Judas Priest / Defenders Of Gods / 2CD

Judas Priest / Defenders Of Gods / 2CD / Shades

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Live At Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California USA 5th May 1984.

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Another one of the Farewell Memorial release, number one among the JUDAS PRIEST all carriers, is a live album of ultra representative great performance!
In the brothers work of career work “SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE”, also referred to as a “masterpiece of the heavy metal to complete” “DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH”. Of its associated with the ultra-masterpiece “Metal Conqueror Tour 1984”, has recorded a California “Long Beach Arena” performances of May 5, 1984 in the perfect sound board. This live except that is FM-radio broadcasting, “Jawbreaker,” “Grinder”, “Heavy Duty”, “Night Comes Down” is very famous recordings has also been adopted bonus track of the digital remastered series. Although the official release what does not in summarized form, a golden age in the golden age literally “official record” “official sound”, you the complete board!
In later years of the official album “PRIEST … LIVE!” Is released in order to rest the band which was tired at that time, rather than when viewed from the fan side “Why” SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE “and” DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH, “” TURBO tour a do of “?” and that remember the question. This work, that to dispel the Hagayu is, it is no exaggeration to say that the order was born to reign as “absolutely invincible, faultless masterpiece”.
In fact, it is difficult to talk about a lot with respect to this work. Sound quality and editing is fine if it is possible to image the “official board and completely the same level.” There is also a “DEFINITIVE LONG BEACH (Power Gate)” to the already issued the title, but not in this work the noise that has been seen here and there in there. (And further outline of the overall sound stand out, compared to the already issued, more three-dimensional missing a good sound is just superb!) And, live content is golden “Metal Conqueror Tour 1984”. Of course, “heavy metal of the textbook” and renowned official DVD “LIVE VENGEANCE ’82” is also great, but just this work adequacy also about the same. In addition super masterpiece “DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH” from “Eat Me Alive” other than live the songs will showcase (Do you miss you are listening to “The Sentinel,” which as possible to sing in the original key?) Of the because is.
This is another, it will not exceed the dimension that JUDAS PRIEST is a pupil. Listener to pose the proposition that “or is this more of the metal-live album exist?” “Heavy metal of the Bible”, this work is of a kind of existence. “Promised masterpiece” and the two sets of appropriate invincible to be called, is a limited press release in perfect specification of permanent preservation!
もう1枚のフェアウェル・メモリアル・リリースは、JUDAS PRIEST全キャリアの中でもナンバー1、超代表名演のライヴ・アルバムです!
出世作「SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE」の兄弟作にして、“ヘヴィメタルを完成させた名作”とも言われる「DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH」。その超傑作にともなう“Metal Conqueror Tour 1984”のうち、1984年5月5日のカリフォルニア“ロングビーチ・アリーナ”公演を完璧なサウンドボードで収録しています。このライヴはFMラジオ放送されたほか、「Jawbreaker」「Grinder」「Heavy Duty」「Night Comes Down」がデジタルリマスターシリーズのボーナストラックにも採用されている超有名録音。まとめた形での公式リリースこそないものの、黄金期中の黄金期を文字通りの“公式録音”“公式サウンド”、その完全盤なのです!
後年の公式盤「PRIEST… LIVE!」は、当時疲れていたバンドを休ませるためにリリースされ、ファン側から見ると「なぜ『SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE』や『DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH』でなく、『TURBO』のツアーなんだ?」と疑問を覚えたもの。本作は、その歯がゆさを払拭し、“絶対無敵・完全無欠の代表作”として君臨すべく誕生したと言っても過言ではありません。
実のところ、本作に関して多くを語るのは難しい。音質・編集は「公式盤と完全に同レベル」とイメージしていただければ結構です。既発タイトルに「DEFINITIVE LONG BEACH(Power Gate)」もありますが、そちらでは散見されたノイズも本作にはありません。(全体のサウンドの輪郭は更に際立っており、既発と比べ、より立体的な抜けの良いサウンドはまさに絶品!)そして、ライヴ内容は黄金の“Metal Conqueror Tour 1984”。もちろん、“ヘヴィメタルの教科書”と名高い公式DVD「LIVE VENGEANCE ’82」も素晴らしいですが、まさに本作も甲乙付けがたい充実度。さらに超傑作「DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH」から“Eat Me Alive”以外の全曲が披露されるライヴ(あなたはオリジナルキーで歌いきる「The Sentinel」を聴き逃せますか?)なのですから。
これはもう、JUDAS PRIESTがどうこうという次元を超えています。リスナーに「これ以上のメタル・ライヴ・アルバムが存在するか?」という命題を突きつける“ヘヴィメタルの聖書”、本作はそういう存在なのです。“約束された傑作”と呼ぶに相応しい無敵の2枚組、永久保存のパーフェクト仕様で限定プレス・リリースです!

Disc 1
1. Love Bites 2. Jawbreaker 3. Grinder 4. Metal Gods 5. Breaking The Law 6. Sinner
7. Desert Plains 8. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll 9. The Sentinel 10. Rock Hard Ride Free
11. Night Comes Down

Disc 2
1. Hellion 2. Electric Eyes 3. Heavy Duty 4. Freewheel Burning 5. Victims Of Changes
6. The Green Manalishi 7. Living After Midnight 8. Hell Bent For Leather
9. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’


Rob Halford – Vocals Glenn Tipton – Guitars K.K. Downing – Guitars Ian Hill – Bass
Dave Holland – Drums

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