Kate Bush With Peter Gabriel & Steve Harley / In Aid Of Bill Duffield / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Kate Bush With Peter Gabriel & Steve Harley / In Aid Of Bill Duffield / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Heathcliff

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Bill Duffield Benefit Concert Hammersmith Odeon London England 12th May 1979. Digitally Remastered


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■ co-star of stage and Steve Harley and Peter Gabriel
■ special set list of Benefit concert unique unusual tour
■ The complete recording in high-quality sound ! !

Kate Bush tour 35 years was announced suddenly , has become a hot topic around the world , a tour that was carried out only in 1979 before it was ” THE TOUR OF LIFE ” . I hate to get on the plane according to one estimate , only 28 performances took place in Europe only at this time . Any tour is not performed later , the tour in 2014 sold out in the blink of an eye or because of that . I was impressed that its popularity is alive and well .

This work is intended to complete recording the first day of the London Hammersmith Continuous performance is the final concert of the land in 1979 TOUR OF LIFE. It is famous for the video was recorded on the last day , but the concert of May 12, 1979, this corresponds to the day before , was now a thing of the special tour unlike normal . I had the accident that staff of the tour , would died in a freak accident during the tour . Therefore , this concert I was done as Bill Duffield memorial is its staff . Therefore, while following a solo concert of Kate Bush , to welcome the Steve Harley and Peter Gabriel as a guest Basically , this concert has become a stage of three people .

Co-starring in three people ” Them Heavy People ” , Peter Gabriel sang first , ” The Man With The Child In His Eyes ” , then , it is organized Kate would sing again the same song in particular . Gorgeous co-star Peter Gabriel sang in the main , Kate would wear a back chorus ” I Don’t Remember ” . Some ghastly chorus of Kate insane manner shrilly . And ” DIY ” and ” Best Years Of Our Lives ,” ” Make Me Smile ” will be showcased in the solo of Steve Harley solo of Peter Gabriel . During the solo of two of the guests is Kate who had got off the stage once , but returned to the stage again in the ” Wow ” , and concludes with ” Wuthering Heights ” . It’s the end of a performance in this to be a tour of the ordinary , in that special stage on this day , by calling to the stage two of the guests again , and sing all of the Beatles ” Let It Be ” , is a rare encore was added . Photos of the day these how to serve the stage friends to be in the jacket , while built in the main pretty young Kate , musicians talented both sides would solidify , such as Dreams Come True like , three people also , Hohoemashiku very it is a thing very rare also .

Also noteworthy is that in the tour sound of Kate Bush disadvantaged in sound quality , it is recorded in great sound quality with very clear . The unrelated and probably was recorded in the stage near , and such harsh and applause Force , it is better to express the sound very clean or would be better , next to Manchester and last day was recorded by the sound board , the best in this tour There is no doubt that it is a class of sound quality .

As a memorial concert of fellow who died in a freak accident , while being a part of the tour , to welcome the two guests of Steve Harley and Peter Gabriel , and full inclusion in the high-quality sound , and a special stage is not a normal set . It is the press platen Athletic permanent preservation of the beautiful picture- disk specification . Japanese with belt .


35年ぶりのツアーが突如発表され、世界中で話題となっているケイトブッシュが、それ以前に唯一行なったツアーが1979年「THE TOUR OF LIFE」でした。一説によると飛行機に乗るのを嫌い、この時もヨーロッパのみで28公演が行なわれたのみ。それ以降は一切ツアーは行なわれず、そのせいか2014年のツアーは瞬く間に完売。その人気が健在であることを印象付けました。 

本作は、1979年TOUR OF LIFEの最終公演地であるロンドンハマースミス連続公演の初日を完全収録したものです。最終日は映像が収録されたことで有名ですが、その前日にあたるこの1979年5月12日のコンサートは、通常のツアーとは異なり特別のものとなりました。ツアーのスタッフが、ツアー中の不慮の事故で死去してしまうアクシデントがあったのです。そのため、このコンサートはそのスタッフであるビル・ダフィールド追悼として行なわれたのです。そのため、このコンサートは基本的にはケイトブッシュのソロ・コンサートを踏襲しつつ、ゲストとしてピーター・ガブリエルとスティーブハーレイを迎え、3人でのステージとなっています。 

 特に「Them Heavy People」は3人での共演、「The Man With The Child In His Eyes」は最初にピーター・ガブリエルが歌い、その後、同曲を再度ケイトが歌うという構成になっています。「I Don’t Remember」はピーターガブリエルがメインで歌い、バックコーラスをケイトがつけるという豪華共演。甲高く狂気的なケイトのコーラスは鬼気迫るものがあります。そしてピーターガブリエルのソロで「D.I.Y.」、スティーヴ・ハーレイのソロで「Best Years Of Our Lives」と「Make Me Smile」が披露されます。  ゲストの二人のソロの間は一旦ステージを降りていたケイトですが、「Wow」で再びステージに戻り、「嵐が丘」で締めくくります。通常のツアーだとこれで終演となるのですが、この日は特別ステージということで、再びゲストの二人をステージに呼んで、ビートルズの「Let It Be」を皆で歌うという、珍しいアンコールが加えられました。ジャケットにあるように、若く可愛らしいケイトをメインにたてつつ、両脇を才能あふれるミュージシャンが固めるという、まるでドリカムのような、3人で仲良くステージを務める様子は非常に微笑ましく、またこれら当日の写真も非常に珍しいものです。 



Bill Duffield Benefit Concert
Hammersmith Odeon London England 12th May 1979

01. Moving
02. Symphony In Blue
03. Violin
04. The Kick Inside
05. Strange Phenomena
06. Hammer Horror
07. Chant – Kasaka From Baghdad
08. Don’t Push Your Foot On The Heartbreak
09. Them Heavy People (With Peter Gabriel & Steve Harley)
10. The Woman With The Child In Her Eyes (With Steve Harley & Peter Gabriel)
11. The Man With The Child In His Eyes
12. Here Comes The Flood (Peter Gabriel)
13. I Don’t Remember (Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush)
14. D.I.Y (Peter Gabriel)

01. Best Years Of Our Lives (Steve Harley)
02. Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile (Steve Harley)
03. Wow
04. Kite
05. James And The Cold Gun
06. Wuthering Heights
07. Let It Be (With Peter Gabriel & Steve Harley)


Heathcliff. HC-09/10

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