Judas Priest / Expanded New Haven 1988 / 1CDR

Judas Priest / Expanded New Haven 1988 / 1CDR / Non Label

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New haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT, USA 7th August 1988

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The best soundboard in the “RAM IT DOWN” era has revived as a long version. Gift release decision!
Age of “RAM IT DOWN” … … In other words, there are only one sound board album of “MERCENARIES OF METAL TOUR 1988”. It is “New Haven performance on August 7, 1988”. This show is FM broadcast, it is an official grade sound board which has long been known as a big staple since ancient times. In our shop, we received great popularity as “RAM IT DOWN IN NEW HAVEN”. This work is a new version of its large classic sound board, and “Beyond The Realms Of Death” which had not been recorded so far was also an expanded version added.
It was Coremania abroad who produced this master. Approximately the same as the traditional broadcast, but added “Beyond The Realms Of Death” of another broadcast, and furthermore the song order of the last four songs which had been changed by the broadcast was also aligned with the actual concert. However, the master released on the net was violently connecting “Beyond The Realms Of Death” with different sound nuances on different masters, and it was full of discomfort. Therefore, in this work, the disorientation is alleviated by the adjustment as possible. Although it did not become like a masterpiece penetration master as expected, I finished it as the most natural decision board at the present moment.
The show drawn with that sound is the highest peak of “MERCENARIES OF METAL TOUR 1988” that Japan has never experienced. From the “TURBO” era, it turned ahead, the royal road heavy metal was proclaimed, and the thorough heavy metal for the first time is inevitable even in the era of “shout of revenge” and “rule of virtue”. Beginning with a majestic metal declaration by “The Hellion / Electric Eye”, luxurious gorgeous metal show which arranged the best songs of the 1980s in a row. Although Rob returned just now “UNITED TOUR 2004” and a retirement tour “EPITAPH WORLD TOUR 2011-2012” was also a comprehensive set list, this work is a gorgeous set comparable to that of the 80’s Prism PRIEST It is playing!
And what is particularly noteworthy is the new song at that time. “Come And Get It” “I’m A Rocker” “Ram It Down” “Heavy Metal” are four songs. This is already unbearably glad! At that time “Johnny B. Goode” was also played by the venue, but the main songs were four songs. Because all of it can be heard on the official grade sound board … …. The songs themselves are also wonderful, not to mention the rareness that can not be heard on the subsequent tours. Especially the finesse of popular number “Ram It Down”, the heavy and deep taste of “I ‘m A Rocker” … It is truly a masterpiece really.

This album is one of the best live albums, but that alone will not end. This week, Super Determined Soundboard “DEFINITIVE DENVER 1980 (Zodiac 265)” “DEFINITIVE BLITZ 1981 (Zodiac 266)” has appeared and it is an opportunity to complete the whole tour of the “Golden 80’s” with the top sound board. What is its vertex sound board ……

● British Steel Tour 1980
● World Wide Blitz Tour 1981
● World Vengeance Tour 1982-1983
→ Official DVD “LIVE VENGEANCE ’82”
● Metal Conqueror Tour 1984
& Official ‘Code of Virtue’ 30th Anniversary Edition
● Fuel For Life Tour 1986
● Mercenaries Of Metal Tour 1988
→ 【this work】

……, this seven works. Official works such as “LIVE VENGEANCE ’82” and “30th anniversary version of” The Law of Spirit “are also lined up, which means that other super products are comparable to the official products. Though JUADS PRIEST does not understand collector psychology, it is a band that tends to be halfway archive, but borrowing the boot leg of this work and making the collection perfect!
Not only is JUDAS PRIEST’s best live album returning to metallic, but also a masterpiece that will be the last one of the “80s collection”. Together with “DEFINITIVE DENVER 1980” “DEFINITIVE BLITZ 1981”, please be sure to arrange “superstition steel plate” at hand!

『RAM IT DOWN』時代の極上サウンドボードが長尺版になって復活。ギフトリリース決定です!
『RAM IT DOWN』時代……つまり、”MERCENARIES OF METAL TOUR 1988”のサウンドボード・アルバムと言えば、1つしかありません。それは「1988年8月7日ニューヘイヴン公演」。このショウはFM放送され、古くから大定番として知られてきたオフィシャル級サウンドボードです。当店でも『RAM IT DOWN IN NEW HAVEN』として大好評を賜りました。本作は、その大定番サウンドボードのニューバージョンであり、これまで未収録だった「Beyond The Realms Of Death」も追加された拡張版なのです。
今回のマスターを制作したのは、海外のコアマニア。おおよそは従来の放送と同じなのですが、別放送の「Beyond The Realms Of Death」を追加し、さらに放送で変えられていた終盤4曲の曲順も実際のコンサートに揃えたもの。ただし、ネット公開されたマスターは別マスターでサウンドニュアンスの異なる「Beyond The Realms Of Death」を乱暴に繋げており、違和感満点でした。そこで本作では、可能な限りの調整で違和感を緩和。さすがに一気貫通マスターのようにはなりませんでしたが、現時点でもっとも自然な決定盤に仕上げました。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、日本が体験したことのない“MERCENARIES OF METAL TOUR 1988”の最高峰。『TURBO』時代からは一転、王道ヘヴィメタルを標榜し、徹底した重金属ぶりは『復讐の叫び』『背徳の掟』時代にも引けを取らない。「The Hellion/Electric Eye」による堂々のメタル宣言から始まりつつ、80年代のベスト・ソングをずらりと並べた豪華絢爛メタル・ショウ。ロブが復帰したばかりの“UNITED TOUR 2004”や、なんちゃって引退ツアー“EPITAPH WORLD TOUR 2011-2012”も集大成なセットリストでしたが、本作はそれに匹敵する豪華セットを、80年代の全盛PRIESTが演奏しているのです!
そして、何と言っても注目なのが当時の新曲。「Come And Get It」「I’m A Rocker」「Ram It Down」「Heavy Metal」の4曲です。これがもう、たまらなく嬉しい! 当時は会場によって「Johnny B. Goode」も演奏されましたが、メインだったのはこの4曲。そのすべてが公式級のサウンドボードで聴けるのですから……。その後のツアーでは聴くことができないレア度もさることながら、それ以上に曲そのものも素晴らしい。特に人気ナンバー「Ram It Down」の激しさ、「I’m A Rocker」の重厚で深い味わい……本当に、本当に名曲です。

本作1枚でも最高のライヴアルバムなのですが、それだけでは終わりません。今週は超決定サウンドボード作『DEFINITIVE DENVER 1980(Zodiac 265)』『DEFINITIVE BLITZ 1981(Zodiac 266)』が登場し、“黄金の80年代”の全ツアーを頂点サウンドボードでコンプリートするチャンスなのです。その頂点サウンドボードとは……

●British Steel Tour 1980
●World Wide Blitz Tour 1981
●World Vengeance Tour 1982-1983
●Metal Conqueror Tour 1984
●Fuel For Life Tour 1986
●Mercenaries Of Metal Tour 1988

……と、この7作。『LIVE VENGEANCE ’82』や『背徳の掟』の30周年盤といったオフィシャル作品も並んでいますが、これはつまり他も公式品に匹敵する超極上品ということ。どうもJUADS PRIESTというのはコレクター心理を理解してくれず、アーカイヴが中途半端になりがちなバンドなのですが、本作を含むブートレッグのチカラを借りてコレクションを完璧にできるのです!
メタリックに回帰したJUDAS PRIESTの極上ライヴアルバムというだけでなく、“80年代コレクション”の最後の1手ともなる大傑作。『DEFINITIVE DENVER 1980』『DEFINITIVE BLITZ 1981』と併せ、ぜひ“極めつけの鋼鉄盤”をあなたの手元に揃えてください!

1. The Hellion 2. Electric Eye 3. Metal Gods 4. Sinner 5. Breaking The Law
6. Come And Get It 7. I’m A Rocker 8. Beyond The Realms Of Death
9. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll 10. Turbo Lover 11. Ram It Down 12. Heavy Metal
13. Victim Of Changes 14. The Green Manalishi 15. Living After Midnight
16. Hell Bent For Leather


Rob Halford – Vocals Glenn Tipton – Guitars K.K. Downing – Guitars
Ian Hill – Bass Dave Holland – Drums

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