Judas Priest / Tajimi 2018 / 2CDR

Judas Priest / Tajimi 2018 / 2CDR / Shades
Live at Valor Bunka Hall, Tajimi, Japan 23rd November 2018

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40 years since the legendary first visit, Steel God realized the 13th arrival. It is the emergence of a powerful live album that becomes the first report!
Such a work is contained in “Barrow Cultural Hall Performance November 23, 2018”. It is a superb audience recording recorded in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. Although it is a venue where we do not hear much at concerts at outside sauce, let’s first confirm the position of the show from schedule.

· November 21: Zepp Sapporo
· November 23: Barrow Cultural Hall 【this work】
· November 25th: Okayama City Hall
· November 26th: Grand Cube Osaka
· November 28: Tokyo Dome City Hall
· November 29: Forest of Musashino

Over, all six performances. That venue is exceptional. It is Gifu rather than Nagoya, and if Tokyo is Okayama instead of Hiroshima, Tokyo performances are also Musashino. It was the schedule that the recent shortage of the venue appeared in Moro. Among them, this work was Tajimi performance which is in about one hour by car from Nagoya.
The sound of such a work is exquisite. What I made is the familiar “West Japan Strongest Taper” at our shop. I have always introduced “I am familiar with all West Japan’s live spaces”, but as expected it is hard to find Tajimi … or something. It was recorded with a splendid sound this time. In fact, it is glittering and neat metal sound that flows out of this work. Sharp edge riffs, sharp shouts like needles, shots of bass drums are also sharp. Of course, this does not mean (in any case!) That it hurts to the ear. The venue acoustics sucked in slightly gathered together and beautifully colorfully outdoes. It is not a type that blunts edges, it is a more unique metallic luster. Even though the sharpness of the performance is felt, it is comfortable to the ear. Although it is sharp, it shines gorgeously. Just like a dedicated sound for recording JUDAS PRIEST.
Besides, there are few surroundings’ bizarre screams. Tajimi Performance is a venue for soldout with Tokyo Dome City. In this work as well, a vast cheerfully conveys a terrible enthusiasm when it comes to songs, but when the band starts playing, only the heavy metal and thick heavy metal will be occupied. I do not know how much Mr. “Strongest” is familiar with Barrow Cultural Hall, but it is a name recording of power and beauty that I think exactly as “choosing Hiroshima brush”.
The “Japanese performance in the 40th year” drawn with that sound, the beginning of a long absence of famous songs has become hot. There were not “Saints In Hell”, “Tyrant” and “Delivering The Goods” that took up the topic in each country leg, but Rob sang “Desert Plains” “Night Comes Down” in Japan since 1984 for the first time in 34 years . It is “Running Wild” since 1979 (I played in 2000 in HALFORD).
And the new songs of masterpiece “FIREPOWER” involved in that are also wonderful. Not to mention “Firepower” with a majestic intro, “No Surrender” starting with a chest-hearted MC that has a positive PRIEST “Lightning Strike”, “Heavy Metal Hero Glenn Tipton said” This is too wonderful . And “Rising From Ruins”. The dramatic number led by the overture “Guardians” is the contrast that is frightening that snow falls into “Freewheel Burning” which draws PRIEST aesthetics still fading and does not get hurried.
PRIEST himself who plays such a set is amazing. The overwhelming thing is steel innocence Rob Halford. Instead of losing to an ensemble that strangely rejuvened by Glen’s withdrawal, he will make the best high notes roaring and dramatically sing with varied voice. How expanding is the call & response before “The Green Manalishi”. The strongest knockout of the world’s metal head from the beginning of the world tour, but fortunately it has not changed in Japan. What was that “EPITAPH TOUR”? I will show off plenty of steel noodles I can not help thinking.

The 40th year we finally started the tour in Japan. This update is now finished in Okayama and Osaka, and the final performance of the Tokyo performance starts from tomorrow. This work is a Daimyo board that can represent the tour as the first report of the sound preceding it. A Japanese version of “FIREPOWER TOUR” which calls “the best tour after the resurrection” from all over the world. Please enjoy plenty with the fastest live album!


・11月21日:Zepp Sapporo
・11月23日:バロー文化ホール 【本作】

そんな本作のサウンドは、まさに極上。モノにしたのは、当店ではお馴染みの“西日本最強テーパー”氏。常々、「西日本のあらゆるライヴ・スペースを熟知している」とご紹介してきましたが、さすがに多治見は難しい……かと思いきや。なんと今回も見事なサウンドで収録されたのです。実際、本作から流れ出るのは艶やかにして端正なメタル・サウンド。エッジの尖ったリフも、針のように鋭いシャウトも、バスドラの連打もえらく先鋭。もちろん、これは耳に痛い音という意味では(決して!)ありません。わずかながら吸い込まれた会場音響がまとわり、激しい出音を美しく彩る。それもエッジを鈍らせるタイプではなく、一層独特な金属光沢。演奏の鋭さは感じられても、耳には心地良い。シャープではあるけれど、艶やかに輝く。まさにJUDAS PRIESTを録るための専用サウンドかのよう。
そのサウンドで描かれる“40年目の日本公演”は、久々の名曲に目頭が熱くなる。各国レッグで話題をさらった「Saints In Hell」「Tyrant」「Delivering The Goods」はありませんでしたが、ロブが「Desert Plains」「Night Comes Down」を日本で歌うのは1984年以来、34年ぶり。「Running Wild」に至っては1979年以来(HALFORDでは2000年に演奏しましたが)なのです。
そして、そこに絡む傑作『FIREPOWER』の新曲群も素晴らしい。荘厳なイントロ付きの「Firepower」はもちろんのこと、正調PRIESTな「Lightning Strike」、「ヘヴィメタル・ヒーローのグレン・ティプトンはこう言ったんだ」という胸アツなMCで始まる「No Surrender」も素晴らしすぎる。そして「Rising From Ruins」。序曲「Guardians」に導かれるドラマティック・ナンバーは、今なお色あせないPRIESTの美学を描き出し、間髪入れず激走する「Freewheel Burning」に雪崩れ込むコントラストが凄まじいのなんの。
そんなセットを演じるPRIEST自身も凄い。何よりも圧倒的なのは鋼鉄の化身ロブ・ハルフォード。グレンの離脱で奇しくも若返ったアンサンブルに負けるどころか、絶好調なハイノートを轟かせ、多彩な声色でドラマティックに歌い上げる。「The Green Manalishi」前のコール&レスポンスも何と伸びやかなことか。その好調ぶりはワールド・ツアー序盤から世界のメタルヘッドをノックアウトしてきましたが、幸いにも日本でも変わっていない。あの“EPITAPH TOUR”は何だったんだ?と思わずにはいられない鋼鉄のノドをたっぷりと披露してくれます。

遂に始まった40年目の来日公演。この更新現在は岡山・大阪公演も終わり、明日から最終地の東京公演が始まる。本作は、それに先立つ音の第一報にして、ツアーを代表してしまいかねない大名盤です。世界中から「復活後のベスト・ツアー」と呼び声高い“FIREPOWER TOUR”の日本編。最速のライヴアルバムでたっぷりとご堪能ください!

Disc 1 (49:17)
1. War Pigs (tape) 2. Firepower (tape) 3. Firepower 4. Running Wild 5. Grinder
6. Sinner 7. The Ripper 8. Lightning Strike 9. Desert Plains 10. No Surrender
11. Turbo Lover 12. The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)

Disc 2 (52:09)
1. Night Comes Down 2. Guardians 3. Rising From Ruins 4. Freewheel Burning
5. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ 6. Hell Bent for Leather 7. Painkiller
8. The Hellion 9. Electric Eye 10. Breaking the Law 11. Living After Midnight

Rob Halford – Vocals Richie Faulkner – Guitar Andy Sneap – Guitar, Vocals Ian Hill – Bass
Scott Travis – Drums

Shades 992

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