Judas Priest / The Ripper Years / 1DVDR

Judas Priest / The Ripper Years / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Estadio Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1st September 2001, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium 8th April 1998. Pro-Shot


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Iron board DVD of the history of mankind strongest “VISUAL METALOGY: DELUXE EXPANDED EDITION”. To celebrate its release, we will gift bonus DVDR that contains the two performances of professional shot Ripper era “THE RIPPER YEARS” for the first stock-minute!
Of the main press 2DVD: In the “VISUAL METALOGY DELUXE EXPANDED EDITION”, Ripper Owens era was only five songs only. Buenos Aires and performances September 1, 2001 to become a full pro shot Ripper era, this work has coupled the seven songs Brussels performances April 8, 1998. By to match this work and the main press DVD, you have access to it to cover nearly the pro-shot video of the Ripper era!
Buenos Aires performances 2001 First, it is to appear in the main. There is the official “LIVE IN LONDON” and say the video of “DEMOLITON” tour, but it was incomplete version unfortunately. Moreover, the recording of an ultra-rush schedule named to return home by airplane of 4:30 in Japan immediately after the performance. How it was Tata~tsu, it was what performance also lacks sharp enough.
This work best condition native performance compared to that. I will be watching (included in CD) at a luxury of full recorded unique, has been cut in the “LIVE IN LONDON”, “Heading Out To The Highway,” “The Green Manalishi” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” songs .
Masterpieces hidden and is especially happy “Machine Man”! It is the one song that symbolizes challenged the fusion of melody and traditional attack power a modern “DEMOLITION”, but was being watched by “LIVE IN LONDON” is only tepid performance of the sound check. While it is true, to explode in this work, is raw! Production version without care Tsu mix
Still singing Ripper really great. There was Mom also be visible signs of decline in the growth of the voice singing in broken, when it comes to the second half of the live only Orijineita who wrote a song Rob Halford. However, without having to break the image of the album cover of the Ripper band from, you have never disturbed live is also progressing. How to twist Dos In Rob more, since I should not be in the flat even though there is a sense of stability, is a tremendous talent. Lack of freedom, where you do not disturb the image I is also the smallness of the sense of scale eventually, but if you like crazy changed licentious in his position, it would be to have been criticized for it.

What must see a full live more than the main, is the Brussels performances in 1998! 7 songs yell Ripper facing the whole world tour of life’s first play. Barrel and in the goodness-looking, ripper wrapped in black leather and the rich! Physique that is not a ratio of 2001, singing to the audience glare. The appearance, such as hardened to human type “heavy metal” exactly, singing voice add emotions even one to one !!! word 1 cool enough to breathtaking, Bishibishi is spirit that bounce in the throat the heavy responsibility of “successor of Rob” you handed down.
Among them, the pick of the litter “Painkiller”! Ripper Kiru sing calmly and ultra Nankyoku that? “Than not have tried to sing was decent” question even Rob. Just before the guitar solo, charm and powerful, such as going to the ends while dominated to fully open the dos of “thousand suns …”. Comparable to the studio version that combines a wonderful sex appeal and ……… madness, it is a masterpiece! Take of all time
And if you think that, of that in 1998 this was the unfortunate. Large adversity of heavy metal era. This is the era of 2 years since I appeared on Lollapalooza METALLICA is a make-up, had Usobui “We’ll me savior? Pardon of metal” and even Dave Mustaine. At the time, had been declared “We’re metal” and it proudly it was about Bruce Dickinson just returned from grunge route and PANTERA, and SLAYER (Steve Harris pupil “Metal consistently people that Maiden Maiden “more). In that era that was closed said “Metal is dead” and with the Rob should be Metal God, was let Nagarae a sign of “JUDAS PRIEST” It was Ripper. Please see the “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin ‘” and carved chest that fact. Tanomoshi of the Ripper that inflame the audience as “METAL! METAL!”! Yes, he is! It was a guardian

Joy “PRIEST was alive” as I felt when “Jugulator” took on the radio. Uplifting when “The Hellion” has resounded in the Japan Tour. And excitement that was also similar to dizziness when the Ripper began to sing. Heat that that could not help but cry and, feeling that moment, spread full chest, was a joy itself loved the music of that name Henchikurin such as “heavy metal”. This work was missed what press of a quality surface, but it is a masterpiece video feelings of many overflows at once. By all means, this volume: Together with “VISUAL METALOGY DELUXE EXPANDED EDITION”, please record the arsenal of heavy metal shelves you!

 人類史上最強の鉄盤DVD「VISUAL METALOGY : DELUXE EXPANDED EDITION」。その発売を記念して、初回入荷分にはリッパー時代のプロショット2公演を収めたボーナスDVDR「THE RIPPER YEARS」をプレゼントいたします!
 本編プレス2DVDの「VISUAL METALOGY : DELUXE EXPANDED EDITION」では、わずか5曲だけだったリッパー・オーウェンズ時代。本作は、リッパー時代のフル・プロショットとなる2001年9月1日ブエノスアイレス公演と、1998年4月8日ブリュッセル公演7曲をカップリングしました。本編プレスDVDと本作を併せることで、リッパー時代のプロ・ショット映像をほぼ網羅する事ができます!
 まず、メインで登場するのが2001年ブエノスアイレス公演。「DEMOLITON」ツアーの映像というとオフィシャルの「LIVE IN LONDON」がありますが、残念ながらあれは不完全版でした。しかも、日本公演直後で午前4時半の飛行機で帰国するという超突貫スケジュールでの収録。それが祟ったのか、パフォーマンスも今ひとつキレに欠ける内容でした。
 それに比べて本作は本来の絶好調パフォーマンス。曲もフル収録ならではの豪華さで、「LIVE IN LONDON」ではカットされた(CDには収録)「Heading Out To The Highway」「The Green Manalishi」「You’ve Got Another Thing Coming」も観られます。
 特に嬉しいのが隠れた名曲「Machine Man」! モダンな攻撃力と伝統のメロディの融合に挑戦した「DEMOLITION」を象徴する1曲ですが、「LIVE IN LONDON」で観られたのはサウンドチェックのヌルい演奏だけ。ところが、本作で炸裂するのは、混じりっ気なしの生本番バージョンです!! 

 メインのフル・ライヴ以上に必見なのが、1998年ブリュッセル公演です! 人生初の全世界ツアーに臨むリッパーの気合いが弾ける7曲。その格好良さたるや、2001年の比ではありません!! 豊かな体格を黒レザーに包み、観客を睨みつけるように歌うリッパー。まさに「ヘヴィメタル」が人型に固まったようなたたずまいは、息を飲むほど格好いい!!! 単語1つひとつにさえ表情をつける歌声は、「ロブの後任」という重責をノドで跳ね返す気迫がビシビシ伝わってきます。
中でも白眉は「Painkiller」! 当のロブですら“まともに歌えた試しがないのでは?”という超難曲を悠々と歌いきるリッパー。ギターソロの直前、ドスを全開に利かせながらも果てていくような「thousand suns…」の迫力と妙味。なんと素晴らしい………狂気と色気を併せ持つスタジオ・バージョンにも匹敵する、空前絶後の傑作テイクです!!
 思えば、この1998年というのが不幸でした。時代はヘヴィメタルの大逆境。METALLICAがメイクをしてロラパルーザに出演してから2年、デイヴ・ムステインでさえ「俺たちがメタルの救世主? カンベンしてくれよ」と嘯いていた時代です。当時、胸を張って「俺たちはメタルだ」と宣言していたのはSLAYERとPANTERA、そしてグランジ路線から帰還したばかりのブルース・ディッキンソンくらいでした(スティーヴ・ハリスは一貫して「メタルがどうこうよりメイデンはメイデン」という人)。メタルゴッドであるはずのロブをして「メタルは死んだ」と言わしめたあの時代に、「JUDAS PRIEST」の看板を長らえさせたのはリッパーでした。その事実を胸に刻んで「You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’」をご覧ください。「METAL! METAL!」と観客を煽るリッパーの頼もしさ! そう、彼は守護神だったのです!!

 ラジオで「Jugulator」がかかった時に感じた「PRIESTは生きていた」という嬉しさ。来日公演で「The Hellion」が鳴り響いた時の高揚。そしてリッパーが歌い出した時の目眩にも似た感動。あの瞬間、胸一杯に広がった気持ちは、そして叫ばずにはいられなかったあの熱さは、「重金属」などというヘンチクリンな名前の音楽を愛した喜びそのものでした。本作は画質面でプレス化こそ逃しましたが、数々の想いが一気に溢れる傑作映像です。ぜひ、本編「VISUAL METALOGY : DELUXE EXPANDED EDITION」と併せ、あなたの棚をヘヴィメタルの記録庫にしてください!

Live at Estadio Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1st September 2001

1. Metal Gods 2. Heading Out To The Highway 3. A Tough Of Evil 4. Blood Stained 
5. Victim Of Changes 6. One On One 7. The Ripper 8. Diamonds And Rust 9. Machine Man
10. The Green Manalishi 11. Burn In Hell 12. Breaking The Law 13. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
14. Painkiller 15. The Hellion/Electric Eye 16. United 17. Living After Midnight
18. Hell Bent For Leather

Live at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium 8th April 1998

1. Intro/The Hellion 2. Electric Eye 3. Metal Gods 4. Grinder 5. Blood Stained 6. Painkiller
7. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’


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