Kansas / Point Of Know Return 40th Anniversary Tour 2018 Texas / 2CDR

Kansas / Point Of Know Return 40th Anniversary Tour 2018 Texas / 2CDR / Galaxy. GX 096A/B

Live At Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX November 3rd 2018. Audience


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Dallas performance in Texas state November 3, 2018 performed as a 40th anniversary tour of tossing to the dark (point of no return) as an American progressive band in the 70’s that was active in the 70’s Completed recording mastery of high quality audience recording master appeared in 2 pairs! !

The concert starts with an acoustic set and performs an electric set ‘s band performance, and in the latter half it shows a full – length album reproduction of a famous’ Tow to the Dark’ (point of no return).

Last was a big hit “Legend” (Carrie on Weiwado Sun) was played. Kansas of the past year’s fans tearful tears appeared in the latest live performance in 2018! !




ACOUSTIC:01. People Of The South Wind/02. Hope Once Again/03. Hold On/04. Refugee/05. Lonely Wind
ELECTRIC:06. Cold Grey Morning/07. Two Cents Worth/08. Mysteries And Mayhem – Lamplight Symphony/09. The Wall/10. Song For America/11. Wheels/12. Summer/13. Musicatto/14. Taking In The View

01. Miracles Out Of Nowhere
POINT OF KNOW RETURN:02. Point Of Know Return/03. Paradox/04. The Spider/05. Portrait (He Knew)/06. Closet Chronicles/07. Lightning’s Hand/08. Dust In The Wind/09. Sparks Of The Tempest/10. Nobody’s Home/11. Hopelessly Human/12. Carry On Wayward Son

Live At Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX November 3rd 2018

Galaxy. GX 096A/B

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