Judas Priest / Hollywood Florida 2019/ 1DVDR

Judas Priest / Hollywood Florida 2019/ 1DVDR / Shades
Live at Hard Rock Event Center, Hollywood, FL, USA 3rd May 2019

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PRIEST history, the latest tour that surpassed De Do in the world with ultra bold set ever. The transcendent picture is appearance!
“DOWNLOAD JAPAN 2019” which served as a bird immediately under sudden change is also a new steel god in memory. That Japanese tour was a surprise visit to Japan that had a problem, but after that they are running a North American tour that will be the third “FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR” as scheduled. This tour is another huge surprise. For a while, I have always predicted that I will play rare songs, but the rareness and volume are also different. “DOWNLOAD JAPAN” was also a rare set list, but it is a huge tsunami of precious songs that even out of the question. This work is an audience shot where you can experience such a shock show with the highest quality.
The quality and the content are continuous of dazzling, but at first the position of the show. Let’s reconfirm the whole picture of “FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR”.

● 2018
“March 9” FIREPOWER “released”
・ March 13-May 5: North America # 1 (31 performances)
・ June 5-July 5: Europe # 1 (17 performances)
・ July 19-August 10: Europe # 2 (13 performances)
・ August 21-September 30: North America # 2 (25 performances)
・ October 26th-14th: South America (9 performances)
・ November 21-Dec 7: Asia (9 performances)
● 2019
・ January 27: Paris performances
・ March 9-21: Oceania / Japan (4 performances)
-May 3-June 29: North America # 3 (36 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★

This is a schedule that has been released to date. Originally, a UK tour with Ozzie and their first South African performance were planned in January-March, but due to various circumstances, it was canceled / postponed. Currently, “North America # 3” is being implemented for coupling with URIAH HEEP, and “FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR” is expected to end. The first day of such “North America # 3” is included in this work. It is “May 3, 2019 Hollywood performance”.
This work which recorded such a show is just the best picture. It’s an audience shot from the center of the stage, but it’s amazing how close it is. It seems to be shooting from the second or third row around the front, and it approaches each member without any obstacles anyway, it approaches! It’s almost a camera pit when it comes to its proximity. Everything from the roving Rob row to the guitarist’s blood vessels that play the strings is super beautiful. That is no different from one-cam pro shot. The voice that enhances the professional shot feeling. It seems natural that only the foremost one is intensely on, but it is overtaken by the clear. The front seat may be close but at the same time the sound of the hall may turn around, so it is not always the best sound. However, while this film is furious direct, it is fearful because it hardly feels a ringing noise even if it listens with a headphone.
Although this work alone is transcendent, in fact, this is a breakthrough for the whole tour. “FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR” has appeared in the most beautiful recordings have appeared in many masterpiece live album reports in our shop. However, when it comes to an image (why) it’s not good. Strangely distant, blurry, or even an incomplete version of the video sometimes I think “Oh! However, this work has no such drawbacks. More than a year has passed since it started, and it is the decision image of “FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR” that was finally born.
As described above, the quality is depicted in the quality, a super rare song paradise that surpassed the spirit of the world. It’s been raining for the first time ever in the world for the first time in several decades. Let’s sort out that clumsy here a little.

● World premiere (4 songs)
・ New song: Necromancer, Spectre, Traitors Gate
・ Old song: (Take These) Chains
● Revival song (9 songs)
・ For the first time in four years: Halls Of Valhalla
・ 7 years: The Sentinel, Heading Out To The Highway, Starbreaker
・ 9 years: Judas Rising
・ 10 years: Steeler
28 years: All Guns Blazing
・ For the first time in 33 years: Out In The Cold
· 41 years: Killing Machine
● Tour standard songs (5 songs)
・ New song: No Surrender
・ Old music: Victim Of Changes, Hell Bent For Leather, Breaking The Law, Living After Midnight

… and is like this. There are a lot of bands saying “we do unusual music” these days, but it is 1-2 songs at most. And at the very least, I said, “Well, I’ve been away for years.” However, JUDAS PRIEST was completely different. A rare part of the on-parade with rare popular songs. Although it is still known that the “FIREPOWER” number will be released for the first time, “(Take These) Chains” in “The Revenge’s Scream” is also the world premiere, and “All Guns Blazing” and “Out In The Cold” are also large since that time. Revival. “Killing Machine” has been revived in January this year, but it must be a 41-year super rare. In addition, that song that has colored each page of history, this song …. What’s more, it’s amazing because it’s just a song that doesn’t do it even if you expand your horizon to HALFORD and FIGHT. As a matter of fact, JUDAS PRIEST is also a band that relatively cherishes a standard song, so far the bold set has no history in history. It is not a fresh place, but it is a show that the head is clingingly dizzy, being overwhelmed by shock. You will be able to experience the whole story in a special seat.

Visual beauty, sound, performance, and heap of super rare songs … anyway amazing. I will not do it if I see you! Originally, you should also touch Rob’s Nod who continues to be in excellent condition of the marvel, and Encore of Glenn Tipton appearance, but it is a video work of the shock that forgets even that. It is “FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR” where rare revival songs have become a topic throughout the tour, but it is one to say that Todome. Please take a look at it!

急転直下でトリを務めた“DOWNLOAD JAPAN 2019”も記憶に新しい鋼鉄神。あの日本公演はあくまでトラブルが生んだサプライズ来日でしたが、その後の彼らは予定通り“FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR”3度目となる北米ツアーを実行中。このツアーがまたとんでもない巨大サプライズ。かねてより「珍しい曲をやる」と予告してはいたものの、そのレア度もボリュームもケタ違い。“DOWNLOAD JAPAN”もレアなセットリストでしたが、それさえ問題外にする貴重曲の大津波なのです。本作は、そんな衝撃のショウを極上クオリティで体験できるオーディエンス・ショットなのです。
そのクオリティも内容も目眩の連続なのですが、まずはショウのポジション。“FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR”の全体像で再確認してみましょう。


これが現在までに公表されているスケジュール。本来であれば、1-3月にオジーとの英国ツアーや彼ら初の南アフリカ公演も計画されていたのですが、諸般の事情により中止/延期。現在はURIAH HEEPとのカップリングで「北米#3」を実施しており、これで“FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR”は終了の見込みです。本作に収められているのは、そんな「北米#3」の初日。「2019年5月3日ハリウッド公演」です。
そんなショウを記録した本作は、まさに極上映像。ステージ真正面の中央から捉えたオーディエンス・ショットなのですが、驚きなのは近さ。最前付近の2-3列目くらいから撮影しているらしく、とにかく遮蔽物もなしに各メンバーに迫る、迫る! 迫りまくる!! その近さと言ったら、ほとんどカメラピット。叫ぶロブの歯並びから弦を弾くギタリストの手の血管に至るまで、すべてが超絶美麗。それこそワンカメ・プロショットと何も変わらないのです。そのプロショット感を高めているのが音声。最前部だけに強烈にオンなのは当然な気もしますが、それ以上にクリアさにド肝を抜かれる。最前席は近さは良くてもホール鳴りが回り込む恐れもあり、必ずしもベスト・サウンドとは限らないもの。ところが、本作は猛烈ダイレクトでありつつ、ヘッドフォンで聴いてもホール鳴りをほとんど感じないから恐れ入る。
本作だけでも超絶ではありますが、実はこれ、ツアー全体にとっても画期的。“FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR”は極上録音こそ何本も登場しており、当店でも数々の名作ライヴアルバムでレポートしてきました。しかし、こと映像となると(なぜか)不作。妙に遠かったり、ブレブレだったり、時たま「おぉ!」と思う映像が登場しても不完全版だったり……。ところが、本作にはそうした欠点がまったくない。開始から1年以上が経ち、ようやく誕生した“FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR”の決定映像なのです。

・新曲:Necromancer、Spectre、Traitors Gate
・旧曲:(Take These) Chains
・4年ぶり:Halls Of Valhalla
・7年ぶり:The Sentinel、Heading Out To The Highway、Starbreaker
・9年ぶり:Judas Rising
・28年ぶり:All Guns Blazing
・33年ぶり:Out In The Cold
・41年ぶり:Killing Machine
・新曲:No Surrender
・旧曲:Victim Of Changes、Hell Bent For Leather、Breaking The Law、Living After Midnight

……と、このようになっています。昨今「珍しい曲をやるよ」と言うバンドも多いですが、それはせいぜい1-2曲。しかも「そういやここ何年かご無沙汰だったね」というものがせいぜいです。ところが、JUDAS PRIESTは全然違った。定番の人気曲をごく一部に抑え、激レア曲のオンパレード。『FIREPOWER』ナンバーが初公開なのはまだ分かるものの、『復讐の叫び』の「(Take These) Chains」も全世界初公開ですし、「All Guns Blazing」「Out In The Cold」も当時以来となる大復活。「Killing Machine」は今年1月に復活済みとは言え、41年ぶりの激レア曲には違いない。その他にも、歴史の各ページを彩ってきたあの曲・この曲……。しかも、HALFORDやFIGHTまで視野を広げてもやっていないような曲ばかりなのですから驚きです。実のところ、JUDAS PRIESTは比較的定番曲を大事にするバンドでもあり、ここまで大胆なセットは歴史上類をみない。新鮮どころではなく、衝撃に打ちのめされて目眩で頭がクラクラしてくるショウ。その一部始終を特等席で体験できてしまうのです。

映像美、サウンド、パフォーマンス、そして山盛りの激レア曲……とにかく凄い。凄いったらありゃしない! 本来であれば、引き続き驚異の絶好調を続けるロブのノドやグレン・ティプトン登場のアンコールにも触れるべきなのですが、それさえ忘れる衝撃の映像作品。ツアー全体を通してレアな復活曲が話題になってきた“FIREPOWER WORLD TOUR”ですが、そのトドメとも言うべき1枚。どうぞ、刮目してご覧ください!

1. Intro 2. Necromancer 3. The Sentinel 4. Heading Out to the Highway
5. Spectre 6. (Take These) Chains 7. Judas Rising 8. Out in the Cold
9. Traitors Gate 10. Starbreaker 11. Steeler 12. Halls of Valhalla
13. Killing Machine 14. No Surrender 15. Victim of Changes 16. All Guns Blazing
17. Hell Bent for Leather 18. Breaking the Law (with Glenn Tipton)
19. Living After Midnight (with Glenn Tipton)

Rob Halford – vocals Richie Faulkner – guitar Andy Sneap – guitar
Ian Hill – bass Scott Travis – drums Glenn Tipton – guitar

COLOUR NTSC Approx.92min.

Shades 1049

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