Judas Priest / Definitive Painkiller Live / 2CD

Judas Priest / Definitive Painkiller Live / 2CD / Zodiac 291

Translated Text:
Foundations Forum, Los Angeles, CA. USA 13th September 1990 & Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA. USA 12th July 1991 Stereo SBD/AUD Matrix

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Finally, the time has come when the wishful deeds of metal heads are finally come true. “PAINKILLER TOUR 1990-1991” The ultimate live album is born!
It was long. It was really long. Although it is not possible to definitely declare the highest masterpiece of JUDAS PRIEST, one of its most promising candidates is “PAINKILLER”. Besides being a declaration of the resurgence of the breasts for the old fans, not only the young fans of the slash generation but also beat up, “a masterpiece that PRIEST is a god” was a masterpiece. That prestige has no twist in the twenty-eight years now, and continues to teach to the new generation “This is a heavy metal”. There are a number of masterpieces in PRIEST, in the transcendence of generations it is a famous masterpiece in an exceptional masterpiece.
“Steel god who gave rise to that masterpiece has left the world to the world” PAINKILLER TOUR “. Naturally, all metal heads sent hot eyes. However, there are no satisfying live albums so far, not to mention officials. I can not wait to live, full scale sound board of full scale does not appear, ROCK IN RIO and pro shots of Detroit performance are also qualities now. Even when giving up giving up to common sense somehow, even when talking about audiences recording, it was the end of being told like “Mashi to PAINKILLER TOUR”.
This work is an ultimate superb sound board album that puts an end to the history of such pain. It is a famous board that can be proclaimed in future generations “This is a heavy metal live!” There are 2 kinds of live contained in such work. Let’s introduce each in detail.

【Ultimate Matrix · Master of Irvine Performance】
The main part of this work is “Irvine Performance July 12, 1991”. Yes, last year, the ultimate professional shot “IRVINE 1991” was discovered and that live that shocked the whole world. This work is somewhat different from that stereo sound board audio …… To tell the truth, it was that pro shot that became the basis, but overseas core maniacs matrix the audience recording that is superb. It is ultra-pure elegance which I upgraded further.
To tell the truth, the sound of “IRVINE 1991” was a superb sound board that updated the highest peak of “PAINKILLER TOUR” lightly. However, even if it is a perfect score as a video work with beautiful image quality, if it is a live album with only sound, there is a feeling of “flowing out” in the sound before dry through the effect. Because the sound was ultimately direct and sharp, the maniacs of the world thought “I can not do it more!” I want to listen with more rich sound, I want an official-class live album … …. The result is the matrix sound of this work. In fact, the scale feeling of this work transcends even that super masterpiece pro shot. The super direct feeling and the sharp edge of the spill sound board are left intact, the rich ringing is just the “official grade” elegance. Moreover, the inter-track part which was cut by pro shot voice is complemented, and it is complete seamless recording of the show. Even if I look for Ala with full power, it is finished in a super album live album that I can not find anything.
The sense of mania who created this quality is not Hanpa. In fact, the matrix is ​​very delicate. Simply “Mixing a soundboard sound and a good audience recording” can not be just an upgrade. Through the sound board’s individuality, carefully select audience recordings with elements that are insufficient for it, and keep it in balance that does not kill each other. Moreover, the balance must be changed precisely depending on the scene and part. Indeed, some Matrix Masters using this Irvine performance are on sale, but the results are pretty disgusting. Inside there is also a useless matrix where the scream of the near future is harsh, or just the top sound board sound that has been dirty with the customer record. However, in this work, the aim of “making the ringing perfect” is tightly narrowed down, and the degree of completion is missing. It is a super masterpiece master that embodies the ideal of “the sound to listen as a live album”.

【Vertical master of large classic “FOUNDATIONS FORUM 90″】
In addition to such Irvine performance, this work also includes the best sound board of “September 13, 1990 FOUNDATIONS FORUM”. This show appeared just before “PAINKILLER TOUR”, it was also the first stage of Scott Travis. The pattern was also radio broadcasted, again reigning as the representative sound board of “PAINKILLER” era. Official remaster It is literally the official quality such as “Better By You Better Than Me” “Leather Rebel” adopted as a recurring boatra.
However, this soundboard also said. Actually, the broadcast was short, and a lot of mixed boot with the other sound source was produced in large quantities. The most famous is the 16 songs specifications, but “Metal Gods”, “Sinner”, “Ram It Down”, “Heavy Metal” and “Victim Of Changes” recorded there were those of New Haven performances in 1988, Bloodstone “” The Green Manalishi “” Living after Midnight “was another sound board with downgraded quality. In contrast, this work has no mixtures at all. It records the highest quality broadcasting of all time in history. That master is a broadcast masterplate of WESTWOOD ONE that the prestigious “Krw_co” excavated. Air check is the ultimate generation with a different dimension. However, scratch / noise was left somewhat on “Krw_co” master, so mastering more closely in this work. I realized the highest peak sound of noiseless history.

【Ultimate Ultimate PAINKILLER Live】
The live depicted with such ultimate quality sound boards is exactly the ideal village of heavy metal. It’s amazing just to say that it is an official-style long sound board, but what’s more than anything is the “PAINKILLER” number. There are “All Guns Blazing”, “Night Crawler”, “A Touch Of Evil” “Painkiller” in the Irvine performance, and “Between The Hammer & The Anvil” and “Leather Rebel” in the FOUNDATIONS FORUM performance. Especially “Leather Rebel” is a super rare song played only by FOUNDATIONS FORUM. As a matter of fact, there are other songs such as “Metal Meltdown” only for the audience record and “Hell Patrol” only after reunion, but the 39-year-old Rob Halford barks all the songs. It is also a 2-pack set that can cover it with top quality.
In addition to “Leather Rebel”, rare is “Better By You Better Than Me”. Both of them are takes to the official boatra, but it is delicious to listen in the live stream. Moreover, “Diamonds & Rust” and “The Green Manalishi” are also included in this work, so there are three major covers of the 70’s. Enjoying these three songs at the same time on the soundboard is surprisingly rare throughout PRIEST’s entire history, and it is a point that tickles the hearts of old maniacs.

A hard brass iron board “PAINKILLER”. This work is a soundboard album that will become its “live compilation”. Perhaps Irvine performances may be recorded on the anniversary board of “PAINKILLER” in the future. However, even if that happens, the sound will be the same as “IRVINE 1991”. It is because the official side can not make a matrix with the audience.
Because it is a super best sound board, it is the passion of the core mania who sought the ultimate. And the nominal excavation that found the broadcast master. It is the ultimate · supreme live album where both are united. The title of ‘PAINKILLER Live’ s decision board ‘is not Date. A piece that shines at the top of the music genre “heavy metal”, Please please please take care of it!

遂に、遂にメタルヘッド積年の悲願が叶う時がやって来ました。“PAINKILLER TOUR 1990-1991”究極のライヴアルバムが誕生です!
長かった。本当に長かった。JUDAS PRIESTの最高傑作を一概に断定することはできませんが、その最有力候補の1つとなるのが『PAINKILLER』。オールドファンにとって胸のすく復活宣言だっただけでなく、スラッシュ世代の若いファンさえも叩きのめし、「PRIESTは神なんだ」とひれ伏せさせた大傑作。その威光は28年が経った現代でも些かの陰りもなく、今なお新世代に「これがヘヴィメタルだ」と教示し続けている。PRIESTに傑作は数あれど、世代の超越ぶりでは比類なき名盤中の大名盤です。
それだけの傑作を生み出した鋼鉄神が世界に旅立った“PAINKILLER TOUR”。当然の如く、すべてのメタルヘッドが熱い視線を送りました。しかし、オフィシャルはおろか、満足のいくライヴアルバムはこれまで皆無。待てど暮らせどフルスケールの極上サウンドボードが登場せず、ROCK IN RIOやデトロイト公演のプロショットもクオリティが今ひとつ。いつしかあきらめが常識にすり替わり、オーディエンス録音を語る際にさえ「PAINKILLER TOURにしてマシ」のように言われてしまう始末でした。

本作のメインとなるのは「1991年7月12日アーバイン公演」。そう、昨年、超極上プロショット『IRVINE 1991』が発掘され、全世界に衝撃を振りまいたあのライヴです。本作は、そのステレオ・サウンドボード音声……とはちょっと違う。実のところ、元となったのはあのプロショットなのですが、そこに海外のコア・マニアが極上のオーディエンス録音をマトリクス。さらにアップグレードさせてしまった超・極上品なのです。
実のところ、『IRVINE 1991』の音声は“PAINKILLER TOUR”の最高峰を軽々と更新する極上サウンドボードでした。しかし、美麗画質が付く映像作品としては満点であっても、音声だけのライヴアルバムにするとドライでエフェクトを通す前のサウンドには“いかにも流出”感があった。そのサウンドが究極的にダイレクトで鋭いからこそ、世界のマニア達は「もっと凄くできないか!?」と考えたのです。もっとリッチなサウンドで聴きたい、オフィシャル級のライヴアルバムが欲しい……。その結果生まれたのが本作のマトリクス・サウンドなのです。実際、本作のスケール感はあの超傑作プロショットをも超越している。流出サウンドボードの超ダイレクト感や鋭いエッジはそのままに、豊かな鳴りはまさしく「オフィシャル級」の気品を湛えている。しかも、プロショット音声ではカットされていた曲間パートも補完され、ショウの完全シームレス収録。全力でアラを探しても何ひとつ見つからない超極上のライヴアルバムに仕上がっているのです。

【大定番“FOUNDATIONS FORUM 90”の頂点マスター】
そんなアーバイン公演の他に、本作は「1990年9月13日FOUNDATIONS FORUM」の極上サウンドボードも収録しています。このショウは“PAINKILLER TOUR”直前のイベント出演で、スコット・トラヴィスの初ステージでもありました。その模様はラジオ放送もされ、やはり『PAINKILLER』時代の代表サウンドボードとして君臨。公式リマスター再発のボートラに「Better By You Better Than Me」「Leather Rebel」が採用されるなど、文字通りのオフィシャル・クオリティなのです。
しかし、このサウンドボードも曰く付き。実は放送が短かったこともあり、他音源との混ぜ物ブートが大量に制作された。一番有名なのは16曲仕様なのですが、そこに収録された「Metal Gods」「Sinner」「Ram It Down」「Heavy Metal」「Victim Of Changes」は1988年ニューヘイヴン公演のものでしたし、「Bloodstone」「The Green Manalishi」「Living After Midnight」も格落ちクオリティの別サウンドボードでした。それに対し、本作は一切の混ぜ物なし。史上最高峰クオリティの放送そのものを収録しています。そのマスターは、かの名門「Krw_co」が発掘したWESTWOOD ONEの放送原盤起こし。エアチェックとは次元の違う究極ジェネレーションなのです。ただし、「Krw_co」マスターには多少スクラッチ・ノイズが残っていましたので、本作ではさらに綿密にマスタリング。ノイズレスな史上最高峰サウンドを実現しました。

そんな究極クオリティのサウンドボード2種で描かれるライヴは、まさにヘヴィメタルの理想郷。単に公式級の長尺サウンドボードというだけでも凄いのですが、何よりも嬉しいのは『PAINKILLER』ナンバー。アーバイン公演には「All Guns Blazing」「Night Crawler」「A Touch Of Evil」「Painkiller」があり、FOUNDATIONS FORUM公演には「Between The Hammer & The Anvil」「Leather Rebel」が聴ける。特に「Leather Rebel」はFOUNDATIONS FORUMでしか演奏していない超激レア曲です。実のところ、この他にもオーディエンス記録だけの「Metal Meltdown」や再結成後だけの「Hell Patrol」といった曲もありますが、39歳のロブ・ハルフォードが吠えるサウンドボードはこれで全曲。それを頂点クオリティで網羅できる2枚組でもあります。
また、「Leather Rebel」と並んでレアなのが「Better By You Better Than Me」。どちらも公式ボートラに採用されているテイクですが、ライヴの流れで聴けるのは美味しい。しかも、本作には「Diamonds & Rust」「The Green Manalishi」も収録されていますので、70年代の3大カバーが揃っている。この3曲を同時期サウンドボードで楽しめるのはPRIEST全史を通しても意外と珍しく、オールド・マニアの心をくすぐるポイントだったりします。

希代の剛鉄盤『PAINKILLER』。本作は、その“ライヴ編”となるサウンドボード・アルバムです。もしかしたら、将来『PAINKILLER』のアニバーサリー盤にアーバイン公演が収録されるかも知れません。しかし、仮にそうなったとしても、そのサウンドは『IRVINE 1991』と同じでしょう。公式側がオーディエンスとのマトリクスなどするはずがないからです。


Live at Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA. USA 12th July 1991: STEREO SBD/AUD MATRIX

Disc 1 (64:13)
1. Intro. 2. Hell Bent For Leather 3. Heading Out To The Highway 4. The Hellion 5. Electric Eye
6. Diamonds & Rust 7. All Guns Blazing 8. Metal Gods 9. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
10. The Ripper 11. Night Crawler 12. Turbo Lover 13. A Touch Of Evil 14. Painkiller
15. The Green Manalishi

Disc 2 (58:02)
1. Breaking The Law 2. Living After Midnight 3. Whoa Yeah!! 4. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

Bonus Track
Live at Foundations Forum, Los Angeles, CA. USA 13th September 1990

5. Riding On The Wind 6. Grinder 7. Heading Out To The Highway 8. Between The Hammer & The Anvil
9. Better By You Better Than Me 10. Leather Rebel 11. Hell Bent For Leather
12. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ 13. Radio Outro.


Rob Halford – Vocals K.K Downing – Guitar Glenn Tipton – Guitar Ian Hill – Bass
Scott Travis – Drums

Zodiac 291

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