Ken Hensley, John Lawton, Easy Livin & Guests / Salisbury Live In Concert / 1CD+1DVD

Ken Hensley, John Lawton, Easy Livin’ & Guests / Salisbury : Live In Concert / 1CD+1DVD / Non Label

Hamburger Hafen, Hamburg, Germany 12th May 2001 PRO-SHOT


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Ken who was the most important person of hero URIAH HEEP・ Hensley and John Lawton, a famous singer with great popularity and ability. The first full-scale digitization of a phantom video work in which two people have teamed up. A monumental show that completely performed the orchestra co-starring big song “Salisbury” is now available in the ultimate version of the permanent preservation press DVD + CD.
The phantom out-of-print work is “SALISBURY: LIVE IN CONCERT”. It is a 2-disc set that mainly includes the multi-camera pro shot of “May 12, 2001 Hamburg performance” and comes with a bonus CD of stereo sound board. Speaking of THE HENSLEY LAWTON BAND, it is easy to think that the official live album “THE RETURN” is the only work, but “SALISBURY: LIVE IN CONCERT” is the official work that should be called the sequel and the video version. First, let’s look back at the big picture of the duo project that delighted URIAH HEEP fans around the world.

May 6, 2000 : London performance ← * THE RETURN
● 2001,
April 3-6 : UK (4 performances)
, April 19-May 12: Europe (7 performances) ← ★ Here ★
《December 6-8, THE MAGICIAN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY participation》

This is the outline of the activities of THE HENSLEY LAWTON BAND. In “THE RETURN”, it was stated that it was only for one night, but in 2001, a small tour was held. There are few materials and it is hard to say that everything is above, but I think you can understand the general steps. “THE MAGICIAN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY” will also be re-co-starred in the form of guest performances at THE JOHN LAWTON BAND and the head family URIAH HEEP, but the Hamburg performance of this work was half a year ago. It was Chiakigaku on the “Europe” tour, which is also the final day of the project itself.
In this way, “THE RETURN” → “SALISBURY: LIVE IN CONCERT” → “THE MAGICIAN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY” can be said to be a trilogy, but for some reason only “SALISBURY: LIVE IN CONCERT” was “VHS + CD” at that time. It was released as a set and was immediately discontinued. It is a phantom work that has not been officially made into a DVD until now. This work is the highest peak set of press DVD + CD that has been finely digitized from the mint quality VHS (although there are some scenes where the stereo feeling is disturbed, this seems to be from Omoto).

This work is also known for its complicated composition. First of all, the segregation of DVD and CD. Basically, the DVD is the main, but the CD is not the soundtrack, but the encore part that was not recorded on the DVD. Therefore, DVD and CD do not cover any songs. Another complicated point is that the cover band “EASY LIVIN'” of URIAH HEEP who supported on the day is also recorded. It’s not just an amateur band, but a full-fledged band with the participation of the current GAMMA RAY Henyo Richter, but it’s easy to get confused. Let’s organize each performance song here.

[EASY LIVIN'(9 songs + 2 CDs)] ・ First: Gypsy
・ Salisbury: Time To Live / Bird Of Prey
・ Look at Yourself
・ Devil and Wizards: Traveler In Time / Easy Livin’/ Circle Of Hands ( (Co-starring)
・ Devil’s Feast: Sweet Lorraine / Sunrise
・ Dream Drama: Something Or Nothing (CD) / So Tired (CD)

[THE HENSLEY LAWTON BAND] ● Byron era (5 songs + 2 CDs)
・ First: Gypsy
・ Salisbury: Salisbury (★: co-starring Oke) / Lady In Black
・ Look at Yourself: July Morning
・ Demons and Wizards: Easy Livin’/ The Wizard (CD)
・ Devil’s Feast: Rain (★: CD)
● Lawton era (4 songs + 3 CDs)
・ Firefly: The Hanging Tree (★) / Wise Man / Sympathy (★: CD)
・ Innocent sacrifice: The Dance ( ★) / Free’n’Easy (CD)
・ Fallen Angel: I’m Alive
・ FIVE MILES: Tonight (★: CD)
● Hensley’s solo (2 songs)
・ RUNNING BLIND: Prelude: A Minor Life (★)
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the live album “THE RETURN”.

… And it looks like this. EASY LIVIN’is also wonderful, but the one that is still the hottest is THE HENSLEY LAWTON BAND. The repertoire that I couldn’t listen to in “THE RETURN” is 8 songs, and there are a lot of must-listen songs. “Rain” with a romantic singing voice that surpassed Byron, “The Dance” that was not played on the 70’s heap, “Sympathy”, a treasure of the Lawton era, etc. “Tonight” may be an unfamiliar song title, but it was supposed to be included in the illusory fourth album “FIVE MILES” of the Lawton era. It was reprinted in Lawton’s solo work “STILL PAYIN’MY DUES …”, but here you can enjoy it with Hensley as it should be.
And the biggest point is the big song “Salisbury” spun with the orchestra! Even at the original URIAH HEEP, you can listen to precious songs that were only played at that time with an orchest as the original. Moreover, with Lawton’s singing voice !!! In fact, his legendary vocalization is exquisite in this work. The beautiful voice, which was named alongside Ronnie James Dio at that time, has not diminished slightly, and will heroically and dramatically color the rare songs of URIAH HEEP. It’s wonderful, it’s the dream of British HR. I think there are many British HR rock fans who wanted Lawton to sing at RAINBOW and BLACK SABBATH, but this work “Salisbury” is also a take that made such a dream come true. More than a masterpiece of URIAH HEEP, it is a miracle moment where a masterpiece that remains in the history of British rock has evolved.
Keyman of Hero URIAH HEEP: Ken Hensley & John Lawton. It is a gorgeous set of professional shots and sound boards where you can experience the “dream night” that both played a miraculous encounter and revived the masterpieces of fantastic hard rock. A phantom masterpiece that cannot be officially made into a regular DVD. Please enjoy this product with the highest quality!

ヒーローURIAHHEEP・ヘンズリーの最も重要な人物であるケンと、人気と能力の高い有名な歌手のジョン・ロートン。二人がチームを組んだ幻のビデオ作品の最初の本格的なデジタル化。オーケストラの共演ビッグソング「ソールズベリー」を完全に演奏した記念碑的なショーが、永久保存プレスDVD + CDの究極のバージョンで利用可能になりました。
幻の絶版作品は「SALISBURY:LIVEINCONCERT」。 「2001年5月12日ハンブルク公演」のマルチカメラプロショットを中心としたステレオサウンドボードのボーナスCD付きの2枚組セットです。 THE HENSLEY LAWTON BANDと言えば、公式ライブアルバム「THERETURN」だけが作品だと思いがちですが、「SALISBURY:LIVE IN CONCERT」は、続編・ビデオ版と呼ばれるべき公式作品です。まず、世界中のURIAHHEEPファンを喜ばせたデュオプロジェクトの全体像を振り返ってみましょう。

2000年5月6日:ロンドン公演←* THE RETURN
《 12月6日〜8日、魔術師の誕生日パーティーへの参加》

THE HENSLEY LAWTONBANDの活動概要です。 『THE RETURN』では一晩だけとのことでしたが、2001年に小ツアーが行われました。資料が少なく、すべてが上にあるとは言い難いですが、一般的な手順は理解できたと思います。 『魔の饗宴』もジョン・ロートン・バンドとユーライア・ヒープの本拠地でゲスト公演の形で共演しますが、この作品のハンブルク公演は半年前のことです。プロジェクトの最終日でもある「ヨーロッパ」ツアーの千秋学でした。
このように、「THE RETURN」→「SALISBURY:LIVE IN CONCERT」→「THEMAGICIAN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY」は三部作と言えますが、なぜか「SALISBURY:LIVEINCONCERT」は「VHS + CD」でした。その時。セットで発売され、すぐに販売を終了しました。今まで正式にDVD化されていない幻の作品です。この作品は、ミントクオリティのVHSから細かくデジタル化されたプレスDVD + CDの最高峰セットです(ステレオ感が乱れるシーンもありますが、大本さんのようです)。

この作品は、その複雑な構成でも知られています。まず第一に、DVDとCDの分離。基本的にはDVDがメインですが、CDはサウンドトラックではなく、DVDに収録されていないアンコール部分です。したがって、DVDとCDはどの曲もカバーしていません。もう一つの複雑な点は、当日サポートしていたURIAHHEEPのカバーバンド「EASYLIVIN ‘」も収録されていること。アマチュアバンドだけでなく、現在のガンマ線ヘンヨリヒターが参加する本格的なバンドですが、混乱しがちです。ここで各パフォーマンスソングを整理しましょう。

[EASY LIVIN ‘(9曲+ CD 2枚)] ・最初:ジプシー
・ 自分を見て

[ヘンスリーロートンバンド] ●バイロン時代(5曲+ CD2枚)
・悪魔と魔法使い:Easy Livin ‘/ The Wizard(CD)
●ロートン時代(4曲+ CD 3枚)
・RUNNING BLIND:プレリュード:マイナーライフ(★)

…そしてそれはこのように見えます。 EASY LIVIN ‘も素晴らしいですが、それでも最もホットなのはTHE HENSLEY LAWTONBANDです。 『THE RETURN』で聴けなかったレパートリーは8曲で、必聴の曲がたくさんあります。バイロンを超えたロマンティックな歌声の「Rain」、70年代の山で演奏されなかった「The Dance」、ロートン時代の宝物「Sympathy」など。「Tonight」はなじみのない曲名かもしれませんが、ロートン時代の幻想的な4枚目のアルバム「FIVEMILES」に収録されることになった。ロートンのソロ作品「STILLPAYIN’MYDUES …」に復刻されましたが、ここではヘンズリーと一緒に楽しむことができます。

DVD (137: 42)
Easy Livin'(The Cover Of Uriah Heep)
1. Intro
2. Time To Live
3. Look At Yourself
4. Sweet Lorraine
5. Traveler In Time
6. Bird Of Prey
7. Sunrise
8. Band Introductions
9. Easy Livin’Orchestra

10. Intro
11. Salisbury
12. Circle Of Hands

The Hensley Lawton Band
13. Prelude –A Minor Life
14. Easy Livin ‘
15. The Dance
16. The Hanging Tree
17. I’m Alive
18. The Return
19. July Morning
20. Wise Man
21. Gypsy
22. Lady an In Black
23. Outro

Easy Livin’ (The Cover Of Uriah Heep)
24 . Gypsy


CD (29:35)

Easy Livin'(The Cover Of Uriah Heep)
1. Something Or Nothing
2. So Tired

The Hensley Lawton Band
3. Tonight
4. The Wizard
5. Rain
6. Sympathy
7. Free `n` Easy


The Hensley Lawton Band
Ken Hensley –Hammond B3 organ, electric and acoustic guitars, lead vocals
John Lawton –lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Reuben Kane –lead guitar, vocals
Steve Dunning
–Bass Justin Shefford –drums

Livin’Michael Keuter –Lead Vocals
Thommy Eyck
–Guitar Henjo Richter –Keyboards
Frank Hellmuth –Bass
Markus Corby –Drums
Orchestra conducted by Renate Publig


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