Keith Richards & The X Pensive Winos / Marquee 1992 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Keith Richards & The X Pensive Winos / Marquee 1992 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:

Live at Marquee Club, London, UK 2nd December 1992 Plus Bonus DVDR “Boston 1993 1st Night”

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Members of Stones, especially Mick and Keith’s solo album, are getting a lot of attention at the time of release, but are not likely to fall into a situation that will be overlooked after a while? Keith ‘s second solo album “MAIN OFFENDER” is the best example. As for this album, the reputation among fans was not pleasant immediately after release, and it was the opposite result to the first popular opinion (especially in Japan) of the first album “TALK IS CHEAP”. At that time, the attention was gathered to those who did a small-scale world tour, unlike the album’s first album, which only toured in the United States. In such circumstances Japanese performances were also expected, but in the long run it did not come true. It seems like it has also played a part in the popularity descent of “MAIN OFFENDER”.
However, the album “MAIN OFFENDER” is by no means a trash. It seems rather than a matter of contents, it seems to be caused by poor timing of release. At the time of “TALK IS CHEAP”, Keith finally finished being told that “It can not be put together as an album even after recording a solo, and it was greatly welcomed from the impact of the first album.
That point “MAIN OFFENDER” was second-hand, so I had no desire to have a fresh impact. Rather, if we mention the weaknesses of the album, it may be that it lacked the direct Stones Killer Tune such as “Take It So Hard” or “Struggle”. Also, “TALK IS CHEAP” was a variety of songs, while “MAIN OFFENDER” was divided into two types of straight rock and R & B tone number, it was rather the charm of the album But it does not seem like it was never understood. R & B number like “Hate It When You Leave” than single cut “Eileen” etc. seems to be a kimo of this album.

Contrary to the popularity of the album that I have touched so far, there are plenty of videos about tours after release. Among them, the TV images of Buenos Aires and Cologne are both classic and can be called from this tour. From 1992 to 1993 it was a time when the rest of Stones was decided, so the situation opposite to the one where the resumption of Stones was decided against contrary made the tour possible.
Keith and the Expensive Wynnes who went around the place like November in December have realized their first British tour as they are. Moreover, it was the Marquee club of London that was chosen on the first day. Not only the 1971 television gig, which is now officially released, but also the memories of Stones’ debut · gig in 1962. Keith returned home there.
On this day that became practically a secret · gig, in the audience there was a form of Mick who was in the process of producing the album “WONDERING SPRIT” at that time. Also in the magazine of the time Mick’s figure appealing the younger brother Chris to appreciate the gig was put on. Although Mr. Stones was at rest, it was a very epochal event that Mick showed his face to Keith ‘s solo gig. Mick who was asked by Japanese music magazine later said that “the sound was too big” “Although ‘Gimme Shelter’ can not sing in Keith, ‘but the interviewer It was Mick who was bitten bitterly by being thrusted “That made you looking so fun for that part, is not it?

It’s a gig like this where Mick comes to see, it would be a miraculous level to have a sound source if so. In addition, because the sound quality of the audience recording which captured this gig is very good, it is more so. The first release of this valuable sound source was “YAP YAP” (ICJ 15) CD. However, it was an incomplete version that had cut three songs, such as “Too Rude” to fit on a single disc. Prior to that, as this was released, the popularity of “MAIN OFFENDER” had been falling rapidly, so it seems that few people got it.
And the sound source which captured precious gigs has not passed through 10 years with new items appearing. Appears when the haze was forgotten by everyone was the CD-R “IT’S OLDIE ROCK AND ROLL” released by MASTERPORT label in 2003. I finally received a high reputation from professional magazines etc. by saying that it was recording from the master and complete recording board which appeared at last. But it was not even promoted to press CD. More than ten years have elapsed since its release and the title was revived for a while after it was released as a gift release and it became a situation that the voice saying “This is a good, surely press CD” is now being brought to the point, and finally limited Release was decided on press CD!

The sound source of this day is anyway good sound quality, and additionally warmy. It conveys the real feeling of Jaco called marquee and the closeness of the sound image without any extra effort. Besides that, the performance of the band below Keith is also wonderful. Whether it was also solved from pressure by having already finished the TV recording stage in Buenos Aires and Cologne was also great. And in Boston in 1993 which is the classic image of the biggest “MAIN OFFENDER” period, the voice of Keith was daunting. In that respect too, Marquee Gig’s Keith is doing great. The wine n ‘s really fit the club gig. Since the classic live video that I have mentioned so far can be seen easily on YouTube now, if a good audience recording is released for a while after a long time in the press CD, it will be a mistake taking mania’s attention all over the world None. Ringing at a loud volume it is already a clown!

ストーンズのメンバー、特にミックとキースが出すソロ・アルバムはリリース時に大きな注目を浴びつつも、しばらくすると見過ごされてしまう状況へと陥りがちではないでしょうか。その最たる例がキースのセカンド・ソロ・アルバム「MAIN OFFENDER」。このアルバムに至ってはリリース直後からファンの間での評判は芳しくなく、ファースト・アルバム「TALK IS CHEAP」の(特に日本における)大好評ぶりとは正反対の結果となりました。当時はアルバムの内容よりも、アメリカでしかツアーを行わなかったファースト・アルバムの時と違って小規模ながらもワールド・ツアーを行ったことの方に注目が集まりました。そうした状況の中で日本公演も期待されたものの、結局は実現せず。それもまた「MAIN OFFENDER」の人気下降に一役買ってしまったように思えてなりません。
しかし、アルバム「MAIN OFFENDER」は断じて駄作ではない。むしろ内容の問題ではなく、リリースされたタイミングの悪さに原因があったように思えます。「TALK IS CHEAP」の時は「ソロを録音してもアルバムとしてまとめ上げられない」とまで言われていたキースが遂に完成させ、しかもファースト・アルバムというインパクトから大いに歓迎されたものでした。
その点「MAIN OFFENDER」は二枚目ということからフレッシュなインパクトを望むべくもなかった。むしろアルバムの弱点を挙げるとすれば「Take It So Hard」や「Struggle」といったストーンズ直系キラーチューンを欠いたことにあったのかもしれません。また「TALK IS CHEAP」は楽曲がバラエティに富んでいたのに対して「MAIN OFFENDER」はストレートなロックとR&B調ナンバーの二手に分かれていたこと、それがむしろアルバムの魅力となっていたのですが、それが理解されることもなかったように思えてなりません。シングルカットされた「Eileen」などよりも「Hate It When You Leave」のようなR&Bナンバーこそ、このアルバムのキモだったように思えます。

実質的にシークレット・ギグとなったこの日、オーディエンスの中には当時アルバム「WONDERING SPRIT」の制作中だったミックの姿がありました。当時の音楽誌にも弟のクリスを引き連れてギグを鑑賞するミックの姿が載せられていたものです。ストーンズが休止中だったとはいえ、キースのソロ・ギグにミックが顔を見せたというのは非常に画期的な出来事でした。後にこの時のことを日本の音楽誌に尋ねられたミックは曰く「音が大きすぎた」だの「’Gimme Shelter’はキースじゃ歌いこなせない」だの苦言を呈していたのですが、インタビュアーに「その割には随分と楽しそうにしてましたよね?」と突っ込まれて苦笑していた、つまり本当は楽しかったことを突かれていたミックだったのです。

このようにミックが観に来るようなギグです、そうなれば音源が存在するのは奇跡的なレベルでしょう。おまけにこのギグを捉えたオーディエンス録音の音質が非常に良いのだからなおさらというもの。この貴重音源を最初にリリースしてみせたのは「YAP YAP」(ICJ15)というCD。ただし一枚のディスクに収めるために「Too Rude」など3曲をカットしていた不完全版だったのです。それ以前に、これがリリースされた頃には「MAIN OFFENDER」の人気が急降下していたので、それを手に入れた人はほとんどいなかったと思われます。
そして貴重なギグを捉えた音源は新たなアイテムが登場することもなく10年が経過。もやは誰もが忘れてしまった頃に登場したのがMASTERPORTレーベルが2003年にリリースしたCD-R「IT’S OLDIE ROCK AND ROLL」。ようやく登場した完全収録盤、しかもマスターからの収録と言うことで専門誌などからも高い評価を受けました。しかしプレスCDへの昇格とまではならず。そのリリースからさらに10年以上が経過して同タイトルを久々にギフトリリースにて蘇らせたところ「これは良い、是非プレスCDで」という声が今になって寄せられるという事態となり、遂に限定のプレスCDにてリリースが決定しました!

この日の音源はとにかく音質が良く、おまけにウォーミー。マーキーと言うハコの臨場感や音像の近さを余すことなく伝えてくれるのです。それに加えてキース以下バンドの演奏も絶好調。既にブエノスアイレスやケルンでのテレビ収録ステージを終えたことでプレッシャーからも解かれていたことも大きかったのではないかと。そして「MAIN OFFENDER」期最大の定番映像である1993年ボストンではキースの声が嗄れ気味であった。その点においてもマーキー・ギグのキースは絶好調。ワイノーズはクラブ・ギグが本当に合います。ここまでに挙げてきた定番ライブ映像は今ならばYouTubeでも簡単に見られますので、むしろ久々に良好オーディエンス録音がプレスCDにてリリースされるとなれば、世界中のマニアの注目を浴びること間違いなし。大音量で鳴らすともうゴキゲン!
Disc 1(44:11)
1. Take It So Hard 2. Eileen 3. Wicked As It Seems 4. Gimme Shelter 5. Too Rude 6. Yap Yap
7. How I Wish 8. Big Enough

Disc 2(50:46)
1. 999 2. Time Is On My Side 3. Hate It When You Leave 4. I Could Have Stood You Up
5. Bodytalks 6. Band Introductions 7. Will But You Won’t 8. Happy 9. Whip It Up

Keith Richards – Guitar, Vocals Waddy Wachtel – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ivan Neville – Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals Charley Drayton – Bass, Drums, Backing Vocals
Steve Jordan – Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals Bobby Keys – Saxophone, Percussion
Sarah Dash – Vocals Babi Floyd – Backing Vocals, Percussion


Keith Richards & The X Pensive Winos / Boston 1993 1st Night / 1Single DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA. USA 13th February 1993

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From the 1993 North American tour accompanying the release of the second solo album “MAIN OFFENDER”, the first day of the Boston performance on February 13 was recorded as a high-quality professional shot video from the broadcast video at the time. Contrasting with the press board “MARQUEE 1992” recorded in a small live house full of raw atmosphere and texture, I can see the state of the original stage, a big and big production live stage, with a wonderful video You can enjoy it thoroughly for 1 hour 50 minutes. Speaking of the Pro Shot video of this tour, Buenos Aires and Cologne in November 1992 are famous, but the main board is the one and only decision board picture of the 1993 North American tour. At the beginning of the title “JAPAN TV TOUR LIVE IN BOSTON ’83” comes out, this is the one that domestic commercial satellite broadcasting monopolized recording & broadcasting at that time. Therefore, in the original video at the time of broadcasting, a larger station logo appears for each song, but they are well hidden by the band logo etc. Better than the station logo, this atmosphere does not matter, the atmosphere comes out and you can concentrate on the performance as well. Although the video image based on the air check is the master, the image quality is good, there is no noise, you can enjoy from the beginning to the end with confidence. By the way, in the original broadcast, Keith ‘s guitar was a left – side mix, but of course it has been corrected right correctly, of course. One must-see for must-see fans.

2作目のソロアルバム「MAIN OFFENDER」リリースに伴う1993年北米ツアーより、2月13日のボストン公演初日のライヴを当時の放送映像より高品質プロショット映像で収録。生々しい雰囲気と質感に満ちた小ぶりのライヴハウスで収録されたプレス盤「MARQUEE 1992」と対照的な、本来のステージの様子が伺える、より大掛かりかつビッグプロダクションのステージでのライヴを、素晴らしい映像で1時間50分、じっくりと楽しむことができます。このツアーのプロショット映像と言えば1992年11月のブエノスアイレスとケルンが有名ですが、本盤は1993年北米ツアーの唯一無二の決定盤映像。冒頭「JAPAN TV TOUR LIVE IN BOSTON ’83」とタイトルが出ますが、これは当時、国内の民放衛星放送が独占収録&放送したものです。よって放送時のオリジナル映像では、曲ごとに大きめの局ロゴがでますが、それらはバンドロゴ等で上手く隠しています。局ロゴよりは、この方が気にならない分、雰囲気は出ますし、演奏にも集中できます。エアチェックを基にしたビデオ映像がマスターとなっていますが、画質は良好で、ノイズも無く、安心して最初から最後まで楽しめます。ちなみにオリジナル放送では、キースのギターが左寄りのミックスでしたが、本盤では勿論、正しく右に修正されています。ファン必携・必見の1枚。

1. Intro 2. Something Else 3. How I Wish 4. Wicked As It Seems 5. Gimme Shelter 6. 999
7. Running Too Deep 8. Locked Away 9. Time Is On My Side 10. Will But You Won’t
11. Words Of Wonder 12. Hate It When You Leave 13. Before They Make Me Run
14. Eileen 15. Bodytalks 16. Band Introductions 17. Whip It Up 18. I Could Have Stood You Up
19. Happy 20. Take It So Hard

Keith Richards – Guitar, Vocals Waddy Wachtel – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ivan Neville – Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jerome Smith – Bass, Backing Vocals
Steve Jordan – Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals Bobby Keys – Saxophone, Percussion
Sarah Dash – Vocals Babi Floyd – Backing Vocals, Percussion


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