Journey / Schaefer Music Festival / 1CDR

Journey / Schaefer Music Festival / 1CDR / Breakdown

Translated text :

Live At Schaefer Music Festival Central Park, New York June 20th 1975.


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valuable live recording of the initial journey comes up! 

The first recording from good audience recording master was held in 1975 New York Central Park to play in the “chauffeur Music Festival”. It is a valuable live sound source is now become as a live debut album after the announcement. It can be said that the past was known to collectors as a recording on June 21, but the recording sound source that can not be overlooked as the earliest live Journey was a band yet unnamed anyway in the truth of the agency appeared suddenly on the 20th will.





. 01 Band Introduction 
. 02 Mystery Mountain 
. 03 I’m Gonna Leave You 
. 04 In My Lonely Feelings -. Conversations 
. 05. Midnight Dreamer  
. 06 Look Into The Future 
. 07 Topaz 
. 08 Of A Lifetime 
. 09 To Play Some Music 
.10 In The Morning Day 
.11 Instrumental


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