Me 15. Celluloid Heroes 16. Lola


Ray Davies – Vocal & Guitar Dave Davies – Guitar & Vocal Jim Rodford – Bass & Vocal
Ian Gibbons – Keyboards & Vocal Bob Henrit – Drums

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