Judas Priest & Iron Maiden / Definitive Chicago 1982 / 2CD

Judas Priest & Iron Maiden / Definitive Chicago 1982 / 2CD / Zodiac
Live at the International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, USA 21st September 1982

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This is the top experience of the music genre “HEAVY METAL”! The live album of the ultimate tour where JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN in the climax eradicate Ho is the birth!!!
In the history of heroic metal, there were various coupling performances and live shows. But no other combination is as strong as this. After all, the protagonists are the two major heroes, PRIEST and MAIDEN, who symbolize metal, which was also in 1982. Yes, it’s a live album in which both males from the “cry of revenge” times and the “mark of magical powers” ​​confront each other. “Chicago performance on September 21, 1982” is engraved in this work. It’s a transcendental audience recording.
Before the corona vortex, Rob Halford said “I want to tour with MAIDEN” and Steve Harris returned “It’s a good idea”, but it was in the news, but both men actually did a joint tour I’ve done it again. From 1980 to 1982, the up-and-coming IRON MAIDEN served as the undercard for the already mid-sized JUDAS PRIEST. It’s a good opportunity, so let’s confirm the position of the show from the history of the co-star tour.

・March 7th-April 1st: UK (21 performances)
・June 3-14: North America (12 performances)
・June 27-July 30: North America (25 performances)
・September 14-October 23: North America (30 performances) ←★Coco★

[“HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION” recording the miracle tour] This is a tour schedule where both men line up. After that, I sometimes met at festivals, but this is the only joint tour. The number of performances is not exact because there are subtle differences in the records of both bands, but I think you can understand the approximate scale. At that time, both males didn’t feel like selling couplings, but for Priest it was “one of the leading bands”. In 1982, Maiden was also a headliner in Europe, but in the North America he was the last liner. The Chicago performance of this work is a part of such a 1982 North American tour. It was the 6th concert of the coupling schedule.
This work recorded at such a show is a superb audience recording with “super”. I’m sure some of you have come to the pinnacle, but this work is the hottest series “HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION” collection. The other day, I introduced the Maiden edition from the Shades label, but the same person was also recording the priest edition of the main act continuously. Moreover, the priest edition is not the first appearance. I think many of you remember the “DEFINITIVE VENGEANCE” that shocked you with super quality a few years ago, but in fact, that super famous recording was also “HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION”!
Of course, this work is not just a tying recurrence. It has been refined on the premise that it will be a coupling work from Omoto Master. Even though it was recorded on the same day, there was a difference in digital transfer for several years, so that feeling of discomfort was completely eliminated. On top of that, I improved the clarity, adjusted the pitch completely, and corrected the stereoscopic disturbance that was occurring (very slightly). In “DEFINITIVE VENGEANCE”, the recording failure “Hell Bent For Leather” was complemented by the official sound board of another performance, but this time “The night of the two major band competitions” is the theme, so it is not a supplementary record. It was finished as a live album that was pushed out only by the truth of.

[Transcendence live album where official sound board also flies] If you don’t know about “HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION” or “HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION”, the explanation will be “?”. For those who are new to the experience… “This is amazing!” Bukkake “Marude Sound Board”. If the core is very thick, the feel is on and the details are super delicate. Anyway, even if you listen to it with headphones, there is no sense of distance (at all), and a huge spectacle is sucked in with a balance like an official live album without a magnificent call & response. Moreover, the sound board feel is further enhanced by original mastering that improves the clarity of the original sound of the net. It’s a “HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION”, which is a series of audience recordings. I wrote earlier, “In DEFINITIVE VENGEANCE, it was complemented by the official sound board of another performance”, but it is a transcendent direct recording as much as possible.
And the sound drawn is the collision of both males at the peak… There is no doubt that this is bad. The band potential that created the “cry of revenge” and “the engraving of magical power” that embody the ideals of heavy metal explodes, and they are a big passion to eat each other. Both Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson have screams that they have never heard before, and the ensemble is iron-clad so that they can be drawn to it. Both bands were decidedly twin, and Steve Harris’s back-and-forth gallop was amazing. Speaking of 1982, there are official works such as “LIVE VENGEANCE ’82” for priests and “BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH” for maiden, but this work is so strong that it surpasses either of them. Not only for metal, but for rock, the rivalry brings out more charm than it should, but this work is its ideal form. It’s a live album where the strangeness of the coupling explodes.

”JUDAS PRIEST vs IRON MAIDEN” that directly embodies the dream of metal artists. As mentioned above, this coupling existed for nearly 90 performances, but it was difficult to have it for recording. Many tapers record only the bands they are looking for, and the quality is difficult even if both are recorded very rarely… Under such circumstances, this work is the only live album that allows you to taste both of them in superlative quality. The “HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION” collection allows you to enjoy not only the priest version that was actually pressed alone but also the Maiden version with the same superb quality. Experience the “ideal of heavy metals” in a set of 2 discs that have been permanently preserved!
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これぞ、音楽ジャンル“HEAVY METAL”の頂点体験! 絶頂時代のJUDAS PRIESTとIRON MAIDENが鎬を削る究極ツアーのライヴアルバムが爆誕です!!!
コロナ渦が起きる前にはロブ・ハルフォードが「MAIDENとツアーしたい」と言いだし、スティーヴ・ハリスが「良いアイディアだね」と返した事がニュースにもなりましたが、実際に両雄が合同ツアーしたこともありまた。それは1980年から1982年にかけてで、すでに中堅だったJUDAS PRIESTの前座を新進気鋭のIRON MAIDENが務めたのです。良い機会ですので、その共演ツアーの歴史からショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

・9月14日-10月23日:北米(30公演) ←★ココ★

そんなショウで記録された本作は「超」の付く極上オーディエンス録音。もうピンと来た方もいらっしゃると思いますが、本作は今話題の超極上シリーズ“HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION”コレクションなのです。先日、メイデン編をShadesレーベルからご紹介しましたが、同じ人物がメインアクトのプリースト編も続けて録音していたわけです。しかも、プリースト編も初登場ではない。数年前、超極上クオリティで衝撃を振りまいた『DEFINITIVE VENGEANCE』をご記憶の方も多いと思いますが、実はあの超名録音も“HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION”だったのです!
もちろん、本作は単なる抱き合わせ再発ではありません。大元マスターからカップリング作になることを前提に磨き直したもの。録音したのは同日でもデジタル・トランスファーには数年の差がありましたので、その違和感を完全に解消。その上でヌケを良くし、ピッチも完全に調整、(極わずかに)発生していたステレオ感の乱れも補正しました。『DEFINITIVE VENGEANCE』では録音漏れの「Hell Bent For Leather」を別公演の公式サウンドボードで補完していましたが、今回は「2大バンド競演の夜」こそがテーマなので補填はせず、貴重記録の真実のみで押し切るライヴアルバムに仕上げました。

既発や“HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION”をご存じないと、やや「?」になりそうな説明になってしまいました。まったく初体験の方に申しますと……「これは凄い!」。ぶっちゃけ「まるでサウンドボード」です。芯は極太なら感触は猛烈にオン、ディテールも超細やか。とにかくヘッドフォンで耳を澄ませても距離感が(まったく)なく、盛大なコール&レスポンスも間近声なしに巨大なスペクタクルだけが公式ライヴアルバムのようなバランスで吸い込まれている。しかも、ネットの原音からヌケを良くした独自マスタリングにより、サウンドボード感がさらの増強。オーディエンス録音を連発している“HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION”なので客録と分かるものの、本作を聴いただけではそうは思えない。先ほど「DEFINITIVE VENGEANCEでは、別公演の公式サウンドボードで補完していた」と書きましたが、それが可能なほどの超絶ダイレクト録音なのです。
そして、そのサウンドで描かれるのは、ピークを迎えた両雄の激突……これが悪かろうハズがない。ヘヴィメタルの理想を体現した『復讐の叫び』『魔力の刻印』を創り上げたバンド・ポテンシャルが爆発し、互いに食われまいとする大熱演。ロブ・ハルフォードもブルース・ディッキンソンも他では聴いたことがないような絶唱を轟かせますし、それに引っぱられるようにアンサンブルも鉄壁。両バンドともツインがビッシビシと決まり、スティーヴ・ハリスのバッキバキ・ギャロップも凄いド迫力。1982年と言えばプリーストには『LIVE VENGEANCE ’82』、メイデンには『BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH』といった公式作もあるわけですが、本作はそのどちらに凌駕するほど強烈なのです。メタルはだけでなく、ロックはライバル心が本来以上の魅力を引き出すものですが、本作はその理想形。まさしくカップリングの妙が炸裂するライヴアルバムなのです、

メタル者の夢をそのまま体現した「JUDAS PRIEST vs IRON MAIDEN」。上記したように、このカプリングは90公演近く実在したわけですが、これまで録音で楽しもうと持っても困難でした。多くのテーパーがお目当てのバンドしか録音せず、ごく希に両者を録音していてもクオリティが難あり……。そんな中で、本作は両者を超極上に味わえるただ1本のライヴアルバムなのです。実際に単独でプレス化されていたプリースト編だけでなく、メイデン編までも同じ極上クオリティで味わえる“HOT OFF THE HEADS PRODUCTION”コレクション。「重金属の理想」の永久保存した2枚組、どうぞ存分にご体験ください!


Disc 1 (42:49)
1. Intro
2. The Hellion
3. Electric Eye
4. Riding on the Wind
5. Heading Out to the Highway
6. Metal Gods
7. Bloodstone
8. Breaking The Law
9. Sinner
10. Desert Plains
11. The Ripper

Disc 2 (78:35)
1. Diamonds and Rust
2. Devil’s Child
3. Screaming for Vengeance
4. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
5. Victim of Changes
6. Living After Midnight
7. The Green Manalishi

Rob Halford – Vocals
Glenn Tipton – Guitars
K.K. Downing – Guitars
Ian Hill – Bass
Dave Holland – Drums

8. Wrathchild
9. Run to the Hills
10. Children of the Damned
11. The Number of the Beast
12. 22 Acacia Avenue
13. Hallowed Be Thy Name
14. Iron Maiden

Bruce Dickinson – Vocals
Steve Harris – Bass
Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar
Clive Burr – Drums

Zodiac 397

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