Keith Richards & The X Pensive Winos / Marquee 1992 / 2CDR

Keith Richards & The X Pensive Winos / Marquee 1992 / 2CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Marquee Club, London, UK 2nd December 1992


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Was held during the European tour due to from November 27, 1992 until December 18, performed the solo album “main offender”, 1 hour live in London of December 2 in the Marquee Club over a 25-minute full inclusion in the high-quality audience recording. In 2003 released from MASTERPORT label, the fact that the “first full version”, “past the best sound quality”, the title “IT’S OLDIE ROCK AND ROLL” sound source was well received from the fan media, and remastered recording than Omoto . Because it was based on the master that was handed in CDR from overseas recording person, it is few songs, but remove all had entered noise to divide point. Jacket title in the best sound quality and content and I became that the new gift-release.

In the same way as when the 1971 Stones at that club show at the marquee, it is done in secret gig state, the venue was rushed even Mick and Chris Jagger brothers. This live, first “VIVE LA FRANCE” CD of France performances of ’92 that bonus bad audience recording of the sound in, but has been recorded, and then, under the title of Scorpios is “YAP YAP”, and good sound than it despite the recorded audience recording, was drawbacks was the incomplete recording. This take, as it is said that the “YAP YAP” high sound quality sound source master take that has been used in, we have complete recording of the show in high-quality stereo audience recording. Indeed in sound quality, such as saying that was recorded earlier in live house, Keith of guitar is large, cheers will not hear too much, in the sound image of the feeling that vocal is recessed slightly, handed down feeling good sense of reality of a small venue unique you. So you that such special circumstances in the live of the band Keith below, seems to be quite relaxed, I Could Have Stood in the Chuck Berry-tone number, such as You Up, fullest and sound when you say here each you will say that he seems at Sororaivu that remove the. Sachs of Bobby have also been recorded in the raw sound, I will be allowed to fun also lonely feeling. As mentioned above, the sound quality is very good, equalize feeling like no, have been recorded in thick natural sound our customers prefer.

1992年の11月27日から12月18日まで行われたソロアルバム「メイン・オフェンダー」に伴うヨーロッパ・ツアー中に開催された、12月2日のロンドンはマーキー・クラブでのライヴを1時間25分に渡って高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。2003年にMASTERPORTレーベルよりリリースされ、「初の完全版」「過去最高の音質」ということで、ファン・メディアから好評を博したタイトル「IT’S OLDIE ROCK AND ROLL」音源を、大元よりリマスター収録。海外の録音者からCDRで譲り受けたマスターを基にしていたため、数曲ですがデバイドポイントにノイズが入っていたのを全て除去。最良の音質と内容でジャケット・タイトルも新たにギフト・リリースすることになりました。

マーキーでのクラブショウということで1971年のストーンズの時と同じように、シークレット・ギグ状態で行われ、会場にはミックとクリスのジャガー兄弟も駆けつけました。このライヴは、まず「VIVE LA FRANCE」という92年のフランス公演のCDにボーナスで音の悪いオーディエンス録音が収録されましたが、その後、スコルピオが「YAP YAP」というタイトルで、それより音の良いオーディエンス録音を収録したものの、不完全収録だったのが欠点でした。本テイクは、その「YAP YAP」で使用された高音質音源のマスターテイクと言えるもので、高音質ステレオ・オーディエンス録音でショウを完全収録しています。いかにもライブハウスの前の方で録音したと言うような音質で、キースのギターが大きく、歓声があまり聞こえず、ボーカルが少し奥まった感じの音像で、小さな会場ならではの臨場感が良い感じ伝わってきます。このような特殊な状況でのライヴということでか、バンドはキース以下、かなりリラックスしているようで、I Could Have Stood You Upのようなチャック・ベリー調ナンバーで、ここぞと言う時に思いっきり音を外すのがソロライヴでの彼らしいといえるでしょう。ボビーのサックスも生々しい音で録音されており、楽しくも寂しい気持ちにさせられます。前述の通り、音質は大変良好で、イコライズ感もまるでなく、当店のお客様が好む太くナチュラルなサウンドで収録されています。

Disc 1(44:11)
1. Take It So Hard 2. Eileen 3. Wicked As It Seems 4. Gimme Shelter 5. Too Rude
6. Yap Yap 7. How I Wish 8. Big Enough

Disc 2(40:46)
1. 999 2. Time Is On My Side 3. Hate It When You Leave 4. I Could Have Stood You Up
5. Bodytalks 6. Band Introduction 7. Will But You Won’t 8. Happy
9. Whip It Up

Keith Richards – Guitar, Vocals Waddy Wachtel – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ivan Neville – Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals Charley Drayton – Bass, Drums, Backing Vocals
Steve Jordan – Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals Bobby Keys – Saxophone, Percussion
Sarah Dash – Vocals Babi Floyd – Backing Vocals, Percussion

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