Kate Bush / At Hammersmith Odeon Complete Version / 1DVD

Kate Bush / At Hammersmith Odeon Complete Version / 1DVD / Heathcliff

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Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, Uk May 13, 1979. Digitally Remastered


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It is Kate Bush who suddenly announced the tour suddenly in 2014 and surprised his fans, but until then it was only one time to go around Europe in 1979 until then. The 1979 tour entitled TOUR OF LIFE became a topic in theatrical production and later Hammersmith Odeon performance was released as a video work from the same tour. However, of course it is not DVD or Blu-ray yet, but even at the time of release, it was impossible to see the stage at the time in its complete form with only about half of the concert, and the legendary stage It existed only in the memory of the people who got there at the time. However, this time, including the unexpected outflow video, this whole time I can see all the songs of this Hammer Smith Odeon performance. It is a very long-awaited title indeed.

Until now, there was a video called “pseudo” complete version by linking the images contained in the documentaries of Germany and Sweden, but this work is a genuine, Hammersmith Odeon’s full song collection board! It is! It is!

Kate Bush is very deeply concerned with the sound and the stage, hence there are few albums, and the tour also only took place in 1979 and 2014 twice, just like Carlos Kleiber. Therefore, both works and tours announced are highly valued. Although the tour of 1979 has been transmitted to posterity as a fantastic stage of young Kate Bush, a theatrical element, a scene like a pantomime, a lot of dancers and the like have appeared, and an illusion as if watching a musical I will fall into it. This work can be a historical title, that you can see the whole picture with images.

The opening is “Moving”. Following Kate’s seductive singing in blue leotard, moved to the piano “The Saxophone Song”. And in the tour photograph is a scene which sits while sitting on a semicircle sofa and sleeping in “Room For The Life”. I am amazed because I can watch this scene with video. In ‘The Man With The Child In His Eyes’ you can watch the director ‘s waltz dancing at the opening and then to the piano, you can see the unprecedented production and all of Kate Bush’ s stages Are included here.

From the tour which Kate Bush performed in 1979, Hammersmith Odeon performance recorded all the songs by video. Of course it is all pro shot and sound board recording. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.

2014年、突如としてツアーを発表しファンを驚かせたケイトブッシュですが、それまでツアーといえば唯一1979年に欧州をまわった一度きりでした。TOUR OF LIFEと題された1979年ツアーは、演劇的な演出で話題となり、後に同ツアーからハマースミスオデオン公演が映像作品としてリリースされました。しかしいまだDVDやブルーレイ化されていないのはもちろんですが、リリースされた当時でさえ、コンサートの約半分のみの収録で、当時のステージを完全な形で見ることはできず、伝説的なステージは当時臨場した人たちの記憶の中にのみ存在していました。しかし、今回、未発表の流出映像を含め、初めてこのハマースミスオデオン公演を全曲見ることができるのです。まさにファン待望のタイトルといえます。



オープニングは「Moving」。青いレオタードに身を包んだケイトの妖艶な歌唱に続き、ピアノに移動しての「The Saxophone Song」。そしてツアー写真ではよく見る「Room For The Life」における、半円のソファーに座って寝ころびながら歌っているシーン。このシーンを映像で見れるのですから驚きです。「The Man With The Child In His Eyes」ではオープニングでワルツを踊り、その後ピアノに移動するという、今まで知られていなかった演出を見ることができ、音源だけではわからなかったケイトブッシュのステージのすべてがここに収録されています。


01. Moving
02. The Saxophone Song
03. Room For The Life
04. Them Heavy People
05. The Man With The Child In His Eyes
06. Egypt
07. L’Amour Looks Something Like You
08. Violin
09. The Kick Inside
10. In The Warm Room
11. Strange Phenomena
12. Hammer Horror
13. Kashka From Baghdad
14. Don’t Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
15. Wow
16. Coffee Homeground
17. In Search Of Peter Pan
18. Gymnopedie No1 – Symphony In Blue
19. Feel It
20. Kite
21. James And The Cold Gun
22. Oh England My Lionheart
23. Wuthering Heigths

Heathcliff. HC-14

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