Kate Bush / Apollo Theater Manchester 1979 Complete Version / 1DVD

Kate Bush / Apollo Theater Manchester 1979 Complete Version / 1DVD / Heathcliff

Live At Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK April 10, 1979 Digitally Remastered

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Kate Bush has a long career and is known for his masterpieces, and concert tours have only been conducted twice. The two tours are 1979 and 2014. Kate’s stage is a kind of musical that elaborates various productions. There is a visual element that can not be understood only by the sound.

The heathcliff label is releasing the 1979 tour’s outflow video this time. So far, the full-frame video of Hammersmith Odeon has been released from the same label on May 13 from 1979 TOUR OF LIFE, but this film is another shot from that, and professional shot for the April 10, 1979 Manchester show It is completely recorded in the outflow video. The film was taken by Granada TV and was scheduled to be broadcast, but in the end it has not been released yet. However, in the past, it has been broadcasted only once at an event, and it is speculated that this outflow may not be the one at that time.

The image quality is very good and the quality is better than Hammersmith. Furthermore, the sound is a sound board, and this is a high quality one that can be used as a live album as it is. It is clear from this video work that the day was a three-part clip with a break, and that no excessive video processing was done at the editing stage like Hammer Smith, and the stage of the day was recorded as it is Etc. For example, “James and the Cold Gun” is better for this work than the officially shot Hammer Smith. In addition, it is a manifestation of Kate’s service spirit that the lyrics are changed to “Manchester” in “Oh England My Lionheart”. It is also a pleasure for fans that “Fullhouse” not played by Hammersmith is on the set list in this work Manchester. As there is no MC in the main story with emphasis on performance, the part where Kate himself speaks to the audience at the last curtain call is very moving. It is also fresh that you can clearly see the face and appearance of the band members, especially the two people of the female chorus who are hardly visible in the main story. It is a very good work that you can enjoy the fun of video.

This film is a full-scale recording of a runout shot from Manchester performance on April 10, 1979. Audio is a soundboard, and video and audio quality is as good as Hammersmith. The image was of such high quality that there was no need to modify it, but the sound was sloppy noise, noise was removed from that part, and processing more suitable for viewing was applied. A permanent press with beautiful picture and disc specifications.


今回heathcliffレーベルよりリリースされるのは、1979年ツアーの流出映像である。これまで1979年TOUR OF LIFEからは5月13日ハマースミスオデオンの完全版映像が同レーベルよりリリースされているが、本作はそれとはまた別の、1979年4月10日マンチェスター公演をプロショット流出映像で完全収録したものである。この映像はグラナダTVが撮影したもので、放送が予定されていたということだが、結局はお蔵入りとなった未発表のものである。ただ、過去においてイベントで一度だけ放映されたことがあり、今回の流出はその時のものではないかと推測される。

画質はすこぶる良く、ハマースミスよりもクオリティが良い。さらに音声はサウンドボードで、このままライブ・アルバムとして足る、こちらもクオリティの高いものである。この映像作品からわかるのは、当日が休憩をはさみ3部構成であったこと、ハマースミスのように編集段階における過度な映像処理がなされておらず、まさに当日のステージをそのまま収録している点などが特筆される。「James and the Cold Gun」などは正式に撮影されたハマースミスよりも本作の方が良いくらいである。また「Oh England My Lionheart」で歌詞を「マンチェスター」と替え歌にしてるのもケイトのサービス精神の表れであろう。ハマースミスでは演奏されなかった「Fullhouse」が本作マンチェスターではセットリストに入っていることもファンには嬉しい点。演出重視で本編では一切MCがないので、最後のカーテンコールでケイト自らが聴衆に語り掛けている箇所などは非常に感動的である。バンドメンバー、特に本編中ほとんど映らない女性コーラスの二人の顔や姿がはっきりと確認できるのも新鮮である。かように映像ならではの楽しみが堪能できる非常に優れた作品となっている。


Live At Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK April 10, 1979
01. Introductions
02. Moving
03. Saxophone Song
04. Room For The Life
05. Them Heavy People
06. Man With The Child In His Eyes
07. Egypt
08. L’Amour Looks Something Like You
09. Violin
10. The Kick Inside
11. intermission #1
12. In The Warm Room
13. Fullhouse
14. Strange Phenomena
15. Hammer Horror
16. Kashka From Baghdad
17. Don’t Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
18. Intermission #2
19. Wow
20. Coffee Homeground
21. In Search Of Peter Pan
22. Symphony In Blue
23. Feel It
24. Kite
25. James And The Cold Gun
26. Oh England My Lionheart
27. Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff. HC-17

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