Judas Priest / Definitive Blitz 1981 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

Judas Priest / Definitive Blitz 1981 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac

Translated text:

The Palladium, New York, USA 22nd July 1981 & Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 21st November 1981 Plus Bonus CDR “Chicago 1981”. STEREO SBD



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Ultra and superb live album that makes perfect the sound board · collection of “Golden 80’s” appears. Currently, Honkei official has entitled “30th anniversary” and reprints each album with a bonus, but regrettably it is full of Nke. To fill the “hole” and to complete “the golden ’80s”, the bootleg’ s power is essential. This work is one of its essentials. It is the top sound board album of “WORLD WIDE BLITZ TOUR 1981”.
The main point of this work is the ultimate sound quality, but before that. Let’s first imagine how important this work is in the super representative sound board group.

● British Steel Tour 1980
● World Wide Blitz Tour 1981
→ 【this work】
● World Vengeance Tour 1982-1983
→ Official DVD “LIVE VENGEANCE ’82”
● Metal Conqueror Tour 1984
& Official ‘Code of Virtue’ 30th Anniversary Edition
● Fuel For Life Tour 1986
● Mercenaries Of Metal Tour 1988
→ Gift board “EXPANDED NEW HAVEN 1988”

This is the whole tour of “Golden 80s”. It is a vertex live work from “BRITISH STEEL” era until “RAM IT DOWN” era. Official-grade sound board corresponding to any album exists, but in fact only a small part of the official release. This week “DEFINITIVE DENVER 1980 (Zodiac 265)” and the gift board “EXPANDED NEW HAVEN 1988” are released at the same time, it is an opportunity to fully complete the vertex sound board of the 80’s.

【Disc 1: New York Performance on July 22, 1981】
Such a work is contained in 2 performances. Disk 1 is the ultra superb sound board at the traditional venue “palladium” in New York. This show is known as a staple before, but this work is its ultimate version. It is a masterpiece that has been directly converted into a CD from an unused broadcast master. In actual broadcasting, there were also “Genocide” “Exciter” “The Ripper”, but that part was diverted from “UNLEASHED IN THE EAST”. In this work it consisted only of “1981 New York performances”. Of course, that sound is “top”. Boasting a different freshness from the previously developed group, it is an absolutely perfect official grade. Of course, the official standard also ranges from dame sound to masterpiece sound, but this work is definitely a person of “name board sound”.
The show drawn with that sound is also amazingly wonderful. Four new songs are being played from the new “POINT OF ENTRY” of those days, but “Solar Angels” and “Hot Rockin ‘” are particularly delicious. Both songs have been played in the re-formation era in 2005, but only in this “golden 80’s”. At that time original keys and performances are overwhelming. In addition, “BRITISH STEEL” number points. “You do not have Have To Be Old To Be Wise” that is not played afterwards is also delicious, but actually you can not miss “Breaking The Law”. Although it is a standard classic at the moment, it is hardly played at “BRITISH STEEL TOUR 1980”, this tour is full of real appearances for the first time. Initial performance running up the stairs to the classic and large representative songs. It can be tasted on the official grade sound board.

【Disk 2: London Show November 21, 1981】
If “palladium” is a venue of tradition in New York tradition, London’s hall is “Hammersmith Odeon”. Disk 2 on behalf is an FM broadcast sound board containing the triumphant concert in the country of origin. This show is also famous for BBC broadcasting “HELL BENT FOR BBC” and “BRITISH ENTRY” are already known, but this work is a separate broadcast from that. It is a long version containing “Metal Gods” and “You Do not Have To Be Old To Be Wise” that were not in BBC. And not only the length but also the quality is supreme. Digitized directly from the cassette master itself, which is pushing the drama as “This is the best!” From maniacs all over the world. It is an ultra superb sound board that is hard to attach with Disk 1 and A.
Sound quality is “Official name board class” and it is also thin on Disk 1, but the contents of the show has changed. I do not know what the reason is, but new songs from “POINT OF ENTRY” are completely eliminated. Because of that, still controversy is still “winning BRITISH STEEL TOUR?”, But “Solar Angels” is also used in the introduction before “Metal Gods”, so as to make a mistake in “WORLD WIDE BLITZ TOUR 1981” is.
And that “Metal Gods” also points. Like this song “Breaking The Law”, it was hardly played at “BRITISH STEEL TOUR 1980”, and this tour first appeared. Actually it was a rich tour of “BRITISH STEEL” color rather than “POINT OF ENTRY”.

JUDAS PRIEST who did “Steel God Declaration” at “BRITISH STEEL”. However, even inventing metal did not fulfill the break. They still said “God” in the era of “Is it metal but metal?” They missioned. It is an official grade live album filled with passion to bite into the world, to chew and break. The Daimyo Edition “Shout of Revenge” was a huge success as the world tour “WORLD WIDE BLITZ TOUR” that was held before that was wonderful. This work is “evidence of sound”. Originally, the super best masterpiece board whose official is doing doing anything also in the Anniversary business of “POINT OF ENTRY” must be a work. Here is a big appearance with a majestic permanent preservation press!
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“黄金の80年代”のサウンドボード・コレクションを完璧にする超・極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。現在、本家オフィシャルが「30周年記念」と題して各アルバムにボーナスを付けて復刻しておりますが、残念ながらヌケだらけ。その“穴”を埋め、“黄金の80年代”をコンプリートするにはブートレッグのチカラが必要不可欠です。本作は、その要となる1本。“WORLD WIDE BLITZ TOUR 1981”の頂点サウンドボード・アルバムです。

●British Steel Tour 1980
●World Wide Blitz Tour 1981
●World Vengeance Tour 1982-1983
●Metal Conqueror Tour 1984
●Fuel For Life Tour 1986
●Mercenaries Of Metal Tour 1988

これが“黄金の80年代”の全ツアー。『BRITISH STEEL』時代から『RAM IT DOWN』時代までの頂点ライヴ作です。どのアルバムにも対応するオフィシャル級サウンドボードが存在しますが、実際に公式リリースはごく一部のみ。今週は『DEFINITIVE DENVER 1980(Zodiac 265)』やギフト盤『EXPANDED NEW HAVEN 1988』も同時リリースされ、80年代の頂点サウンドボードを一気にコンプリートするチャンスなのです。

そんな本作に収められているのは2公演。まずディスク1は、ニューヨークの伝統会場“パラディウム”での超・極上サウンドボードです。このショウは以前から定番として知られるものですが、本作はその究極版。未使用の放送原盤からダイレクトにCD化された逸品なのです。実際の放送では「Genocide」「Exciter」「The Ripper」もあったのですが、そのパートは『UNLEASHED IN THE EAST』からの流用。本作では“1981年のニューヨーク公演”のみで構成しました。もちろん、そのサウンドは“てっぺん”。これまでの既発群とはまるで違う鮮度を誇り、完全無欠のオフィシャル級。もちろん、オフィシャル基準もダメサウンドから名盤サウンドまで幅広いわけですが、本作は間違いなく「名盤サウンド」の方なのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウがまた、とんでもなく素晴らしい。当時の新作『POINT OF ENTRY』から新曲4曲が演奏されているわけですが、特に「Solar Angels」「Hot Rockin’」が美味しい。両曲とも2005年の再結成時代にも演奏されてはいますが、“黄金の80年代”ではこのツアーだけ。当時ならではのオリジナル・キーと演奏ぶりは圧倒的なのです。さらに『BRITISH STEEL』ナンバーもポイント。その後に演奏されなくなった「You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise」も美味しいですが、実は「Breaking The Law」も聴き逃せない。今でこそド定番ではありますが、“BRITISH STEEL TOUR 1980”ではほとんど演奏されず、このツアーが初めての本格登場。ド定番・大代表曲への階段を駆け上がる初期パフォーマンス。それがオフィシャル級サウンドボードで味わえるのです。

“パラディウム”がニューヨーク伝統の名会場だとすれば、ロンドンの名会場は“ハマースミス・オデオン”。代わってのディスク2は故国での凱旋コンサートを収めたFM放送サウンドボードです。このショウはBBC放送も有名で『HELL BENT FOR BBC』『BRITISH ENTRY』といった既発も知られていますが、本作はそれとは別放送。BBCにはなかった「Metal Gods」「You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise」も収録した長尺版なのです。そして、長さだけでなくクオリティも至高。世界中のマニアから「これがベスト!」と太鼓判を押されているカセット・マスターそのものからダイレクトにデジタル化。ディスク1と甲乙付けがたい超・極上サウンドボードなのです。
サウンド・クオリティは“オフィシャル名盤級”でディスク1にも肉薄するのですが、ショウの内容は様変わり。どういう理由か分かりませんが、『POINT OF ENTRY』からの新曲が完全に排除されているのです。そのせいで現在でも「本当はBRITISH STEEL TOUR?」と論争が巻き起こるのですが、「Metal Gods」前のイントロで「Solar Angels」も使われており、“WORLD WIDE BLITZ TOUR 1981”で間違いないようです。
そして、その「Metal Gods」もポイント。この曲も「Breaking The Law」と同じく、“BRITISH STEEL TOUR 1980”ではほとんど演奏されず、このツアーが初登場。実は『POINT OF ENTRY』よりも『BRITISH STEEL』色の濃厚なツアーだったのです。

『BRITISH STEEL』で“鋼鉄神宣言”をしたJUDAS PRIEST。しかし、メタルを発明してもブレイクまでは果たせていなかった。まだ「音楽なのに金属って?」な時代に“神”を名乗り、布教していった彼ら。世界に食らいつき、噛み破らんとする情熱がパンパンに詰まったオフィシャル級ライヴアルバムです。大名盤『復讐の叫び』が大成功を収めたのも、その前に行われたワールドツアー“WORLD WIDE BLITZ TOUR”が素晴らしかったからこそ。本作はその“音の証拠”。本来であれば、オフィシャルが『POINT OF ENTRY』のアニヴァーサリー事業でも何でもやって作品化しなくてはいけない超名作サウンドボード、その最高峰盤。ここに堂々の永久保存プレスで大登場です!

Disc 1(78:25)
The Palladium, New York, USA 22nd July 1981

1. Solar Angels 2. Heading Out To The Highway 3. Diamond & Rust
4. Hell Bent For Leather 5. Sinner 6. Beyond The Realms Of Death 7. Grinder
8. Desert Plains 9. Hot Rockin’ 10. You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise
11. Victim Of Changes 12. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)
13. Breaking The Law 14. Living After Midnight 15. Tyrant

Disc 2(65:06)
Hammersmith Odeon, London UK 21st November 1981

1. Solar Angels Intro. 2. Metal Gods 3. Hell Bent For Leather 4. Breaking The Law
5. Sinner 6. Beyond The Realms Of Death 7. Grinder 8. You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise
9. Victim Of Changes 10. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)
11. Living After Midnight 12. Tyrant




Judas Priest / Chicago 1981 / 1Single CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Universal Amphitheater, Chicago, IL. USA 9th May 1981 STEREO SBD

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【Complete “Trilogy of 1981″】
Main part press 2CD “DEFINITIVE BLITZ 1981” is a super name board sound board which the official originally should leave. Of course, it is unnecessary vertex work such as a bonus, but there is another live album that I definitely can not forget on this tour. It is the best stereo sound board of “Chicago performance on May 8, 1981 (there is also the theory of May 9th and June 21st theory)”. It is a masterpiece that is said to be “the top three parts of 1981” together with “New York Show” and “London Show” of Main Press 2CD. This time, the bonus attachment was decided so that you can collect the trilogy with the highest quality at the moment.
The quality of such a work is exquisite stereo sound board. That is the first-class item called “official grade” without hesitation. However, although I mentioned in the explanation of main press 2CD, even if saying “official class” to one person the official standards are also pinch. The main press 2CD was “Official” name board “class” upgraded by broadcast master and master direct, but this work can be said as “so-called” official “excavation” class “. “Elegance of ringing” has fallen to a very small … ….
Another one. This broadcast is also known as a slightly unique mix. The “core” of the musical sound is extremely direct, but there is a thick echo covered there. In this work we are using a master with less echo, but still setting a strange balance’s main press 2CD will create a sense of incompatibility …. Although the quality itself is a press class, it is a superb item that has turned to a bonus at the “taste” level.

【Actually, the masterpiece of “POINT OF ENTRY” era】
It is such a “Sorry!” Sound board album, but in another sense this work is also called “No.1 live album”. The reason is extremely rare track “Troubleshooter”! Of course it is a wonderful “POINT OF ENTRY”, it is said that only this tour … … was played, only a few performances of Hong are confirmed.
As a matter of fact, this “Troubleshooter” is also included in the official promotion 12 inch (you can enjoy it at our “RARE METAL WORKS (Zodiac 180)”), but it is the point that you can listen in fullshow, not shredded. In fact, “Solar Angels”, “Heading Out To The Highway” and “Hot Rockin ‘” are also pressed down, the richest top sound board in the world “POINT OF ENTRY” color (instead “Desert Plains” is falling Although this is not a rare song). Therefore, it continued being told that “If you listen to POINT OF ENTRY era, first of all!

In addition to this trilogy, the “WORLD WIDE BLITZ TOUR 1981” was a huge harvest of sound boards, including Amsterdam performances, Paris performances, Wiesbaden performances. However, the sound that can be called “Official grade” and the full scale recording is only trilogy. Its highest peak version, that is “main press 2CD & book work”. In addition to the vertex work, rare “Troubleshooter” is also a gorgeous set tasting “WORLD WIDE BLITZ TOUR 1981” together. Please, enjoy it!

本編プレス2CD『DEFINITIVE BLITZ 1981』は、本来オフィシャルが残すべき超名盤サウンドボードです。当然、ボーナスなど不要の頂点作なのですが、このツアーにはもう1つ、絶対に忘れてはいけないライヴアルバムがある。それが「1981年5月8日シカゴ公演(他に5月9日説・6月21日説もあり)」の極上ステレオ・サウンドボード。本編プレス2CDの“ニューヨーク公演”・“ロンドン公演”と併せ、「1981年の頂点3部作」とされる大傑作なのです。今回は、その3部作を現在最高峰クオリティでコレクトしていただけるよう、ボーナス付属が決定しました。

【その実、『POINT OF ENTRY』時代の代表作】
そんな“惜しい!”サウンドボード・アルバムなのですが、別の意味で本作は「No.1のライヴアルバム」とも呼ばれています。その理由は激レア・トラック「Troubleshooter」! もちろん『POINT OF ENTRY』の佳曲ですが、演奏されたのはこのツアーだけ……と言いますか、ホンの数公演しか確認されていません。
実のところ、この「Troubleshooter」は公式プロモ12インチにも収録されています(当店の『RARE METAL WORKS(Zodiac 180)』でお楽しみ頂けます)が、細切れでなくフルショウで聴けるのがポイント。実際、「Solar Angels」「Heading Out To The Highway」「Hot Rockin’」も押さえられており、世界で一番『POINT OF ENTRY』色の濃厚な極上サウンドボード(代わりに「Desert Plains」が落ちていますが、こちらはレア曲ではありませんからね)。そのため、「POINT OF ENTRY時代を聴くなら、まずコレ!」と言われ続けてきたのです。

この3部作の他にもアムステルダム公演やパリ公演、ヴィースバーデン公演など、サウンドボード大豊作だった“WORLD WIDE BLITZ TOUR 1981”。しかし、「オフィシャル級」と呼べるサウンドとフルスケール収録なのは、やはり3部作だけです。その最高峰バージョン、それが「本編プレス2CD&本作」なのです。頂点作だけでなく、激レア「Troubleshooter」も併せて“WORLD WIDE BLITZ TOUR 1981”を味わい尽くす豪華セット。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください!

1. Solar Angels 2. Heading Out To The Highway 3. Diamonds And Rust 4. Troubleshooter
5. Breaking The Law 6. Sinner 7. Beyond The Realms Of Death 8. Grinder
9. Hot Rockin’ 10. You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise 11. Victim Of Changes
12. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) 13. Hell Bent For Leather
14. Living After Midnight


Rob Halford – Vocals Glenn Tipton – Guitars K.K. Downing – Guitars
Ian Hill – Bass Dave Holland – Drums

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